Everyone who watched the TV Series wants to know what would happen after the Pound Puppies TV Series ended its run on December 19th, 1987. Artwork of those predictions will go to the Tribute to the Pound Puppies page.


Everybody can add what they want, but please follow these rules before you do anything.

1) No racism. That includes minstrel shows, etc.

2) No sex stories. Remember, this is a kids show, not Debbie Does Dallas.

3) No stories involving heroes killing other heroes. I understand some people don't like a certain character, but no stories involving heroes killing other heroes in cold blood or for no reason.

4) The Pound Puppies cartoon was rated TV-Y to Y7, so no explicit language(cursing) in any of the episode ideas.

Penalty for disobeying these rules will result blocking your ideas or banned for a year. Have fun!

-Rigsrigsrigs10918, Founder of this wikia. 

Animal Themes

Cooler: Horse

Nose Marie: Swan

Howler: Owl

Bright Eyes: Koala

Whopper: Dolphin

Igor: Weasel

Amy: Songbird

Vigor: Raccoon

Precious: Duckling

Rusty: Coyote

Lucy: Sheep

Gamma: Wolf

Elaine: Butterfly

Catgut: Tiger

Time Skip Designs

What if the characters dress up three years later?

Cooler: Same jacket, same collar, gray shirt, and red and green baseball cap.

Nose Marie: Purple shirt, pink pants and pearl necklace.

Bright Eyes: Orange bob cut, pictomancer outfit, green shirt, blue skirt, and blue bow.

Howler: Same vest, blue shirt with black sleeves, lab coat, and same derby.

Whopper: Jacket from Dog and Caterpillar, baseball cap from Tuffy Gets Fluffy, same bandana, and white shorts.

Igor: Same Pants, but a shirt with a cyan on the left and red on the right. wears 3d glasses.

Holly: Blue vest, same shirt, same pants, black shoes, red bow tie, and red tropical flower.

Beamer: Same jacket, plaid kilt and white derby.

Reflex: Same shirt, purple shorts and brown hair.

Violet: Same shirt, blue pants and same bow.

Barkerville: Same top hat, same monocle, black tuxedo, and same cuffs.

Scrounger: Same tie, same hat, red shirt with green patches, and brown pants.

Colette: Same dress, magenta pants, and pink bow tie.

Jackie: Baseball uniform.

Louie: Same sous chef's outfit, black shorts and blue bowtie.

Momo: Same kimono and white socks.

Penelope: Pink sweater and red bow.

Danny: New shirt and blue shorts.

Rusty: Orange shirt and blue overalls.

Lucy: Pink shirt, red pants and purple bow.

Charlemange: Purple jacket, green shirt and green pants.

Romantic/Friendship Pairings

Who would date whom? Here are some suggestions...

Cool Marie: The Romantic Pairing of Cooler and Nose Marie

Howling Eyes: The Romantic/Friendship Pairing of Howler and Bright Eyes.

Cool Violet: The Romantic Pairing of Cooler and Violet Vanderfeller.

Mervin or Jerry?: The Romantic Pairing of Holly with either Mervin (The Fairy Dogmother) or Jerry (Kid in the Doghouse)

Whopping Beezer: The Romantic Pairing of Whopper and the newly returned Beezer.

Captain Slaughter and Brattina: The Romantic Pairing of Brattina and Captain Slaughter.

Bright Igor: The Romantic Pairing of Bright Eyes and Igor.

Pupnick Eyes: The Romantic Pairing of Pupnick and Bright Eyes.

Whopping Eyes: The Romantic Pairing of Bright Eyes and Whopper.

Colette and Reflex: The Romantic Pairing of Colette and Reflex.

Momo Marie: The Romantic Pairing of Momo and Nose Marie

Momo Violet: The Romantic Pairing of Violet and Momo.

Pupnick Ruby: The Romantic Paring of Pupnick and Ruby.

Tricolor Artist: The Romantic Paring of Tricolor and Tony the Artist.

Sandra John: The Romantic Paring of Sandra and John.

Whopping Star: The Romantic Paring of Whopper and Starburst.

Musical Instruments

Which character would you like to see play which instrument?

Cooler: Guitar

Nose Marie: Banjo

Bright Eyes: Singing

Howler: Piano/Mandolin

Whopper: Percussion Sticks

Beamer: Bagpipes

Reflex: Mandolin

Violet Vanderfeller: Violin

Barkerville: Cello

Scrounger: Trumpet

Colette: Cello

Holly: Piccolo

Howard: Guitar

Amy: Violin

Igor: Harmonica

Vigor: Flute

Bigor: Fiddle

Jackie: Guitar

Gordon: Ukulele

Precious: Violin

Shakespeare: Violin

Dumbo: Bongos

Dexter: Saxophone

Bigelow: Violin

Dr. Simon: Violin

Maya: Flute

Ramon: Cello

Momo: Flute

Robert: Cello

Tony: Guitar

TJ: Bass

Marcus: Violin

May: Piano

DJ: Guitar

Faith: Piano

Twitchia: Tamborine

Worry Wart: Piano

Catgut: Banhu(Chinese bowing instrument)

Ming: Violin

Susanoo: Singing

Chew Chew: Conga Drum

Jelly Bean: Violin

Bartrand: Sitar

Stephanie: Harmonica

Vivian: Piano

Darius: Singing

Ian: Violin

Jayden: Bagpipes

Antonio: bongos

Ethan: Piano

Victoria: Conga Drum

Yakima: Guitar

Kanashimi: Trumpet

Drumstick: Guitar

Elaine: Singing

Topaz: Piccolo

Tori: Shamisen

Pupnick: Balalaika

Spats: Tambourine

King: Guitar

Starburst: Piano

Ruby: Oboe

Pupzan: Castanets

Laturna: Flute

Zigzag: Horn and bongos

Ollie: Harmonica

Moon Spark: Conga Drum

Brezza: Tambourine

Cavallo: Cello

Chic: Guitar and Bongos

Ginnie: Sitar

Jeanie: Keyboard

Kojiro: Kokyu

Wendy: Bongos

Pencil: Trombone

Bintang: Cello

Astro: Bongos

Soren: Guitar

Marie: Piano/Keytair

Dillion: Drums

Family Relationships

What if this was how the characters were related...

Whopper and Bright Eyes are brother and sister.

Holly and Brattina are sisters.

Brattina is Katrina's adoptive daughter, which can explain their lack of resemblance,

Cooler could be distant related to Hong Kong Phooey.

Katrina could be related to Cruella de Vil.

Mervin and Tammy might be Holly's uncle and aunt.

Whopper and Colette are brother and sister.

Cooler and Nose Marie could be brother and sister.

Holly's brother and biological parents may be alive.

Mervin and Tammy are either siblings or boyfriend and girlfriend.

Catgut has a little sister named Ming.

The Pound Puppies' biological parents are alive.

Captain Slaughter has a niece, daughter, and brother.

Katrina Stoneheart has several relatives.

Pupnick has a brother, sister, mother, and father.

Plot Twist [loosely based on The Empire Strikes Back]: Captain Slaughter is Holly's father!

Captain Slaughter: Has anyone ever told you what happened to your father?

Holly: Yeah. He was killed.

Captain Slaughter: Holly, I am your father.

Holly: NO! It's not true.

Captain Slaughter: Join me, Holly. We can destroy Katrina and together we can run the puppy pound as 

father and daughter.

Epic Battles

What if these characters fought in a Dragonball Z-styled battle...

Cooler vs. Captain Slaughter

Hairball and Charlemange vs. Catgut

Whopper vs. Catgut

Nose Marie vs. Violet (both ladies fight for Cooler's love)

Jeff and Tammy vs. McNasty

Biff Barker vs. Terrible Terrier (Round 2)

Millie Trueblood vs. Katrina Stoneheart

Holly vs. Brattina

The Three Mouseketeers vs. Catgut's gang

Older Holly vs, Captain Slaughter

Bright Eyes vs. Sam Quentin

Cooler and Violet vs. Flack and Tubbs

Bigelow vs. Arnold Fist

Howard vs Captain Slaughter

Howard and Cooler vs Katrina Stoneheart

Pupnick vs Igor (both men fight for Bright Eyes's love)

Colette vs Lumpy and Bones (Round 2)

Pupnick and Cooler vs Clawfinger

Igor vs Vigor

Beamer vs Flack and Tubbs

Ming vs Catgut

Tuffy vs Catgut

Catgut vs Clawfinger

Tony vs Diamond Donatello

Tony and Cooler vs Kaptain Kid

Tony vs Count Zanzibar

TJ vs Marcus vs Gamma

Adventures that fans want to see

Season 3(AKA: The New Adventures of the Pound Puppies)

The Pound Puppies and Holly enjoy Halloween while Katrina plans to ruin their Halloween party. (Episode 27: Happy Howl-O-Ween) (Beamer, Reflex, Violet Vanderfeller, Scrounger, and Barkerville's debut in the series)

A Transylvanian Hound named Igor becomes enticed with Bright Eyes. (Episode 28: A Boyfriend for Bright Eyes) (Igor's first appearance)

Cooler and Nose Marie are inside a video game and must complete it in order to get out. (Episode 29: More Bark than Bit)

Howler's invention turns Holly and all the Pound Puppies except Whopper into cats, leaving Whopper to be the temporary leader of the pound. (Episode 30: Pound... Kitties?)

Nose Marie tells the gang about pup heroes from the Egyptian, Medieval, and Renaissance Eras. (Episode 31: The Three Tails of Nose Marie)

Whopper sleepwalks, thinking he's a kitten, and the Pound Puppies and Holly must figure out the root cause of his sleepwalking with the help of Cooler's older brother, Calvin. (Episode 32: Oh Solo Me-ow)(Calvin's first appearance)

Whopper and Igor try to figure out the riddle "Nothing is something, something is nothing". (Episode 33: Riddler's Race)

Bright Eyes makes a new game involving baseball's home plate and pitcher's mound with tennis balls dipped with ketchup and mustard. (Episode 34: Hotdog Baseball)

Igor's harmless pranks get out of hand after he draws a mustache on Katrina Stoneheart. (Episode 35: Thanks but no Pranks)

The Pound Puppies and Holly go to a charity event, not knowing that it's a trap set by Katrina. (Episode 36: Charity Blues)

Little Whopper is practicing magic, but Catgut has every intention to aquire Whopper's wand. (Episode 37: Whopper the Magnificent)

Whopper is reunited with Colette, who happens to be his long, lost older sister.(Episode 38: Whopper and Sister) (Colette's debut in the series)

The Pound Puppies' parents come for a visit, but not everyone is excited about the occasion when Igor's father Vladimir arrives... (Episode 39: Puppy Parents Day)(Cary, Celia, Norman, Mariah, Emily, Brighton, Herman, Ida, Wilbur, Odette, Alan, Bonnie, Tom, Rachel, Vito, Valeria, Seth, Samantha, Bernard, Barbara, Vladimir, and Sonia's first appearances)

Season 4(AKA The Pound Puppies Show)

Pupnick returns and Pupnick and Igor compete for Bright Eyes's love. (Episode 40: Battle of the Boyfriends)

Violet Vanderfeller and Nose Marie become jealous of each other and poor Cooler is caught in the middle. (Episode 41: Love's First Fight)

Howard, Jackie, Precious, Gordon, Shakespeare, and Amy join Holly's Puppy Pound.(Episode 42: Holly's Big Brother)(Howard, Jackie, Amy, Precious, Gordon, and Shakespeare's debut)

The Connors and the Pound Puppies put on a musical based on Sleeping Beauty, but with comedic results. (Episode 43: Out, Darn Spot!) (Robert and Sandra's debut)

Holly and the Pound Puppies attend Dr. Simon and Bigelow's wedding. (Episode 44: Wedding Bell Barks) (DJ and Faith's debut)

Igor meets his long lost twin brother Vigor and the Pound Puppies confuse Vigor for Igor and vice versa as Igor and Vigor host a quiz show at Holly's Puppy Pound. (Episode 45: Double Doggie Trouble) (Vigor's debut)

In Feudal Japan, The Pound Puppy Samurai and Musashi(Howard) embark to rescue Princess Ayame(Holly) from the Demon King Onigiri(Captain Slaughter). (Episode 46: Feudal Error)(Captain Slaughter MK II's debut)

Holly's Puppy Pound holds an annual Pound Puppy/Pound Purry Ball and Vigor searches for a girlfriend, and it happens to be Precious. (Episode 47: The Bark of the Ball)

Colette and Reflex are on a date, but Reflex struggles to control his reaction when he hears bells ringing. (Episode 48: Reflex's Ring-a-Ding Date)

The Connors and the Pound Puppies are stranded at the airport on the Holidays due to a blizzard and meet the Summers Family, who unknown to our heroes are a famous family. (Episode 49: Snowbound Hounds)

Howard is accused of stealing and the Pound Puppies must clear his name by finding the real culprit. (Episode 50: Will the Real Howard Connor Please Stand Up?)

A female Pekingnese dog falls in love with Beamer. (Episode 51: Beamer's Song)(Maya's First Appearance)

The Pound Puppies, Holly, and Howard journey to find a rare treasure, but Katrina Stoneheart and her gang want the treasure first. (Episode 52: The Ruby Hat of Omar Kayak) (Diablo, Slaughtina, Angel-Killina, Flack, and Tubbs' first appearances in the TV series)

Season 5

Howler confesses his love to Bright Eyes, causing the rivalry for Bright Eyes' love to resume. (Episode 53: Battle of the Boyfriends 2)

Howard gets accepted at college, but Bright Eyes, Igor, Gordon, Vigor, and Whopper don't want him to leave. (Episode 54: Howard's College Story)

The Pound Puppies rescue Hairball and Charlemange from Arthur Slaughter's hideout with the help of the Three Mouseketeers, Tuffy, and Dumas. (Episode 55: Cats All, Folks!) (Hairball and Charlemange's first appearances in this TV Series)

Bright Eyes and Igor try to help Whopper get his honesty badge to get moved up his rank in the Pup Scouts. (Episode 56: Whopper Goes to the Pup Scouts)

A boy band called the Rigs Brothers has the girl pups swooning, Howler tries to hate said band, but finds out that he likes their music. (Episode 57: Howler's Got the Boy Band Blues) (The Rigs Brothers' First Appearance)

The puppies and kittens start panicking when Nose-Marie thinks a nuclear-powered sattelite is going to plunge through the atmosphere and destroy the town. (Episode 58: Apocalypse? Not!)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and Howard, who is on Spring Break, see Robert having a business talk with his female employer, mistaking it for an affair after they overheard Sandra auditioning for a role in a play called My Very Miserable Life: The Musical. (Episode 59: An Affair is Unfair)

The Pound Puppies and Pound Purries must help John Leashgow, John Dachshund, Marilyn Meow, and Jim Bulldog boost their careers in show business. (Episode 60: Three Dogs and a Cat)(Guest Starring: John Lithgow, John Davidson, Jim J. Bullock, and Bernadette Peters)

It's Valentine's Day and the Boy Puppies and kittens struggle to find the perfect gift for their girlfriends. (Episode 61: The Trouble with Valentine's Day)

The Pound Puppies, the Pound Purries, and the Connors go on a vacation at Indiana Beach, but their vacation isn't going as planned. (Episode 62: The Misadventure at Indiana Beach)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and the Connors go on a train ride and must get to the bottom of a mysterious string of robberies. (Episode 63: Sleuth Dogs)

Captain Canine, a world famous TV actor, gets framed by Catgut and turns to the Pound Puppies and Holly for help. (Episode 64: The Captain Canine Caper) (Captain Canine and Judy's First Appearances)

Beamer becomes jealous of a handsome Rough Collie, unaware that the Rough Collie is actually Maya's brother. (Episode 65: Jealousy Will Get You Nowhere) (Ramon's First Appearance)

Season 6

Igor dons a green trench coat and fedora to help puppies from bully cats, and later on, Katrina. (Episode 66: Birth of the Chartreuse Crusader)

In 1790's England, the Pound Puppy Musketeers and Sir Howard must save the Duke of Canterbury from a murder-for-hire plot planned by Countess Van Rotten (Katrina Stoneheart). (Episode 67: The Adventures of the Pound Puppy Musketeers)

Nose Marie finds a hidden diary, which reveals what Cooler and Nose Marie really are. (Episode 68: The Tragic Secret of Cooler and Nose Marie)

Howler and Amy finally fall in love and go out on a date, but Howler turns to Cooler for help. (Episode 69: Howling Sweethearts)

Igor shows Bright Eyes his hidden talent, Architecture, in the form of his notebooks. / The gang is in a panic because a ghost is in Pound Puppy H.Q. which was actually Vigor gone crazy after having one of his nightmares. (Episode 70: Igor the Architect/Something Furry This Way Comes)

After being hit on the head, Catgut thinks he's a Pup. (Episode 71: The Cat Who Thinks he's a Dog)

Bright Eyes stars in a musical play, and with Igor co-starring, anything could happen, even if Katrina tries to end the show abruptly. (Episode 72: Howlin' in the Rain)

After Katrina stuffs a bar of chocolate down Cooler's mouth, Vigor tries to remove the toxic bar before it's too late. / Nose-Marie arranges a karaoke contest to see who sings well, but Katrina is looking to silence the competition. (Episode 73: Journey to the Center of Cooler/Karaoke Contest Chaos)

As Valentine's Day nears, Igor in a moment of weakness as he draws Painting of the Couples, announces that he wants to marry Bright Eyes. (Episode 74: Igor's Confession)

Igor and Vigor had a verbal fight and the Pound Puppies must convince the brothers to make up with each other. / Nose Marie, after some training from Louie, enters a baking contest. (Episode 75: Sibling Rivalry/Cooking with Nose Marie)

The Pound Puppies enter a parallel universe and meet their human counterparts. (Episode 76: Double Dimension Trouble)(Debut of Pound Puppies' human counterparts and Holly's puppy counterpart)

Amy is dognapped by Flack and Tubbs and Howler embarks on his solo adventure to save her, unaware that he is followed by the Pound Puppies and Holly. (Episode 77: Howler the Hero)

The Pound Puppies and Pound Purries plan a special birthday for Cooler. / Gordon's Captain Canine comics are missing and the Pound Puppies and Pound Purries search for clues. (Episode 78: Happy Birthday Cooler!/The Case of the Missing Comics)

Season 7

The gang tries to find some way to enjoy the 4th of July Fireworks display, but the noise from the firecrackers could scare them, so they turn to Howler for help. (Episode 79: The Trouble with Fireworks)

The Pound Puppies make comedic skits on their own comedy show, including a phony game show. (Episode 80: The Pound Puppies Variety Half-Hour Show)

The Rigs Brothers come to town for a live concert and Howler must get their autograph for Amy. (Episode 81: Howler and the Rigs Brothers)

Vigor falls in love with a female Shih Tzu. / The Connors and Pound Puppies are going to Hollywood after Sandra lands a job at a movie studio. (Episode 82: Vigor's Girlfriend/Hollywood Hi-Jinx Part 1: Sandra the Movie Star)

Mrs. Connor's Star on the Hollywood Boardwalk is stolen and the Pound Puppies embark to get the star back. / Gordon and Whopper accidentally get lost while wandering around a shooting for the upcoming Captain Canine Movie. (Episode 83: Hollywood Hi-Jinx Part 2: Star Stealers)

To keep Katrina from getting wise to the Gang adopting the captured Pups, Igor makes a Phony Music Video which becomes popular in the City. (Episode 84: The Rocking Rover)

Howard, Holly, and the Pound Puppies go hiking in the woods. / Bright Eyes's painting gets the attention of a world famous art critic. (Episode 85: Argh! Wilderness/Picture Imperfect)

At night, Igor draws scenery on Katrina's Pound's walls, looking like something for Dramatic Appearances. / Barkerville tries to get the rest of the gang dignified enough for a social event. (Episode 86: Igor the Artist/Pupmalion)

Beamer is traumatized after seeing a horror movie and starts imagining that the same monsters from the movie he watched is out to get him. / Holly takes the Pound Puppies to the Amusement Park in honor of the 10,000th adoption. (Episode 87: Beamer's Scary Day/Amusement Bark)

Howler and Howard enter a talent contest and are pitted against the Rigs Brothers and another band called the Wet Towels. / The Boy Puppies and Howard have misadventures at a mall during Black Friday in hopes of finding the perfect gifts for the girls. (Episode 88: Talent Troubles/Black Friday Blues)

The Connors buy a video game console and the Pound Puppies play a video game. However, Igor and Vigor argue over who should play first. / Howard sees a woman who looks like Katrina Stoneheart and warns the Pound Puppies about her. (Episode 89: Wii Aim to Please/The Case of Mistaken Identity)

Howler becomes temporarily deaf. / The gang helps Scrounger collect trash for Earth Day. (Episode 90: Howler's Deaf Sentence/Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Ruff)

The Pound Puppies and Holly go to the Captain Canine Convention to meet Captain Canine. / Shakespeare helps Reflex when Reflex has to write a review on a movie he recently saw for a newspaper article. (Episode 91: Chaos at the Convention/Reflex's Reviews)

Season 8

Beamer turns to Ramon for self-defense advice when he was threatened by Flack and Tubbs. (Episode 92: Hong Kong Beamer)

An authorative teenager, his sister, and their cat become in charge of Holly's Puppy Pound after Holly catches the flu. / Howler recruits his friends and the Connors, along with several other dogs and their owners, in order to form an orchestra. (Episode 93: Corporal Punishment) (Marcus, Camille, and May's debut)

In this serious episode, after a puppy is rescued from his abusive master, the Pound Puppies and others must stop a group of vigilantes, led by Marcus, before things go from bad to worse. (Episode 94: Marcus' Revenge) (Momo and Gamma's debut)

The Connors and the Pound Puppies start a restaurant business where patrons can eat food with their newly adopted puppies and kittens. / Cooler and Howard meet two princes from the country of Paprika who look exactly like them. Mistaken identity ensues when the king of Paprika mistakes Cooler and Howard for the princes(Episode 95: The Puppy Power Cafe/The Prince, the Pauper, and the Puppies) (Louie's first appearance in the TV Series)

Vigor asks Bright Eyes for romantic advice after he lays eyes on a pup that just entered H.Q. / Howler takes up skating to take Amy to a skating rink. (Episode 96: Vigor's in Love... Again/Hounds on Ice)

Vigor babysits a lost kitten, (very rare for Vigor to have a softer personality) and tries to get it back to its mother. / Igor makes a comic about his Chartreuse Crusader persona, but Bright Eyes and Whopper want in on the comic. (Episode 97:Vigor's Pupternal Instinct/The Adventures of the Chartreuse Crusader)

The Puppy Power Comet is stolen and the Pound Puppies, Holly, Marcus, May, and the Pound Purries must follow the trail of the criminal to retrieve it. (Episode 98: The Case of the Purloined Puppy Power Comet)

Marcus enlists the Pound Puppies and others to serve as a safety patrol. / The Pound Puppies and Howard have misadventures in a toy store while they go Christmas shopping. (Episode 99: Marcus' Army/Trouble in the Toy Store)

In this special episode, the Pound Puppies, The Pound Purries, the Connors, The Rigs Brothers, Dr. Simon, Bigelow, Marcus, and May, along with all the pets and their owners recounted their adventures. (Episode 100: The Pound Puppies 100th Episode Anniversary Hour)

Whopper has the hiccups and the gang try to cure it. / Igor and Vigor argue which is better for earth: more land or more water. (Episode 101: The Pup and the Hiccups/Continental Drag)

Howler becomes jealous of an intelligent siamese cat. / Gordon, Whopper, and Igor's play inspired by Captain Canine suddenly becomes viral. (Episode 102: Howler's Rival/Viral Hound Dogs)

Reflex becomes a participant during a hypnotist's show. (Episode 103: Reflex's Hypnotism Adventure)

The Pound Puppies, the Pound Purries, and the Connors are captured, only to be freed by an unlikely ally to escape from a mad scientist's castle. (Episode 104: Escape from Nightmare Island)(Guest: Tim Curry)

Season 9

The Pound Puppies help the Mouseketeers find a new member of their group. / Momo writes a Haiku for Nose Marie, causing the two to fall in love. (Episode 105: Return of the Mouseketeers/Momo and Nose Marie)

On Christmas Eve, Holly's Puppy Pound is snowed in and the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and Connor Family, along with several people, puppies, and familiar faces, try their best to celebrate Christmas. (Episode 106: Snowed in at Holly's Puppy Pound) (Buster, Toots, Hubert Belveshire, Jeff, Tammy, Penelope, Danny, Tiny, Charlie, Pal, Casey, Lucy, Rusty, Candy, Mandy, Andy, Teensy, Spats, King, Dr. Simon, Bigelow, Mervin, Charlie, Greg, Mrs. Vanderspiff, Henry, Beazer, Davie, Carolyn, and Sarah Williams' guest starring appearances)

Maya and Ramon are dognapped by Angel-Killina and Beamer sets out on his own to rescue them, unaware that his friends are helping him along the way. (Episode 107: Beamer's Solo Adventure)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, May, Marcus, and Holly meet Pupzan, who looks exactly like Beamer. (Episode 108: Jungle Puppies)(Pupzan's First Apearance)

It's Dictator Day, and the gang dress as the world's dictators along with a Chess Tournament, but can Whopper best the rest of the gang dressed as Napoleon? (Episode 109: The Great Dogtators)

The gang sing songs to celebrate Halloween, including Thriller, Ghostbusters, Bad Moon Rising, Evil Woman, Dreamtime, and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). (Episode 110: Halloween Night: The Musical)

Igor tries to find out why Vigor has insomnia, which is making it hard for the gang to sleep with his endless banter / Whopper and Bright Eyes makes puppets of the gang, and they have their own puppet show, but the gang blurt out secrets about themselves. (Episode 111: Sleepless in Holly's Puppy Pound/Puppets, Lies, and Videotape)

Whopper tells a story about a great airship in the clouds. (Episode 112: That Magnificent Whopper and his Flying Machine)

Gophers overrun Pound Puppy HQ, and the Pound Puppies must try harmless traps to keep the HQ hidden from Katrina before she realizes the HQ is under her feet. (Episode 113: The Case of the Goofy Gopher Gang)

The Pound Puppies and Pound Purries meet Dog Walker and James Ruff and costar in a variety internet show. (Episode 114: The Walker and Ruff Show) (Special Guest Stars Doug Walker and James Rolfe)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and the Connors retell the story of Cinderella. (Episode 115: Cinderella and the Pound Puppies)

The Pound Puppies and the Pound Purries find a lost treasure belonging to Black Fur, the Puppy Pirate. (Episode 116: The Puppies of the Caribbean)

It's Howard's birthday and the Pound Puppies plan a birthday surprise for him. (Episode 117: Happy Birthday, Howard!)

Season 10

Howler quizzes Igor and Vigor on how smart they are in the categories of Philosophy and Inventions. (Episode 118: The Quiz Pups)

The Pound Puppies and Holly must cure Marcus from his jelly bean addiction. (Episode 119: The Case of the Jelly Belly Blues)

In a Clue parody, the Pound Puppies, as characters from the board game, must solve the disappearance of the well-known Millionare Sylvester Q. Redd. (Episode 120: The Pound Puppies Get a Clue)

The Pound Puppies, Holly, Howard, and the Pound Purries team up with the Pound Puppies' human counterparts from the parallel dimension as they journey around the world to find the Golden Dog Bone if Katrina Stoneheart and her henchmen don't get in the way. (Episode 121: Around the World in 80 Dog Days) (Claude Klepto and Dingo's debut)

(One Hour Special) The Pup Olympics are underway in town, and the Pound Puppies are ready to compete! (Olympic Trial and Error)

The gang arranges a Go-fish Tournament in their own HQ. / Cooler gets bad luck after crossing a black cat's path, which was really Catgut after falling in a barrel of tar. (Episode 122: Go-Fishing/Of Black Cats and Dirty Rats)

Igor tries to become friends with Catgut, but with less than successful results... (Episode 123: Frenemies to the End)

Howard's rich cousin, Claudette Katzenjammer, and her family are coming for a visit and our heroes must impress them if Brattina doesn't get in the way. / Howler, Igor, Vigor, and Amy participate in a game show. (Episode 124: The Katzenjammer's Meow/The Price is Wrong)

Nose-Marie meets an old friend, who is desperate to get adopted. (Episode 125: A Plea to Nose Marie) (Special Guest Jon Bauman)

The Pound Puppies, Purries, Marcus, May, Holly, Howard, Robert, and Sandra celebrate Easter as the younger puppies hope that Easter Bunny will come. (Episode 126: Hap-Hap-Happy Easter!)

A visit to a museum makes Howler and Vigor imagine they are the Wright Brothers in the 1900s. / Igor and Bright Eyes chaperone Whopper in a medieval fair.(Episode 127: Howler and Vigor's Pilot Episode/The Pups of the Round Table)

Nose-Marie's visit to the Ozark Mountains makes her nostalgic. (Episode 128: Nose Marie's Mountain Music)

The Pound Puppies and Holly meet Ricky, Ticky, and Tavi and encounter two dog-nappers named Nags and Nathan. (Episode 129: The Tale of Ricky, Ticky, and Tavi)

Howard, Marcus, the Boy Puppies and their girlfriends have misadventures on a cruise ship. (Episode 130: Bruising for a Cruise)

Season 11

Whopper and Igor try to outdo each other for Prankster of the Month. (Episode 131: The Joke's on Whopper)

Team Igor face against Team Vigor in a hockey game. (Episode 132: Hockey Puppies)

Bright Eyes tries to get a runaway pup to go back home. (Episode 133: The Runaway Rebel)

A visit to the beach takes a horrid turn, after Cooler is separated from the gang. (Episode 134: You can Run, but You can't Tide)

The Pound Puppies and Pound Purries help a kitten, named Fluffy, find her owner. Unfortunately, Fluffy has amnesia. (Episode 135: The Kitten Who Knew Nothing)

Nose Marie comes down with a cold and her friends tend to the sick Nose Marie. (Episode 136: Sniffling Nose Marie)

After watching an episode of Captain Canine, Whopper tries to fly, but to no avail. / Igor tells a story of the Three Little Pigs, with Whopper in it, and Catgut as the big bad wolf. (Episode 137: Up, Up, and Awry/Three Little Whoppers)

Cooler and Holly meet their aggressive counterparts, unaware that they were clones created by Slaughtina. (Episode 138: The Good, the Bad, and the Furry)(Heater and Polly's first appearances)

Howler, with Vigor's help, builds custom-made surveillance robots to know about Katrina's plans. (Episode 139: The Little Pups Who Weren't There)

Igor starts to have nightmares and descending toward being too cautious after Watching the TV Show, "1,000 Weird Demises" while Cooler and Calvin try to find the root cause of Igor's strange behavior. (Episode 140: Day and Nightmare)

The Pound Puppies and Pound Purries, as a group of pirates, encounter trouble on the high seas. (Episode 141: Salt Water Puppies)

When Howard, Marcus, and the Boy Puppies and Purries are captured by Angel-Killina and Diablo, Holly, May, and the Girl Puppies and Purries must journey to Diablo's hideout to save their friends. (Episode 142: Girl Puppy Power)

The Pound Puppies and the Connors try to enjoy their vacation at Las Vegas, if not for Katrina and her gang. (Episode 143: Viva Pup Vegas!)

Season 12

In 1880's Western USA, the Boy Puppies and Howard become deputies as they encounter a gang of outlaws lead by Orange Hair Stoneheart(Katrina). (Episode 144: The Pups with No Name)

A girl puppy falls in love with Whopper. /Beamer enlists his friends to help him clean up the HQ. (Episode 145: Whopper's First Love/House Breakers)

After the power gets knocked out at Holly's Puppy Pound, Holly, Howard, Marcus, The Pound Puppies, and Pound Purries tell the story of Odysseus(Cooler) and his adventures around the Mediterranean Sea. (Episode 146: Cooler's Odyssey)

The Connors are abducted and it's up to the Pound Puppies and Pound Purries to rescue them. (Episode 147: The Case of the Kidnapped Connors)

Penelope, Danny, and their three children are coming for a visit at Holly's Puppy Pound. (Episode 148: Penelope's Return)

In a That '70s Show parody, The Pound Puppies and Mr. and Mrs. Connor star as characters from That '70s Show and have misadventures in the 1970's. (Episode 149: That '70s Episode)

Samuel Quentin, the same man who framed Bright Eyes long ago, escapes from jail and vows revenge on the Pound Puppies and Holly. / The Boy Pound Puppies, Howard, and Marcus must help the Rigs Brothers when a haughty and untalentless singer shows up and kicks the Rigs Brothers out. (Episode 150: The Return of Samuel Quentin/The Rigs Brothers' Plea)

(One Hour Special) Cooler, Beamer, Nose Marie, Momo, Igor, Jackie, Howard, May, and Marcus go on a rescue mission after Katrina and her henchmen kidnapped the other Pound Puppies, the Pound Purries, The Rigs Brothers, and the Connors and took them to the uncharted island of Raiku. (The Great Rescue Mission on Raiku Island)

Howler invents a time machine where the Pound Puppies can see their future. (Episode 151: Back to the Pound Puppies' Future)

In a Wizard of Oz reanactment, Dorothy (Holly) and her dog, Toto (Cooler), meet the Tin Man (Reflex), the Scarecrow (Howler), and the Cowardly Lion (Whopper) as they journey to meet Oz (Howard) and defeat the Wicked Witch of the West (Katrina Stoneheart). (Episode 152: Holly and Cooler meet the Wizard of Oz)

A beautiful girl catches Marcus' eye and Marcus turns to Howard, Cooler, Beamer, and Momo for help. (Episode 153: Marcus is in Love)(Elaine's First Appearance)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Marcus, May, and the Connors attend a showing of The Mikado, but easily bored younger puppies fell asleep and dream that they, along with their friends, are characters from said play. (Episode 154: A Howling Minstrel I)

Howard is graduating from college and the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and the Connors plan a special surprise for Howard. (Episode 155: The Great College Graduate)

Louie and Nose Marie participate in a cooking game show. / The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and the Connors go to the movies, but Katrina, Brattina, and Catgut are at the same movie theater as the gang is located. (Episode 156: The Platinum Chef/Malice at the Movies)

Season 13

It's Father's Day and the Pound Puppies' parents come for a visit. / Two dogs arrive at Holly's Puppy Pound, but the trouble is that they constantly bickering at each other. (Episode 157: Father's Day Frenzies/The Dog Couple) (Jose, Jane, Anthony, Andrea, Fortibras, Juliet, Gerald, Virginia, Peter, Paula, Akira, Natsume, Greaser, and Scarlett O'Nosy's first appearances)(Guest Starring: Eric Vale)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Holly, and Howard travel around Japan to learn about Momo's ancestors. (Episode 158: The Pound Puppies and Friends Go to Japan)

The Pound Puppies and friends are gone on a vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii after Mrs. Connor wins a contest. However, Katrina Stoneheart vows to foul up the gang's vacation after she hires her little brother, Karl, to do the dirty work. (Episode 159: Say "Aloha" to My Little Friend) (Karl Stoneheart's first appearance)(Guest Starring: Jim Cummings)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, The Connors, Marcus, May, Greaser, and Scarlett star in selections from Broadway plays such as The Mikado, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, The Sound of Music, and The Music Man. (Episode 160: Broadway Hounds)

The Pound Puppies imagine themselves as other animals to learn new tricks to escape Katrina's traps in the future. / The gang at Igor's request, tries to cure Vigor's incessant looking at others horizontally. (Episode 161: Animal-Fu/Like Clockwork)

On a hot Summer day, The Pound Puppies and Pound Purries hold a lemonade stand along with some entertainment in order to get Holly's Puppy Pound a new air conditioner. / Precious, after being threatened by Flack, turns to Ramon and Cooler on how she can defend herself without using physical violence. (Episode 162: The Pound Puppies' Last Lemonade Stand/Diary of a Pacifist Puppy)

Gordon wins the Captain Canine Contest and anticipates the arrival of Captain Canine. However, after Captain Canine comes down with a fever, Reflex is selected as a substitute for Captain Canine while Judy accompanies him. (Episode 163: Reflex, the Dog Crusader)

Igor and Vigor listen in on Whopper's tall tales and pass them off as novels to the public. (Episode 164: Whopper, the Paperback Hero)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Marcus, May, Greaser, Scarlett, Maya, Ramon, and the Connors are on high alert when Katrina gathers around her relatives on her next plot to close down Holly's Puppy Pound. (Episode 165: The Katrina Clan)(The Stoneheart Six, Kenneth, Katherine, and Trixie's First Appearance)

Gordon embarks on a mission to find the rare first issue of Captain Canine. / The Boy Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Marcus, Howard, and Greaser stage a sit-down strike against a horrible TV show they recently saw. (Episode 166: Gordon's Adventure/Striked Out)

Captain Canine and Judy are looking for new members of their superhero team and Gordon wants to join them. (Episode 167: Captain Canine and the Puppy Cadets)

The Pound Puppies help a young puppy who worries about almost everything in life/Beamer and Maya go on a date, but Catgut tries to sabotage the date. (Episode 168: Little Worry Wart/Beamer Goes on a Date)(Worry Wart's first appearance)

Igor runs away from Holly's Puppy Pound out of fear that if he reveals everyone that he thinks he has a cat's heart, no one will love him anymore. Meanwhile, his friends and family embark on a mission to find Igor before Arthur Slaughter does. (Episode 169: Igor, Come Home Part 1: Igor's Nightmare)

Season 14

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Marcus, May, the Rigs Brothers, Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow, and the Connors find Igor, but Igor doesn't want to come back to the puppy pound with them. Vigor, Igor's twin brother, then explains to the gang on how a cat's heart is in Igor. (Episode 170: Igor, Come Home Part 2: A New Igor)

After Katrina captures Igor, Igor develops an ability that cats have that most pups don't have while conversing with Catgut. Meanwhile, the Pound Puppies and friends set out a plan to rescue Igor from Katrina. (Episode 171: Igor, Come Home Part 3: Igor's Heart of Kindness)

Catgut, after his talk with Igor, suddenly has a change of heart and decides to help Igor escape. How will the Pound Puppies and the others react when they see Igor with Catgut? (Episode 172: Igor, Come Home Part 4: Igor's New Friend?)

The Pound Puppies help the Pound Purries find some new members to join the Pound Purries. (Episode 173: Lending a Helping Paw) (Short Tail, Paw-Paw, Ace, Ming, and Clawdia's First Appearances)(Guest starring: Kari Wahlgren, Rob Paulsen, Stephanie Young, and Katie Leigh)

Reflex becomes an anonymous advice columnist under the name Miss Stacy for a newspaper. (Episode 174: Reflex or Miss Stacy)

Tony develops a fear of thunderstorms and the Pound Puppies, along with Howard and Marcus, must help him face his fears. / The Pound Puppies and others are pitted against another family-owned restaurant on a TV Show called Dine and Dash. (Episode 175: A Dark and Stormy Day/Dine and Dash with the Pound Puppies)

A group of fan girls are after the Rigs Brothers and the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and Connors hide them in the puppy pound. / Cooler, Nose Marie, Shakespeare, Maya, and Ramon chaperone Gordon at the Captain Canine Broadway Show. (Episode 176: Night of the Fan Girls/Broadway Malady)

Tuffy falls in love with a girl cat, but is too shy to meet her. / After the Mouseketeers get into an argument with each other, Dumas turns to the Pound Puppies to help the Mouseketeers make up. (Episode 177: Tuffy and the Tabby/Mouseketeers No More?)(Buttercup's first appearance)

Tony has a strong dislike for pit bulls and the Pound Puppies and Holly try to convince Tony that not all pit bulls are bad./Ming, haunted by her past, tries not to reveal her dark secret to her friends (Episode 178: No Pit Bulls Allowed/Ming's Dynasty)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, May, Marcus, Holly, Howard, TJ, and Tony are invited by the Vanderfellers for dinner. / After Katrina gets accidentally hit by a flying baseball, she develops amnesia and starts being nice, much to the Pound Puppies and friends' confusion. (Episode 179: Dinner with the Vanderfellers/Who's Katrina?)(Horatio, Irene, Sebastian, Nana, and Dorothy's first appearances)

Beazer, Candy, Mandy, and Andy come for a visit and participate with Whopper, Bright Eyes, Gordon, Precious, and Igor on their imagination adventures. / The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Marcus, May, Tony, TJ, and The Connors go for a boat ride in Lake Michigan, but are stuck in the middle of the lake. (Episode 180: Destination Imagination/Not-so-Smooth Sailing)

Violet's diary is accidentally published as an autobiography. / Cooler, Greaser, Jackie, Tony, Momo, TJ, Marcus, Beamer, and Reflex participate in a baseball tournament. (Episode 181: Violet's Book/Home Run Hams)

When the Pound Puppies and others hire a journalist and his puppy as part of their newspaper line called the Puppy Power Times, they read the false headlines about them and accuse each other for blackmail. (Episode 182: Tabloid Troubles)

When Dr. Simon comes to Holly's Puppy Pound to give the Pound Puppies and Pound Purries rabies shots, Shakespeare reveals that he is scared to death from needles. Only his friends will help Shakespeare conquer his fear of rabies shots. (Episode 183: Shakespeare's Breaking Point)

After looking at a few of Gordon's Captain Canine comic books, Vigor starts to imitate Lyro of the Opera, a comic villain, and an evil laugh. / Igor, still reeling from his fear of not being able to be with the Pound Puppies any longer, tries to leave the pound again when Bright Eyes sings Todd Rundgren's Can We Still Be Friends to make him feel better. (Episode 184: Vigor of the Opera/Bright Eyes' Song)

Cooler and Violet go on a group date with Beamer, Maya, Howler, Amy, Nose Marie, Momo, Reflex, Colette, Greaser, and Scarlett while playing miniature golf. / Whopper and Colette's parents, along with Uncle JR, and many other relatives, come for a visit at Holly's Puppy Pound. (Episode 185: Caddy Canines/Whopper and Colette's Family Reunion)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Marcus, Howard, Holly, May, The Rigs Brothers, Greaser, and Scarlett enjoy their second vacation at Indiana Beach, unaware that Clawfinger has just escape from his prison cell and, despite Katrina and Brattina's protests, joined Katrina's gang. (Episode 186: Clawfinger Strikes Back)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Holly, Howard, Marcus, May, Tony, TJ, Greaser, and Scarlett see a live showing of I Love Suzy at Chicago's Broadway Playhouse. They then fantasize as characters in an I Love Lucy parody. (Episode 187: I Love Suzy)

As Amy and Howler look at the night sky, they encounter aliens who look exactly like dogs. / Gordon becomes excited when he finds out that a Captain Canine movie is being filmed at the pound. Gordon then meets his hero and asks if he can be a co-star in the movie. He gets accepted, but soon starts to develop uneasy feelings about being filmed.(Episode 188: Close Encounters of the Canine Kind/Captain Canine: The Movie)

Precious invents a holiday dedicated to historical figures of pacificism. / Buster turns to the Pound Puppies and Pound Purries to help him find his twin brother, Block. (Episode 189: Pacifist Day/Block and Buster)

As the boy Pound Puppies and Pound Purries, along with Marcus, Tony, Howard, Greaser, and TJ, sign up for a football game, the girl Pound Puppies and Purries, along with Holly, Scarlett and May, sign up to be cheerleaders and Reflex accidentally chooses the cheerleading side. (Episode 190: Football Frenzy)(Jeff and Tammy's debut in the TV Series)(Guest Starring: Joey Dedio and Janice Kawaye)

The Pound Puppies and friends go on a trip to Chicago after the Rigs Brothers were offered to perform live at the United Center. (Episode 191: Chicago Bound Hounds)

Looking to learn new cheers for her original routine, Bright Eyes turns to her friends for help. (Episode 192: Cheers for Bright Eyes)

Season 15

Jackie sees a female poodle and falls in love with her. / Charlemange, Precious, and Colette fantasize that they are three crime fighters fighting against Diablo. (Episode 196: Jackie's Date/The Powerpup Girls)(Fifi's First Appearance)

The Pound Puppies and friends put up a musical based on various numbers from Dr. Groose TV Specials. (Episode 197: The Dr. Groose Show)

After Reflex wishes to never have funny reactions when hearing bells again, Zazu appears and grants his wish. However, will Reflex's wish backfire? (Episode 198: When You Wish Upon a Dog Star)

(Crossover Special) The Pound Puppies and the friends meet the Bundy Family and the D'arcy Family from Married with Children (Married... With Children and Pound Puppies) (Guest Starring Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, David Faustino, Amanda Bearse, Ted McGinley, and David Garrison)

Howard, Cooler, Howler and Vigor land a job as book readers at their library. / The Pound Puppies and friends think up special menus for those who are either vegetarians or lactose intolerant. (Episode 199: Story Time with Dennis O. Dory/Neither a Meat Eater nor a Milk Drinker Be)

In honor of the 200th Episode, the Pound Puppies and all of their friends recount their adventures so far. (Episode 200: Table for 200)

In Ming's dream, she encounters Catgut and the two battle each other. / The young Pound Puppies and Purries build an art project for Adoption Day at Holly's Puppy Pound. (Episode 201: Ming VS Catgut/Project Makes Perfect)

The Pound Puppies and friends star in a re-enactment of Meredith Willson's musical, The Music Man, as Harold Hill (played by Cooler) arrives at River City, Iowa. (Episode 203: The Music Mutt)

Tony falls in love with Faith and asks Cooler and Howard for dating advice. / Tony, TJ, Cooler, Faith, Violet, Momo, and Nose Marie chaperone Igor and Bright Eyes at the park. However, their day at the park goes awry. (Episode 204: Tony Loves Faith/Strolling in the Park)

As the Pound Puppies and friends go out to dinner while Marcus' group guards the pound, Tony's persistent fear of Katrina entering Holly's Puppy Pound gets the better of him. / Nose Marie's parents and Violet's parents come for a visit to see how the girls are getting along. (Episode 206: Tony's Anxiety/Nose Marie and Violet: Best Canine Friends Forever)

Katrina disowns Catgut, and after seeing her treat Catgut harshly, Igor tries to help the cat become part of the Pound Purries. Meanwhile, the Pound Puppies and friends have doubts about Igor's plan. The only ones to immediately disagree were Shakespeare, Ramon, Maya, Charlemange, Tuffy, Ming, Beamer, Faith, DJ, Marcus, Tony, TJ, and Howard. When the Pound Puppies and the gang get caught by Katrina, Catgut has two choices: Should he rescue the Pound Puppies and start a new life as a new member of the Pound Purries or will he go solo? (Episode 207: Catgut the Pound Purry?)

Captain Canine and Judy show up at the Puppy Power Cafe for a commercial shooting. Soon, everyone else wants to be in the commerical, including Gordon. (Episode 208: No One's Business Like Show Business)

The Pound Puppies, Howard, May, Marcus, Tony, and TJ investigate a mysterious string of shark sightings, unaware that it was Katrina terrorizing the beach-goers with her Jaws-like mechanical shark. (Episode 210: The Pound Puppies Versus Jaws)

(Crossover Special) While lost at sea, The Puppy Power Pirates (Played by the Pound Puppies and friends) meet the Straw Hat Pirates and, with their help, must find a way back home. (Yo Ho Ho and A Dog Biscuit)

The Pound Puppies and Pound Purries teach Catgut how to be a member of the Pound Purries. / Scrounger, Igor, and Vigor help Howler build an invention for Amy on her birthday. (Episode 211: How to be a Pound Purry/Happy Birthday, Amy!)

In this Star Wars parody, the Pound Puppies and friends encounter Darth Stoneheart and must save the rebel forces from destruction. (Epiode 212: Dog Star Wars)

Cooler, Holly, TJ, Beamer, Jackie, Momo, and Faith battle Heater, Polly, and five more clones created by Slaughtina. / Catgut is still haunted by his past and tries to leave the pound. How will Igor and Vigor persuade Catgut to stay? (Episode 213: Attack of Slaughtina's Clones/Catgut's Ballad)

The Pound Puppies and friends attend a murder mystery game at the Vanderfellers' house. When Holly catches a fever, the younger Pound Puppies and Purries, along with Joshua, mistook her illness as food poisoning. (Episode 214: The Vanderfeller Whodunnit)

While reading Moby Dick by Herman Melville, Barkerville fantasizes that he is Ishmael and Catgut is Captain Ahab. / Shakespeare's cousin from the United Kingdom comes for a visit and the girl puppies are swooned by his appearance, much to the chagrin of their boyfriends. (Episode 215: Moby Dog/The Ladies' Dog)

Teensy comes for a visit and assists the Pound Puppies and Pound Purries when they help a small puppy realize that size doesn't matter. / The Pound Puppies and friends get to the bottom of a mystery when a priceless artifact was stolen at the museum. (Episode 216: Teensy's Advice/Mystery in the Museum)

When Pupzan's jungle home was invaded by Flack and Tubbs, he turns to the Pound Puppies, Howard, May, and Marcus to help him guard his new owners. (Episode 217: The Return of Pupzan)

While reading a romance novel, Nose Marie falls madly in love with the main character, Rick the Collie. Even though Cooler tries to convince her not to love a fictional character because he's not real, Nose Marie fantasizes about marrying Rick, much to Momo's confusion about who this "Rick" person is. (Episode 220: Nose Marie's Big Romance)

(One Hour Special) Howler's orchestra(Consisting of Holly, the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and friends) play a selection of musical pieces such as Dance of the Hours, The Nutcracker Suite, and others(Maestro Howler and His Orchestra)

Holly enters the bicycle race so that the Pound Puppies and friends can help an animal shelter on the verge of being foreclosed/While Shakespeare plays his violin, a talent scout mistakes Shakespeare for Maestro Pizzicato, a famous dog musician.(Episode 223: A Bicycle Built for Holly/The Pizzicato Pup) 

(Crossover Special) The younger Pound Puppies and Pound Purries are chaperone by Cooler and Howard at Indiana Beach, they meet Tom, Cindy Lou, Tyke, Dripple, and Mary Lou, who are chaperone by Miss Vavoom and Droopy. However, Howard develops a crush on her, causing a rivalry between Droopy and Howard. Meanwhile, McWolf joins Katrina's gang in his next plan to catch Miss Vavoom(Three Romeoes and A Juliet)

While the Pound Puppies and friends clean up the pound building's basement, Whopper and the younger Pound Puppies and Pound Purries imagine that they are in a cave search for a lost city/Cooler and Howard's guitar playing attracts everyone around the neighborhood(Episode 224: Indiana Whopper and the Raiders of the Lost Basement/From Zeroes to Guitar Heroes)

Barkerville comes across a diary containing information on who are Brattina's biological parents.(Episode 225: The Case of Brattina's Biological Parents)

The Rigs Brothers' family reunion is underway and the Pound Puppies and friends prepare for the reunion, but Tony Rigs is none too happy about it./Howard, Cooler, TJ, Tony, Beamer, Jackie, Marcus, Reflex, and Momo get tickets to see a wrestling match, but the girls want to go see a romantic movie on the same day(Episode 226: A Rigs Reunion/So Many Tickets, So Little Time)

Cooler and Howard are accidentally paired with two famous wrestlers in a match against Brutus Stoneheart and Ivan Punchdrunkski(Episode 227: Sticks and Stonehearts may Break my Bones, but Wrestling Matches will Never Hurt Me)

Nose Marie breaks up with Momo and falls in love with Cooler again. Momo becomes jealous of Cooler. Violet, seeing Cooler with Nose Marie, becomes jealous with her(Episode 228: A Miserable Mix-Up Part One: A Cooler Romance)

Following the date with Nose Marie, Momo and Cooler develop a bitter rivalry, leaving Nose Marie in the same triangle she, Violet, and Cooler had long ago(Episode 229: A Miserable Mix-Up Part Two: A Tale of Two Couples)

As the rivalry between Cooler and Momo lingers, Nose Marie has a choice on who she loves the most: Cooler, Momo, or Neither.(Episode 230: A Miserable Mix-Up Part Three: The Choice is Yours, Nose Marie)

Just before Nose Marie can make her decision, Momo and Violet leave the pound. Meanwhile, Nose Marie and Cooler, who were acting very strange since day 1, reveal themselves as Slaughtina's clones Heater and Rosemary while the real Cooler and Nose Marie are held hostage by Slaughtina(Episode 231: A Miserable Mix-Up Part Four: Breaking Up is Hard to Do)

After escaping from Slaughtina's hideout, Cooler and Nose Marie went off to look for Momo and Violet while everyone else looks for our missing heroes.(Episode 232: A Miserable Mix-Up Part Five: Violet and Momo, Come Home)

Nose Marie and Cooler have finally found Momo and Violet, who are about to board an airplane to Japan. But, how will they prove to Momo and Violet that they weren't involved with the dating incident?(Episode 233: A Miserable Mix-Up Part Six: Can You Fix A Couple of Broken Hearts?)

The four are able to make amends and settle things peacefully. Cooler and Nose Marie finally confess their love for each other. Meanwhile, Momo and Violet develop a crush on each other(Episode 234: A Miserable Mix-Up Part Seven: All's Well that End's Well/Momo and Violet's Date)

Season 16

Igor asks Whopper and Gordon to perform a magic show for a pup's master, whose birthday is today.(Episode 241: Abraca-doggie-dabra)

As Violet and Momo's wedding is underway, Kaptain Kid Stoneheart is hired by Katrina to ruin the wedding/Cooler and Nose Marie, along with the newly wed Momo and Violet, enjoy their week long vacation at Indiana Beach, but Katrina and her gang try to ruin their fun(Episode 242: Violet and Momo's Wedding/Double Honeymoon Trouble)

(Crossover Special) While the Pound Puppies and their owners are vacationing in Japan, the Fearsome Five kidnap all but Cooler. Cooler seeks the help of Hong Kong Phooey to teach him karate so he can save his friends.(The Karate Pup)

As the Pound Puppies plan a birthday party for Nose Marie, she is dognapped by Konrad Stoneheart. Cooler, assisted by Momo, embarks on a rescue mission to save his mate./Beamer helps a female Poodle who, like Beamer, is a neat freak(Episode 244: The Case of the Dognapped Nose Marie/Two Little Neat Freaks)

Cooler and Nose Marie see a fortune teller to find out what their future may look like, unaware that the fortune teller was Katrina Stoneheart's cousin, Karol, hired by Katrina to destroy the two puppies' relationship(Episode 247: Cooler and Nose Marie's Wonderful Life)

Season 17

A group of nine Retriever puppies cause confusion for the Pound Puppies, for they all look the same. Not even their parents, Jessie and Kate, can tell them apart.(Episode 251: Jessie and Kate Plus Nine)

An accident with Captain Slaughter's invention turns Flack into a vampire./ The Pound Puppies and Purries and their owners are furious to find out that congress has passed a law placing pets indoors at all times and that Katrina is the one who gave them the idea. The gang decides to start a campaign against it.(Episode 256: Count Flackula/The Pound Puppies go to Washington)

Howler and Amy's wedding is about to take place, the Stoneheart Six dognap the soon-to-be newly weds. The Pound Puppies then embark to find them(Episode 257: My Big Fat Scientific Wedding)

Violet is expecting puppies and the Pound Puppies and friends help her practice when the moment arrives./Momo and Violet's children, Vincent, Misaki, Mitsuki, and Taro, meet Cooler and Nose Marie's children, along with the younger Pound Puppies and Pound Purries.(Episode 258: The Puppies That Bloom in the Spring/Momo and Violet's Puppies)

Violet, Momo, Cooler, and Nose Marie set up a playdate for their puppies while they go see a movie./Ming participates at a Mahjong Tournament held at Holly's Puppy Pound.(Episode 259: Puppies' Playdate/The Mistress of Mahjong)

Season 18

(Crossover Special) With help from the Shirt Tales, the Pound Puppies and Pound Purries must solve the mystery of Mr. Dinkle's disappearance, unaware that Mr. Dinkle is held hostage by the Stoneheart Six to spill the secret of the Shirt Tales' hideout(A Shirt Tale of Two Cities)

Howler's cousin, Crooner, visits Holly's Puppy Pound and teaches the younger puppies and kittens on how to play the piano./Marcus announces that he is going to propose to Elaine, his girlfriend, but is too shy into doing it.(Episode 261: The 5,000 Paws of Dr. C/Marcus's Proposal)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Greaser, Dexter, Scarlett, Tony, Marcus, Howard, Holly, TJ, Faith, DJ and May are kidnapped by Kaptain Kid Stoneheart and his pirate crew and are forced to become unwilling members during a voyage to an island where all the world's treasures are located(Episode 262: Kaptain Kid, the Pirate King)

A video game tournament takes place at Holly's Puppy Pound and Howard and Cooler enter the contest./Howler and Amy give birth to their children, Andy, Thomas, Howlette, and Joanna, and introduce them to their friends.(Episode 263: Arcade Antics/The Littlest Einsteins)

(One Hour Special) After the Fearsome Five, Katrina's gang, and the Stoneheart Six have formed an alliance called Stoneheart Inc., they kidnapped several of the Pound Puppies and friends and scattered them across the globe. Only Cooler, Nose Marie, Beamer, Reflex, Violet, The Hungarian Hound twins, Colette, Momo, Dumbo, Howard, Tony, TJ, Marcus, and May are spared and must journey around the world to free their friends and take down Stoneheart Inc.(The Birth of Stoneheart Inc.)

Nose Marie reads Gone with the Wind and imagines that she is Scarlett O'Hara and Cooler is Rhett Bulter/It's Gordon's birthday and Captain Canine, Judy, and the Puppy Cadets come for a shooting of a new episode of Captain Canine's TV series(Episode 264: Howl with the Wind/Happy Birthday, Gordon!)

Lanford, Martin, Jewel, Daisy, Beauregard, Carrie, Vincent, Misaki, Mutsukia, Taro, Andy, Thomas, Howlette, and Joanna form a group of their own in order to help their parents along the way(Episode 265: Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies)

Slaughtina's clones quit Katrina's gang and form a group of their own to hunt down their good-hearted counterparts. Meanwhile, Tony, Cooler, Holly, TJ, Nose Marie, Momo, Jackie, and Beamer go on a picnic.(Episode 266: The Birth of the Evil Eight)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Marcus, Holly, TJ, Faith, DJ, Tony, and May discover a magical kingdom populated by the Butterfly People, which are humans with butterfly wings. However, the kingdom is in danger of being taken over by the ruthless Baron Von Motheater and the gang must stop the baron before it's too late.(Episode 269:Hanako, The Butterfly Kingdom)

Twitchia falls in love with Worry Wart, but is too shy to meet him. Thus, the Pound Puppies and Pound Purries set up a date for Worry Wart and Twitchia./The Evil Eight dognaps Dumbo and the Pound Puppies embark on a rescue mission to save him.(Episode 271: Accidentally in Love/The Case of the Dognaped Dumbo)

The Pound Puppies and friends meet two Yorkshire Terriers who constantly argue with each other./Igor, Vigor, and Bigor are offered a deal for a TV series based on their sucessful web series.(Episode 272: Trouble with the Terrier Twins/The Three Pooches Show)

Colette and Reflex announce to their friends that they are going to get married. But since wedding bells are involved, the other Pound Puppies and friends must get rid of all wedding bells before they ring(Episode 273: Bells Won't Be Ringing)

Season 19

The Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies practice for their very first mission and after finding a lost kitten, it may be their first real mission after all./After Marcus and Elaine got married, Marcus announces his retirement and appoints Howard as the new leader of his patrol(Episode 274: The Pups' First Mission/Marshall Howard)

(Crossover Special) The Tick, American Maid and Arthur arrive for autograph signing with Captain Canine and the Puppy Cadets at the shopping mall and the Pound Puppies and friends came to greet him. When Gordon is dognapped by Chairface Chippendale and the Stoneheart Six, the Pound Puppies and friends, along with the Tick, American Maid, Arthur, Captain Canine, and the Puppy Cadets, journey to save Gordon.(Ticked Off) 

Reflex and Colette's children, Colin, Diamond, Eric, and Rhea, join the Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies, but try to control their reactions to bells ringing(Episode 276: The Lovesick Pups)

Jackie and Cooler help Scrounger find a date in time for the dance at Holly's Puppy Pound(Episode 277: Saturday Night Scrounger)

When the mayor of Poundsville announces his retirement, an election for a new mayor is being held and the Pound Puppies help Mr. Bigelow get elected.(Episode 278: Bark the Vote)

Katrina Stoneheart and a Greedy Restaurant Tycoon by the name of Hamilton J. Berger try to steal Igor's Hamburger Recipe Research Book / Howler tries to invent a new kind invention to benefit the pound's well-being.(Episode 279: Ham-Burglars/Howler's Happy Helper)

Catgut, still adjusting to his status as a Pound Purry, tries to make peace with his sister Ming. But, is Ming in a forgiving mood?(Episode 280: Big Brother Catgut)

Cooler and Howard take the Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies on a field trip to the Chicago History Museum. Just then, the Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies wander off and Cooler and Howard search the museum to find them(Episode 281: Night at the Chicago History Museum)

Wolfazar and Shun visit Holly's Puppy Pound and help the Pound Puppies cure Howard's strange disease/The Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies help three puppies who are easily afraid of everything.(Episode 282: The Return of the Wolf Doctor/The Tale of Cringe, Flinch, and Wince)

Catgut, Ming, and Lee spend their day at the park with Cooler and Nose Marie.(Episode 283: Tao, Ming, and Lee)

Igor, Vigor, and Bigor's web series' popularity is suddenly rivaled by another internet celebrity and the trio must come up with funnier material for the Three Pooches/Ramon opens up a dojo for puppies who are unable to fight back against bad guys(Episode 284: The New Three Pooches/Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ramon)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Holly, Tony, Marcus, Faith, May, TJ, DJ, and Howard's genders are accidentally switched after Howler's Disguise-o-Pupper malfunctions. With the help of Amy, Dexter, and Scrounger, Howler must repair the damaged Disguise-o-Pupper and restore his friends(Episode 285: Gender Bender)

Barkerville creates a beautiful painting and Cooler tries to help him find the perfect art museum to hang it.(Episode 286: Doggie Doodle)

Season 20

(Crossover Special)After Castle Greyskull is transported from Eternia to the Pound Puppies' world, the Pound Puppies and friends help He-Man, The Sorceress, Man of Arms, Teela, and Ram Man stop Skeletor from causing trouble at Poundsville(The Pound Puppies Meet He-Man)

Tony, Nose Marie, and Beamer accidentally ripped Cooler's jacket while cleaning it and must find a way to get it fixed before Cooler finds out(Episode 287: Jacket Blues)

Vigor and Igor's parents, Sonia and Vladimir, come for a visit at Holly's Puppy Pound for Vladimir's birthday.(Episode 288: Happy Birthday, Vladimir)

Amintore Raphael de Pastel(AKA Tony the Artist) arrives at the pound and is offered a job as a member of the Pound Puppies.(Episode 289: The Pound Puppy Formerly Known as the Artist)(Tony the Artist's debut)

Cooler is in for a surprise when his little sister, Casey, is found thanks to the Pound Puppies with the help of Cary and Celia (Episode 290: Cooler's Little Sister)(Casey's debut)

Igor, Vigor, and Bigor have been dognapped by Karl Stoneheart and are taken prisoner by the mad scientist Dr. Xander Travagence. It's up to the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Tony, TJ, Holly, Marcus, and May to save Igor, Vigor, and Bigor before they become Dr. Travagence's experiments. Meanwhile, a group of vigilantes, led by Gamma, join forces with the Pound Puppies and friends to save all the puppies held hostage by Dr. Travagence.(Episode 291: The Despicable Deeds of Dr. X. Travagence)

Tony and TJ's sisters, Annette and Bernadette, come for a visit, much to Tony's chagrin. Will the Pound Puppies and others help Tony make peace with Annette and Bernadette?(Episode 292: Four is a Crowd)

The gang tries to encourage Dumbo to find a girlfriend, but he's not sure about falling in love.(Episode 293: The Love Dummy)

After watching a ninja with supernatural techniques on a Japanese cartoon, Bright Eyes becomes obsessed with being a shinobi, starting a fad in the pound. As Diablo plots to capture our heroes, the Pound Puppies and friends use their ninja skills to foil Diablo's scheme. (Episode 294: Ninja Binge or Shinobi Puppies)

The biological parents of the Pound Puppies recollect their times when they were young/Casey takes up singing and is offered to do a duet with Cooler(Episode 295: I Was a Teenaged Pound Puppy/Cooler and Sister)

Catgut falls in love with a female cat and turns to Cooler and Nose Marie for help.(Episode 296: Catgut's First Love)(Michelle's first appearance)

Holly's Puppy Pound holds a Snooker tournament and the Pound Puppies and friends participate. However, a new participant arrives and aims to win the tournament, even if it means cheating(Episode 297: Snooker Crook)

Igor's addiction to collecting Fluffy Babies causes his friends to start an intervention(Episode 298: Fluffy Baby Blues)

After the money from the Pound has been stolen, The Pound Puppies and friends are in for a surprise when they find out who the culprit is.(Episode 299: As the Twist Turns Part 1: The Case of the Missing Money)

Season 21

After Ricky has been banished from the pound, he vows revenge by joining the Fearsome Five and kidnap most of the heroes(Episode 300: As the Twist Turns Part 2: The New Ricky)

Cooler, Nose Marie, Momo, Beamer, Colette, Tony the Artist, Catgut, Howard, Marcus, May, Faith, DJ, TJ, and Tony, with the help of Gamma, embark on a rescue mission to save their friends and stop Ricky from commiting more crimes(Episode 301: As the Twist Turns Part 3: Search and Rescue)

After the heroes save their friends, they must now convince Ricky to quit his new life of crime. But, will Ricky cooperate with Cooler and the others?(Episode 302: As the Twist Turns Part 4: The Final Hour)(Ricky's last appearance)

The Pound Puppies meet a strong but gentle-hearted bulldog while visiting the Johnsons' farm/The Pound Puppies and friends meet Dabney Nabbit, who is now retired from his dog-catching days(Episode 303: Samson and the Pound Puppies/Dab that Nabbit!)

Catgut is having a strange dream that he is fighting against his former self./Tony the Artist mentors Bright Eyes when Bright Eyes enters an artist's tournament(Episode 304: Catgut VS Catgut/Bright Eyes' Teacher)

While everyone else is affected by Kaptain Kid's pessimist ray and held captive at Kaptain Kid's pirate ship, Twitchia and Worry Wart come to the rescue. But can they overcome their cowardice?(Episode 305: Worry Wart and Twitchia to the Rescue)

Bright Eyes, Marcus, Precious, and Charlemange go to the Ozarks to bring a pup named Romeo and a kitten named Juliet to two different families, the Montagrowls and Catulets, at war with each other, so Bright Eyes, Marcus, Precious, and Charlemange try to end the war before it poisons the minds of Romeo and Juliet. based on the War between the Hatfields and McCoys and inspired by the William Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet.(Episode 306: Feudin', Hissin', and A-Barkin')

During a Flood, The Pound Purries' HQ is washed out, and come to the Pound Puppies HQ for Shelter until the Cats' HQ is dried out. / Bright Eyes reunites with Cheep-Cheep.(Episode 307: HQ Room Mates/Cheep Cheep Comes to Visit)

Whopper imagines that his shadow comes to life/A martial artist dog actor named Pup Li comes to visit and everybody wants to get his autograph(Episode 308: Me and My Shadow Puppy/Tae Kwon Dog or Kung Fu Barkin')

Amy teaches the Younger Pound Puppies and Howler on how to play mini-golf. / After seeing Bright Eyes in his arms while playing a video game, Igor thinks he's still dreaming.(Episode 309: Putt Putt Mutts/I Dream of Bright Eyes)

The Pound Puppies siblings come for a visit in honor of a new holiday at Holly's Puppy Pound(Episode 310: Puppy Siblings Day)

Two kittens, dressed up like Bright Eyes and Igor, come to Holly's Puppy Pound to meet Bright Eyes and Igor.(Episode 311: Bright Eyes and Igor's Biggest Fans)

The Pound Puppies meet Big Paw, the former king of Wagga Wagga and his new master, Saul(Episode 312: King Big Paw of Wagga Wagga)

Season 25

Catgut and his new girlfriend, Michelle, go out on a date./It's Couples Day at the Amusement Park and Cooler, Momo, Jackie, Catgut, Tuffy, TJ, Marcus, DJ, Tony, Howler, Igor, Reflex, Worry Wart, and their girlfriends/wives enjoy their day, if Clawfinger and Kaptain Kid Stoneheart don't get in the way(Episode 313: Catgut's Date/Couples Day)

Saul and Gamma's little sister, Rebecca, reunites with Saul at Holly's Puppy Pound/Cooler, Momo, Jackie, Catgut, Tuffy, TJ, Marcus, DJ, Tony, Howler, Igor, and Reflex go to see a performance at the ice rink with their girlfriends, but they wanted to go see a baseball game on Friday night(Episode 314: Saul's Sister/Friday Night Fever)

Vigor finally confesses his love to Precious and the two pups go on a group date with Worry Wart, Twitchia, Bright Eyes, and Igor./Tony admits his fear of mice and the gang go through hilarious attempts to cure Tony's phobia(Episode 315: Vigor's True Love/Mice Aren't Nice)

Tony rescues a stray puppy named Angelica and the puppy grows fond of him. Eventually, Tony has grown fond of Angelica too.(Episode 316: Tony's Little Puppy)

Cooler, his family, Tony, TJ, and Faith spend the night at a mansion after TJ's car breaks down. However, the mansion they're staying at is haunted.(Episode 317: My Haunted Mansion is Your Haunted Mansion)

The Pound Purries try to adopt a kitten whose used to having water on her fur. / The Pound Puppies try to bring a Kitten (raised by Raccoons) to Civilization.(Episode 318: H2 Uh Oh/Katana, Queen of the Raccoons)

The Pound Puppies and friends try to enjoy a day at the beach. However, the narrator has suffered a case of laryngitis and the gang must find a temporary replacement for their show while the narrator recovers (Episode 319: Narrator Takeover)

Ramon teaches Lee self defense./Cooler comes down with a cold and Nose Marie is placed as temporary leader of the Pound Puppies until Cooler's cold is cured.(Episode 321: Kitty Fu/The Case of Cooler's Cold) 

The Pound Puppies and friends give the viewer a behind-the-scenes tour of how an episode of their show was made(Episode 324: The Pound Puppies Backstage Episode)

Flack and Tubbs open a Used Pets Shop as a cover to steal People's pets without licenses for a profit, and it's up to the Pound Puppies, the Pound Purries, Howard, and Claudette Katzenjammer to rescue the kidnapped pets and expose Flack and Tubbs for the frauds they are. (Episode 325: Used Pets)

Season 26

Itchy and Snichey are hired as guard dogs for Holly's Puppy Pound. However, will it backfire?(Episode 326: Double Doberman Trouble)

Momo and Violet come to Howlywood to meet Goemongrel, a world famous samurai dog, who is looking for potential stunt-pups for a shooting of an upcoming movie while the Two keeping Goemongrel safe from the Dog Haters of America, who is targeting the Famous Dog. (Episode 327: The Last Samurai Dog)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and others put up a musical consisting of Christmas songs.(Episode 329: Howly Jolly Christmas: The Musical)

Seven Dogs and their owner, Count Zanzibar, time travel from the year 2737 and go to Seven different Places in the World to cause calamity and cause all cats to become extinct in the future. To make matters worse, in the same time period, all of the cats' owners have been executed by Count Zanzibar. With all the cats in the world evacuated, including the Pound Purries, the Pound Puppies split into groups led by Tony, Marcus, May, Holly, Howard, DJ, Gamma, Faith, and TJ, along with Usagi, the last surviving cat from the future, to stop the Devil Dog Seven and Count Zanzibar's plans in the world's seven continents(Episode 330: World Tour Part 1: Enter the Devil Dog Seven)(Usagi, Count Zanzibar, and Devil Dog Seven's debuts)

At Tokyo, Japan, Marcus, May, Momo, Elaine, Violet, Cookie, and Cupcake encounter One of the Devil Dogs, Jayden of Jealousy and with the help of their new ally, Susanoo, the group try to stop Jayden from capturing Cats of Tokyo. (Episode 331: World Tour Part 2: Susanoo of the Moon)(Susanoo's debut)

Catgut, his family, Gamma, and Michelle make Their Way to Belgium, to keep the Festival of Cats from being ruined by Antonio the Avaricious.(Episode 332: World Tour Part 3: The Feline Festival)

Tony, Faith, TJ, Cooler and Nose Marie with Their Children go to Hollywood to make sure Bartrand the Boastful doesn't kidnap all of Hollywood's Celebrity Pups for Ransom.(Episode 333: World Tour Part 4: Tony's Wrath)

Ian the Indolent (disguised as a cat) is rallying the Cats of Hong Kong at the Kowloon Walled City Park to declare war against the human Population in Hong Kong while Count Zanzibar, disguised as the mayor, tricks the humans into thinking that the cats are going to destroy Hong Kong, but not if Igor, Vigor, Bigor, Bright Eyes, and Precious have anything to do about it. and Igor's Identity is revealed as the Chartreuse Crusader, to Bright Eyes! (Episode 334: World Tour Part 5: The War of the Species)(Li Yang and Silktail's first appearances)

Stephanie the Spiteful is in Austrailia to capture all the Invasive Cats of said continent to attack Austrailia's Animal Sanctuaries. Only Beamer, Ramon, Maya, Jeff, and Tammy must stop Stephanie from carrying out her mission.(Episode 335: World Tour Part 6: Anarchy in Austrailia)

Vivi the Voracious is eating a lot of foodwhile staying in France. With only DJ, Howard, Whopper, and Colette to keep things from going crazy, what will happen when Vivi becomes so sick from eating too much food that's not meant for Dog consumption?(Episode 336: World Tour Part 7: Frenzies in France)

Darius the Desiring helps the Cats escape from all the animal shelters of New York City and to be brought to Count Zanzibar, however, Howler, Dexter, Saul, Rebecca, Big Paw, and Amy try to save Them. and with all of the Devil Dogs Seven captured, The Gang returns Home to realize a secret that the Devil Dogs have which could shock even the Pound Puppies and friends themselves!(Episode 338: World Tour Part 8: The Devil Dogs' Secret)

With the unwilling cooperation of the Devil Dogs Seven, Count Zanzibar's hideout is somewhere in the downtown Poundsville. Will The Pound Puppies gang stop him before he warps away all the world's cats?(Episode 339: World Tour Finale: Countdown)(Count Zanzibar's last appearance and Byron, Steppenwolf, Venus, Derek, Ima, Antha, Jorge, and Verde's first appearances)

Season 27

Catgut and Michelle's wedding is underway and everyone at Holly's Puppy Pound is getting ready.(Episode 340: Catgut's Special Day)

After Kaptain Kid shoves a bacon bar down Tony's mouth, the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and friends waste no time to save him before it's too late(Episode 341: Bacon Bar Blues)

After getting lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Cooler, Nose Marie, TJ, Tony, Faith, Catgut, Michelle, Marcus, Elaine, Momo, Violet, Bright Eyes, Igor, Tammy, Wishbone, Casey, and Susanoo end up in the country of Mu, which was thought to be the lost empire until now.(Episode 344: The Mysterious Empire of Mu)

Casey becomes attracted to Susanoo and becomes determined to become his girlfriend./Igor challenges Vigor to a snowball fight and the whole puppy pound gets involved with comedic results.(Episode 345: Susanoo's Girlfriend/Snowball Fight at Holly's Puppy Pound)

Cooler, Tony, Momo, Susasnoo, TJ, Igor, Nose Marie, Casey, Violet, and Faith stumble upon an action video game based off of Gamma. Gamma takes notice of the video game too and soon, Tony becomes addicted to playing the game. How will his friends stop him from playing the game 24/7?(Episode 346: Gamma's Game)

The Pound Puppies and friends visit the Johnsons' farm and the younger puppies and kittens are given a tour around the farm(Episode 347: Follies at the Farm)

The Pound Puppies, while exploring, encounter Indiana Bones, who asks them for help in his latest adventure.(Episode 349: Raiders of the Lost Bark)

Tony, having doubts about his future in the puppy pound, tries to leave until the Pound Puppies and others sang a special song to remind him how good of a friend he is./Tony the Artist mentors Eric for the Poundsville Art and Sculpture Show(Episode 350: The Tragic Story of Mr. Rigs/Eric's Fine Arts)

When a tornado heads toward Poundsville, the Pound Puppies and friends take precautions in order to be safe from the tornado. However, TJ is scared to death of tornados.(Episode 352: What a Twister!)

Season 28

Jayden takes up cheerleading and asks Bright Eyes for help days before the Cheerleading Concert comes(Episode 353: Jayden Jumps for Joy)

The Pound Puppies come up with names for a group for their seven new friends(Episode 354: The PoundRaizers)

Worry Wart and Twitchia experience their nightmares and turn to their friends on what's been causing them to have terrible nightmares(Episode 355: Nightmare at Holly's Puppy Pound)

The Pound Puppies, The Pound Purries, and the Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound, along with an entire ensemble from past episodes, put up a play adapted from Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite, where Clara(Played by Nose Marie) and her brother Fritz(Played by Mario) meet the Nutcracker(Cooler) and have adventures with him(Episode 356: The Muttcracker Suite)

Dog Walker and James Ruff offer Gordon a position as a another movie reviewer after watching Gordon's new movie review(Episode 357: Walker, Ruff, and Gordon)

Cooler, Nose Marie, Igor, Bright Eyes, Beamer, Violet, Momo, the PoundRaizers, Tony, and TJ must stop Kaptain Kid after Kaptain Kid kidnaps the Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies(Episode 358: The PoundRaizers Versus Kaptain Kid)

The Pound Puppies and friends meet two puppies and their adopted cat sister who behaves like a puppy./Igor tries not to get jealous again when he sees Chew-Chew with Bright Eyes.(Episode 359: The Cat Dog/Igor thinks Chew Chew's a Girl Friend Stealer)(Chew-Chew, Drumstick, and July's first appearances)

A girl dog named Tricolor falls in love with Barkerville, even though Barkerville doesn't notice./The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and the Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound tour England, where Shakespeare meets his old rival, MacBeth.(Episode 360: A Girlfriend for Barkerville/MacBeth of London)(Tricolor and Jelly Bean's first appearance)

When her pup house was washed away by a flood, Bright Eyes lives inside Igor's pup house until a new pup house is built for her.(Episode 361: My Pup-house is Your Pup-house)

A new Pound Puppy named Sandra makes a library for Holly's Puppy Pound./Cooler, his family, Tony, TJ, Faith, Chew Chew, Drumstick, and the PoundRaizers tour Davy Pier.(Episode 362: Sandy the Librarian/Fun and Games at Davy Pier)(Sandy's first appearance)

The younger Pound Puppies and Pound Purries journey to Doglantis in search of treasure. However, Kaptain Kid Stoneheart is pursuing for the lost city as well.(Episode 363: Quest To Find Doglantis)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and the Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound put up a musical featuring popular songs from the '80s and '90s.(Episode 364: Bonehemian Rhapsody: The Musical)

It's Pie Day at the Puppy Power Cafe and everyone enters a pie-baking contest./The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound meet several of their old friends who want to join their group on New Year's Eve.(Episode 365: Everybody Loves Pie/New Year's Eve at Holly's Puppy Pound)

Season 29

Sandra starts falling in love with Dexter, even though Dexter doesn't notice./After a long time, Katrina Stoneheart returns and the heroes must prepare for her latest plot.(Episode 366: Sandy Loves Dexter/The Return of Katrina Stoneheart)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound celebrate Thanksgiving.(Episode 367: Thanksgiving at Holly's Puppy Pound)

Beauregard wins a trip to visit Willy Woofer's kibble factory, but strange things keep happening there, and poor Beauregard is blamed for them.(Episode 368: Beauregard and the Kibble Factory)(Magic Vanderfeller's first appearance)

Catgut and Michelle introduce the heroes to their nine kittens: Catherine, Annie, Mikey, Yao, Ling, Po, Sakura, Catgut Jr., and Kefka.(Episode 369: Catgut's Kittens)(Catherine, Annie, Mikey, Yao, Ling, Po, Sakura, Catgut Jr., and Kefka's first appearances)

Catgut and Michelle's kittens join the Sons and Daughters of the Pound Puppies, as Lanford comes up with a new name for his group./Igor and Tony spend some time together and talk about their dark pasts.(Episode 370: The Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound/Quality Time with Igor and Tony)

(Special) When the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound take their children and Whopper to see a space shuttle launch they end up getting traped inside by none other than Kaptain Kid.(Episode 371:Space Pups: The Musical)

The Pound Puppies and Holly go on a camping trip. However, their camp site located near a wild western-esque town undersiege by the Long Claws.(Episode 372: Bonenanza)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound help a young man stop his father, Raoul Seville Sr, from causing trouble around Poundsville thanks to His Giant Machines which is most likely to cause calamity. (Episode 373: The Rise and Fall of Raoul Seville Sr.)(Raoul Seville Jr. and Sarah Seville's First Appearances)

Howler becomes depressed when his newest invention fails and feels that he lost his touch with inventing.(Episode 374: The Big Backfire)

Cooler, Catgut, and Bartrand form a knitting team to make new clothes for Cooler's children and Catgut's children.(Episode 375: A Sew-Sew Day)

Howler Dexter and Amy invent a robot dog to help Holly and Cooler but ther creation developes a mind of his own/ Nose Marie mentors her sister Mimi-Nose to be a member of the Pound Puppies but she won't let Mimi-Nose do anything for herself.(Episode 376: Robo Puppy/Sister Nose Best)(Mimi-Nose, Tori, Duke, Gizmo, and Puzzle's First Appearances)

Howler, with Gamma's help, builds an older sister for Puzzle./The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound are trapped in Karol Stoneheart's surreal maze and Puzzle helps the gang lead the way out.(Episode 377: Puzzle's Big Sister/Puzzle the Puzzle Master)(Iris' first appearance)

Season 30

When Brambles, the brother of Pupnick, comes to the pound after escaping from an evil mastermind, the gang find themselves in another spy adventure. (Episode 378: The Paw Flaw)(Brambles, Pat, Lorna and Ruby's first appearances)

Igor and Tony leave the pound together after they accused the others of sending them letters containing negativity and hatred. The heroes then hire Doggie Bowser, a puppy detective, to help them figure out who wrote the letters to Igor and Tony while they try to convince Igor and Tony to come back.(Episode 379: PS, We Love You, Tony and Igor)

Pupzan and his tribe pay a visit to the heroes for Pupzan's birthday/Tony the Artist is pitted against Katrina Stoneheart at the Poundsville Art Contest.(Episode 380: Happy Birthday, Pupzan!/The Easel Way Or the Hard Way)

Lee gets jealous when a Scotttish fold cat named McWhisker, an old friend of Beamer, joins the Pound Purries and falls in love with July. Unfortunately, McWhisker is unaware that July is Lee's love interest and Lee becomes jealous of McWhisker.(Episode 381: Lee VS McWhisker)

Tricolor tries to admit her love to Barkerville, causing Tony the Artist to become extremely jealous of Barkerville and accuse Tricolor of cheating.(Episode 382: Tricolor's Triangle)

Karl Stoneheart uses an ocarina to hypnotize and lure all the young pups (Including Whopper) in Poundsville to invade the Puppy Pound.(Episode 383: The Pied Plunderer of Poundsville or Ocarina of Trouble)

Tony the Artist and Tricolor introduce their friends to their puppies: Mona Lisa, Dino, and Artie./Tony and Cooler take the Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound on a field trip to the aquarium.(Episode 384: Life with Tony the Artist and Tricolor/A Day at the Aquarium)(Mona Lisa, Dino, and Artie's first appearances)

Vivi teaches Louie on how to make an indian dish called Curry.(Episode 387: Vivian the Chef)

The gang is sent back to the medieval period by a magic jewel and sets off to rescue Bright Eyes from Katrina's ancestor.(Episode 388: Medieval Mutt )

An irish setter named Ruby, a former henchdog of Dr. Paw, gives up her life of crime and joins the Pound Puppies, but Pupnick refuses to trust her because of her past.(Episode 389: A New Girl For Pupnick)

Season 31

The heroes are invited to come to Kittywood by Jelly Bean's cousin, but it wasn't long until the Long Claws and Kactus Jack Stoneheart followed them out of revenge for the Tossin Town incident.(Episode 391: The Kittywood Caper )(Jeanie Purrington and Yuri's first appearances)

Precious takes Vigor, hoping to see the shooting stars leaves Poundsville's Light-polluted environment and goes to a farmland to look get a better look at the stars falling. and the farmland is in fact, where Rusty, Lucy, and Their children live. / during a Blackout on a stormy night, Howler thinks He seeing ghosts.(Episode 392: Star-Gazing Lovers/Things that go "Aroo!" in the Night)

Tony the Artist's sister, Giovanna, arrives from Italy and helps Bright Eyes with a painting./Gamma trains the Minks, the PoundRaizers, Iris, Puzzle, Pupnick, Brambles, Ruby, and several of the heroes, along with three puppies named Kenichi, Kenta, and Keiko, at his new dojo.(Episode 394: Bright Eyes' Assisstant/Sensei Gamma)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Staff Members, and the Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound, are invited to stay overnight at art collector's mansion. However, unaware to the gang is that the art collector is none other than Kaptain Kid Stoneheart and after learning his next plan, the gang must figure a way to get out.(Episode 396 The Art Collector)

After their vacation, Igor, Vigor, and Bigor are immediately scolded  and grounded for deserting the pound without permission(Episode 397: Crime and Punishment)

The gang meets a young man who lives with a group of wolves at the northen part of Alaska and were asked to defend his wolves from Kaptain Kid Stoneheart.(Episode 398: The Wolf King)

Whopper and Jelly Bean meet a creative girl named Veronica Trueblood, who is the last descendant of the Trueblood dynasty and looking for a job at Holly's Puppy Pound. (Episode 399: The Last Trueblood)(Veronica, Logan, Sapphire, Salem, and Leonardo's debut)

The gang must rescue July's long-lost family and save Charlemange and Hairball's wedding from Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(Episode 400: July's Reunion)(Pavel, Ivan, Natasha, and Dimitri's first appearances)

Charlemange and Hairball introduce their children to the gang./ When the heroes go on a cruise they get stranded on an island that happens to be the new hide-out of Dr. Paw!(Episode 401: Hairball and Charlemange's Kittens/Island of Dr. Paw)

The gang meets a group of traveling Samurai dogs who want to join the Pound Puppies(Episode 402: The Magnificent Seven)(The Seven Samurai Dogs' first appearance)

Season 32

Dumbo dreams of being a superhero and saving his friends.(Episode 404: Stupor Dog)

Lanford and Jewel meet a mysterious dog who is trailing Dr. Paw.(Episode 405: Return of the Spy Pups.)

A new girl dog named Debra falls in love with Scrounger, but Scrounger isn't interested in romance while Jayden falls in love with Debra.(Episode 406: A Girlfriend for Scrounger?)(Debra's first appearance)

After Jayden ad Debra get married, they introduce their children, Denny, Zachary, Kimmy, and Janice, to their friends/Bartrand wants to propose to Spats, but he is too shy to do so.(Episode 407: Jayden's Family/Will you marry me, Spats?)(Denny, Zachary, Kimmy, and Janice's first appearances)

Whopper meets Starburst Katzenjammer and she falls in love with him.(Episode 408: The Littlest Romeo)(Starburst's first appearance)

The gang encounters seven cyborgs, who were revealed to be Gamma's old friends from the police department, and are offered to help rescue their families from Kaptain Kid.(Episode 409: The 8th Cyborg)

Veronica takes the younger Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound on a picnic, but are then threatened by the Stoneheart Six. (Episode 410: Picnic Panic)

After stealing Slaughtina's cloning machine, Kaptain Kid makes clones of Catgut and the Poundraizers and brainwashed Marcus, Momo, Gamma, Colette, Cupcake, Faith, TJ, Gordon, Elaine, Mr. And Mrs. Vanderfeller, Mayor Bigelow, Jeff, Tammy, and Charlemange in his grand scheme to kill not only everyone at Holly's Puppy Pound, but the entire town of Poundsville.(Episode 411: Kaptain Kid's Army)

The Pound Puppies must recue Zazu's sister Zuzu from the Stoneheart Six.(Episode 412: Fairy Dog Sister)

Gordon does a top 10 list of movies on his show with Sapphire as a co-star and their friends reenact scenes from the movies Gordon review.(Episode 413: Top 10 with Gordon and Sapphire)

To celebrate Bartrand and Spats' wedding, Cooler, Nose Marie, Marcus, Elaine, Momo, Violet, Howler, Amy, Reflex, Colette, Catgut, Michelle, Jayden, Debra, Tony the Artist, Tricolor, Hairball, and Charlemange go on a group honeymoon at Davy Pier.(Episode 414: Scrounger in Spain/Shine on, Honeymoon)

Season 33

Catgut and Gamma take an energetic karate puppy named Kawasenshi under their wings.(Episode 417: Here Comes Kawasenshi)(Kawasenshi's debut)

Whille birdwatching in the woods, the Pound Puppies encounter a puppy who was raised by foxes.(Episode 418: The Fox Hound)

The heroes meet Dahlia, who reveals to be Dumbo's long-lost sister.(Episode 419: Dumbo and Dalhia)(Dahlia's First Appearance)

The gang meets two twin kittens. One is a very brave kitten named Ginger and the other is her easily frightened older twin named White-Paws. (Episode 420: The Courageous Kitten and the Cowardly Kitten)(Ginger and White-Paws' First Appearance)

Brambles and some of the young Pound Puppies and Pound Purries assist the Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound to help a Jack Russel terrier puppy named Scooter get adopted.(Episode 421: The New Adventure of the Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound)

When Cooler is framed by the Stoneheart Six for robbing a pet store, the heroes seek help from a dog detective named Puppy Mason.(Episode 422: Bark, Your Honor)

Pupnick and Brambles' parents and sister vistit the puppy pound.(Episode 423: Pupnick's Reunion)(Tatyana's first appearance)

Pupnick and the others must rescue Ruby when she gets kidnapped by her brother and sister, who are working for Clawfinger.(Episode 424: Pupnick VS Clawfinger)

Darius, Antonio, Vivian, and Ian meet four new members of the puppy pound and fall in love with them./Badges enters a singing contest.(Episode 425: Four Dates for Four PoundRaizers/Badges' Song)(Pamela, Cleopatra, Pancho, and Bonita's first appearances)

The Pound Puppies meet a young girl superhero puppy who wants to join the Puppy Cadets.(Episode 426: Moon Spark, Princess of the Night)(Moon Spark's first appearance)

Captain Canine and the Puppy Cadets guest star on Gordon and Sapphire's show for an upcoming movie.(Episode 427: Captain Canine's New Movie)

Season 34

Katrina Stoneheart secretly delivers a dog food which is said to make the eaters more well-behaved, but in reality, it's used to reveal the Pound Puppies' hidden personalities.(Episode 430: The Secret is in the Dog Food)

John and Sandra are ready to get married/Pupnick proposes a dancing competition at the puppy pound.(Episode 431: Square Dancing under the Stars/Footloose Puppies)

The heroes go bowling, but are caught in a competition with Marcus' old enemy, Narcissus, leader of the Ten Pin Gang.(Episode 433: Ten Pin Pinheads)(Ten Pin Gang's First Appearance)

McWhisker and Beamer's old rival from Scotland visits the Pound.(Episode 434: The Trouble with McTerrier)(Lassie McTerrier's first appearance)

After getting married, Pupnick and Ruby introduce their puppies to their friends./King and Cooler get lost during a snowstorm and try to find their way back to the puppy pound.(Episode 435: Pupnick's Pups/There's Snow Place Like Home)(Baxter, Roxanne, Cherry, and Pupnick Jr's first appearances)

Triton, Poseidon and Neptune, Topaz's older siblings, want to join the Pound Puppies while trying to adjust to the surface.(Episode 438: Three Little Mer-Dogs from School Are We)(Triton, Poseidon, and Neptune's first appearances)

Spudge, an old friend of Howler, joins the Pound Puppies and falls in love with Mimi-Nose(Episode 439: Spudge Buddies)

Vigor Visits an Old friend at an Elite Obedience School for Dogs, but there's an evil force at work inside said school and, with the help of his friends, tries to figure out some suspicious activity.(Episode 440: The Teacher's Pest)(Lucas and Kyle's first appearances)

When Drumstick sees Lassie and Salem hanging out with each other, he asumes that Salem is trying to steal his girlfriend, but Lassie and Salem just see each other as good friends.(Episode 442: Drumstick VS Salem) Five dogs who control elements want to join the Puppy Cadets./The heroes stumble upon Eldorado and meet Jojo, a puppy princess.(Episode 443: Elemental Cadets/El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold)

Mimi-Nose, Nose Marie, Fifi, and Bright Eyes plan a dance party at the Puppy Pound.(Episode 444: Doggie Dancers or Dances with Pound Puppies)

Spudge and Mimi-Nose get married./Mimi-Nose and Spudge introduce their children to Cooler and Nose Marie's children, but one of their puppies, Togo, looks exactly like Beauregard.(Episode 446: Spudge and Mimi-Nose's Wedding/Beauregard's Double)(Linus, Washington, Togo, and Mara-Nose's first appearances)

Howler forms an orchestra consisting of all of his friends to perform Camille Saint Saens' Carnival live at the Poundsville Opera Theater.(Episode 447: The Return of Maestro Howler and His Orchestra)

The heroes meet a very small puppy named Madame Chic.(Episode 448: Madame Chic the Magnifique)(Madame Chic's first appearance)

The heroes encounter a Shih Tzu who is an expert at ventriloquism./Gamma and his students are requested to do a Show involving their martial arts skills. (Episode 449: No Other Voice/Kung Fu Lake)

Cooler and Nose Marie stumble upon a hylieroglyph telling the legend of the Ten Warriors of Puppy Power(Episode 450: The Warriors of Puppy Power)

An old friend of Tumblelina named Hibiscus visits Holly's Puppy Pound and develops a crush on Chew Chew./Salem starts a football team.(Episode 452: Smarty Pup/Pigskin Puppies)(Hibiscus' First Appearance)

The heroes encounter Brandon Stoneheart, who comes across an Amulet which can make His victims' Emotional and Mental Pain into Physical Pain and He intends to do harm to the Purries. Can the Pound Puppies stop him before his amulet causes insurmountable damage the Purries? (Episode 453: The Amulet of Emotion)

The heroes meet a puppy who used to belong to a college teacher.(Episode 454: They Call Me Mr. Pencil)(Pencil's first appearance)

The heros meet a dog named Kisa who wants to join the Pound Puppies, but what the gang doesn't know is that Kisa is secretly working for Kaptain Kid Stoneheart. However, after meeting the heroes, Kisa wants to reform. (Episode 455: Kisa the Danger Dog)(Kisa's first appearance)

Season 35

The heroes meet a mysterious young female dog who claims to be one of the last surviving members of the Warriors of Puppy Power.(Episode 456: The Last Warrior of Puppy Power)(Little Paw's first appearance)

The younger heroes are kidnapped by Kaptain Kid Stoneheart and used as test subjects for his mind switching machine.(Episode 457: Mind Switch)

Kaptain Kid and Katrina Stoneheart kidnap fifty seven of the heroes and were able to paralyze them in fear with the Screecher 3000. The only hope for the frightened hostages is a mysterious cat samurai.(Episode 458: I Screech, You Screech, We All Screech for the Screecher)(Kintaro's first appearance)

The heros meet two Italian cats, who were Tony the Artist's students.(Episode 459: Amintore's Students)(Cavallo and Brezza's first appearances)

Nose Marie, Faith, Debra, Nana, Violet, Kisa, Casey, Charlemange, and Fifi start a gossip circle, much to the chagrin of Cooler, Beamer, DJ, TJ, Dumbo, Sebastian, Momo, Calvin, Gamma, and Tony. (Episode 460: A Wild Gossip Chase)

Templeton and Glimmer are getting married in two weeks. Unfortunately, so are Casey and Susanoo. With two weddings in one day, who should attend whom's wedding?(Episode 461: Double Matrimony Trouble)

The Justice Mutts come to Holly's Puppy Pound for a short visit, but they refuse to trust the reformed Long Claws and John must convince his old friends that the Long Claws changed.(Episode 462: Return of the Justice Mutts)

Chew Chew and Whopper write a detective story and imagine their friends as characters in it. (Episode 463: Elementary, My Dear Whopper)

Gamma and the non-romantic members of the gang start a club to swear off getting married. But, things might get difficult for the newcomer of the pound.(Episode 464: The Single and Proud Group)

As Igor is hospitalized from an unknown incident, he tries to remember what happened as Marcus, TJ, and Gamma debate over how Igor got hurt./ Vladimir and Sonia, tired of being overworked at the farm, decide to pay a visit to the puppy pound. (Episode 465: Delusional Iggy/The Farming Life isn't for Me) Igor becomes jealous of a famous canine comedian named George Pawlin.(Episode 469: He Who Barks Last, Barks Best)

When a series of thefts occurred on a cruise around the Pacific, the heroes suspect that their new friends had something to do with the thefts(Episode 470: Danger on the Pacific)(Kojiro, Bouncy, Roy, the Bundy Bunch, Ryoma, and Ryu's first appearances)

In hopes of increasing tourism in Poundsville, Precious is looking for obstacle ideas for a big funhouse for tourists and the entire town.(Episode 471: Precious' Funhouse)

A trio of dogs interested in sports start a club in Poundville and Jackie wants to join it. (Episode 473: Rise of the Sports Pups Club)(Houndton, Milady, and Sawyer's first appearances)

Eighteen cats known as the Elite Eighteen enlists the heroes into helping them hunt down the Bundy Bunch, who has recently escaped prison and have allied themselves with Kaptain Kid's pirate crew, which is now consisting of the Stoneheart Six and Bartholomew Barracuda's band of pirates.(Episode 474: Here Come the Elite Eighteen Part 1: Meet the Elite Eighteen)(Elite Eighteen's first appearance)

Kaptain Kid learning that the Elite Eighteen are Bio-engineered, tries to capture them to be studied and dissected. (Episode 475: Here Come the Elite Eighteen Part 2: Kaptain Kid and the Cats.)

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Staff Members, and Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound come to the Farm Division's Pound Puppy HQ to celebrate the Summer's End Festival until they meet a mysterious dog named Wendy. (Episode 476: Summer Festival at the Farm Division)(Wendy's first appearance)

After Bigor accidentally breaks Howler's new computer, he has to either find a new computer or confess to Howler that he broke the computer.(Episode 477: Bigor's Biggest Break)

Desperate to pay off the Pound's bills, Holly enlists Igor, Momo, and Bright Eyes to participate in a game show at the Poundsville Mall. to win the Prize of $10,000 and plenty of prizes one can win at the mall. but since two can participate as a team, Igor and Bright Eyes try to compete against another team. (Episode 478: Shopping Spree Showdown)

The heroes meet an adventurous dog named Ridgeback.(Episode 479: Dr. Ridgeback, I Presume)(Ridgeback's first appearance)

Season 36

Whille on a boating trip, Howler, Ridgeback, Cooler, Pencil, and Tony get stranded on an island where they meet a group of native lynx and are asked to protect them from Kaptain Kid's latest invention. (Episode 481: The Island of Lynx)

The heroes meet a kitten that behaves oddly. (Episode 482: The Kooky Kitten)(Spice's first appearance)

Bright Eyes recives a letter offering her a chance to be an actress, but Igor later finds out it's a trap set by the Stoneheart Six./Drumstick becomes interested in playing marbles and teaches his friends how to play, but his friends turn out to be better at the game than him, making him jealous. (Episode 483: Igor VS Selina/Don't Lose Your Marble)(Selina Quentin's first appearance.)

Four new Devil Dogs from the future arrive and Jayden tries to convince them that not all cats are bad, but the four are determined to cause calamity in Poundsville. (Episode 484: The Last Devil Dogs )(Kanashimi, Yakima, Ethan,  and Victoria's first appearances)

Ethan the Extravagant dons his outfits in the themes of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and the 90s in a big game of hide and seek with a time limit of one hour and those rising to the challenge is Team Gamma.(Episode 485: World Tour 2: To the Ends of the Earth Part 1: Ethan's Extravagant Extravaganza)

Victoria the Vain causes calamity to Poundsville by riding her motorcycle recklessly and placing weird looking armbands on victims to make them her unwilling gang members, but when Momo and Cooler are captured and become bicycle members against their will, Cooler and Momo's last hope is their sweethearts and friends. (Episode 486: World Tour 2: To the Ends of the Earth Part 2: Victoria's Motorcycle Maniacs)

Yakima (Thatcher) the Taskless lazily takes over a Cat show by playing a flute, causing the city's cats to come to an abandoned warehouse, which is set to explode. (Episode 487: World Tour 2: To the Ends of the Earth Part 3: Yakima's Time Bomb)

After being ordered to invade the Farm Division, Kanashimi (Saffron) the Sorrowful was too depressed to do it, and instead watches the Farm District with their weekly game of softball, as Team Igor keeps an eye on the Devil Dog, which leads Her to what She got what She didn't from Her childhood, the chance to play with other pups.(Episode 488: World Tour 2: To the Ends of the Earth Part 4: Kanashimi's Sob Story)

The Last Four Devil Dogs' boss, now revealed to be Kaptain Kid, plants a bomb under Mayor Bigelow's Office and threatens to blow it up unless the heroes close down their pound. However, now the Last Four Devil Dogs are on the good guys' side and they are joined by a old friend from the future.(Episode 489 World Tour 2: To the Ends of the Earth Finale: Save Mayor Bigelow!)

Violet must teach an extremely rude puppy manners to get him adopted. (Episode 490: The Pup with No Manners)

Sawyer tries to admit that he's in love with Topaz. Meanwhille two dogs join the Pound Puppies. (Episode 491: Sawyer's Girlfriend)(Scruffles and Truffles first appearances.)

Kaptain Kid, after inventing the Depression Juice, poisons the Pound's water supply and causes most of the heroes to become to depresses to do anything. The only heroes not affected is Cooler, Elaine, Gamma, the PoundRaizers, Catgut, Bright Eyes, and Momo and they must journey to Kaptain Kid's pirate ship for the cure.(Episode 492: Depressing, Isn't It?)

Calvin and Wendy are going to get married.(Episode 493: Calvin Gets Married)

Season 37(AKA The Many Adventures of the Pound Puppies and Friends)

The heroes are ready to surprise Bright Eyes with a special 10th birthday party. Unfortunately, Bright Eyes becomes overwhelmed with the party. (Episode 494: Happy Birthday, Bright Eyes!)(Saul, Howard, Sarah, Raoul Seville Jr., and Rebecca's final appearance)

Spice gets a chance to recive a visit from his hero, a cat poet named Edgar, but unfortunately on the same day Kisa is kidnaped by her old crime partner, Black Pearl and the heroes must rescue her with Edgar's help. (Episode 495: Kisa VS Black Pearl)(Edgar and Black Pearl's first appearances)

After Cooler, Nose Marie, Bright Eyes, Momo, Violet, Igor, King, Spats, Catgut, Calvin, Wendy, Casey, Celia, Cary, Templeton, Glimmer, TJ, Marcus, Elaine, Gamma, Holly, DJ, Faith, Tony, and the PoundRaizers become exhausted from their hike, they decided to stop at a mansion. Unfortunately for them, the mansion is a trap made by Kaptain Kid Stoneheart and the gang must find a way out.(Episode 496: A Night to Forget)

July, her family, Chew Chew, Drumstick, and friends must stop a group of superstitious people from passing a law against owning black cats and teach them that black cats do not cause bad luck. (Episode 497: A Superstitious Bunch, Aren't They?)

Gamma gets a surprise when he meets two people who look and sound familiar./Everyone welcomes Spice's family at the puppy pound.(Episode 499: Gamma's Godparents/Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice)(Mordecai, Flora, Sugar, Salt, and Pepper's first appearances)

After they are slightly bullied by a boy and his puppy, the younger Pound Puppies and Pound Purries plot revenge on them and some of the older members join in on the action as well while Cooler and Holly try to stop them.(Episode 500: Revenge of the Pound)

Gamma and his students go face to face with Gupta and his recently formed gang of tigers.(Episode 502: The Despicable Decade)(The Despicable Decade's first appearance)

After watching a mystery show called Clue Sniffers, Bouncy becomes obsessed with it and starts a mystery themed club with his friends. (Episode 504: Bouncy's House of Clues )

After having a stressful day, Nose Marie dreams she's trapped is a strange fantasy world. (Episode 505: The Strange Dreams of Nose Marie)

Milady adimits she's in love with Houndton and they get engaged.  Unfortunately for her, Houndton doesn't want to get married.(Episode 506: The Sports Bride)

The heroes meet Gupta's family, who plead them to convince Gupta to change(Episode 507: Gupta the Good?)(Padmi, Lalita and Lolita's first appearance)

A young man and his mink friends enlist the heroes to help destroy a gang of criminals who were responsible for the death of his family(Episode 509: The Man in the Pork Pie Hat)(Buster, Topsy and Turvy's only appearances)

A film studio shoots an alien movie not far from the Puppy Pound. Bright Eyes, Spice, and Whopper see the props of the movie, and believe an alien invasion is actually happening. (Episode 510: The Day the Pound Stood Still)

Howler rallies the gang to make a performance about America's Inventions, like the Cotton Gin, the Steamboat, and the Automobile.(Episode 511: Early Geniuses the Musical) 

Catgut and Michelle enlists Paku-Paku to search for a sunken treasure, but Kaptain Kid won't let them get the treasure that easily. Thus, when Catgut, Michelle and Paku-Paku get captured, their friends go on a rescue mission to save them(Episode 512: 20,000 Claws Under the Sea)

A Yearly Film Festival takes place at the pound, but only one winner will be decided...(Episode 513: The Holly's Puppy Pound Film Festival)

Ridgeback's family comes by the Puppy Pound for a short visit. Meanwhille Kaptain Kid plans to capture them to test his new invention, a mechine that can turn any object into gold. (Episode 514: The Midas Machine )

The heroes find an abandoned kitten and had an idea to surprise Mr. and Mrs. Kingford on their anniversary. Unfortunately, Salem starts to get jealous of the kitten.(Episode 516: A Kitten for the Kingfords or A New Sister for Salem)

The heroes meet a group of cats who are gifted with special abilities(Episode 517: Enter the Order of the Cattails)(Romero, Emerald  Jade, Pearl, San Chan, Suda, Wilma, Sabrina, Androy, and Kendall's first appearances)

Diamond starts to watch a new comedy TV show, but the older heros worry that the show might not be appropiate for her age. (Episode 521: Puprental Guidance)

Kanashimi, along with Candy, Andy, Mandy, Randy, Tandy, and Sandy try to win something From "Bargain Bonanza" for Rusty and Lucy's Anniversary, but each one has to wear something to participate, and tries their Luck against Team Cooler, who is also participating in order for Cooler to win an anniversary gift for Nose Marie.(Episode 522: Bargain Bonanza)

The heros meet a maltese that's been acused of smuggling a rare artifacts. (Episode 523: The Case of the Maltese Dog)

Bright Eyes, Beamer, Dumbo, and Vigor are hipnotized by Selina to act the opposite of their personalities. (Episode 524: Which Pup is Which?)

Gamma and Howler build ten robots for Puzzle and Iris.(Episode 525: Inventors' Dozen)

After Cooler and Nose Marie saw Holidays with the Hanks in a different view, they fear that they will be ridiculed and turn to Elaine, Winky, Rosy, Gamma, Anchor, Gordon, and Sapphire for advise.(Episode 526: Gordon and Sapphire's Advise)

While Gamma and his students are training in the mountains, they come across a village populated by snow leopards, who plead for their help to protect Sasha, a special member of the tribe, from Konrad and Brutus Stoneheart.(Episode 527: The Snow Leopard Tribe)(Sasha's First Appearance)

Cooler, Nose Marie, Tony, and his pets go the vacation in mexico, where they stumble upon a lost primitive sibilization of chihuahuas. (Episode 528: Viva Puppies)

The Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound recruit most of the older members of the Pound to help put up a musical involving the four seasons and their locations.(Episode 529: The Four Seasons Ballet)

Barkerville, Violet, Tim Collie, and Pencil host a formal dinner party at the Pound. (Episode 530: Ritzy Puppies)

Sonia and Vladimir are expecting puppies and recruit the help of Elaine, Padmi, Nose Marie, Sasha, and Petite./The Heroes help Badges after his owner was accused of being involved in a case of police brutality.(Episode 531: Igor and Vigor's New Siblings/A Bark in the Dark)(Hilda and Gilda's first appearances)

Gamma, Cooler, Winky, Rosy, Momo, Catgut, Elaine, Sasha, Padmi, TJ, Sarge, and Gordon participate with five other teams from around the world in a tournament that combines trivia questions and Olympics-styled matches, where the prize is 10,000 dollars and a trip to the Bahamas.(Episode 532: The Trivia Games)

Season 38

The heroes meet a superhero puppy who falls in love with Moon Spark. (Episode 533: Super Puppy Love)(Nisshoku's first appearence)

Jackie starts his own delivery service to test his agility, but his friends fear that he's pushing his own limit. (Episode 536: Jackie's Delivery Service)

Chic enters the Poundsville Dog Show, unaware that Kaptain Kid plans to capture the contestants and hold them for ransom. (Episode 537: The Chic Must Go On)

Elaine participates in a marksmanship match with Gamma and Sarge./A Ferret and his fox friend, who dream of becoming an astronomer, join the Puppy Pound and help Howler, Amy and Dexter build a laboratory for astronomical purposes.(Episode 538: Little Miss William Tell/Howler Reaches for the Stars)(Bintang and Astro's first appearances)

The entire population of Poundsville(including residents from the farm lands) has been transported to a deserted island by Kaptain Kid's latest machine and the heroes must lead the journey back to Poundsville.(Episode 539: Poundsville Bound)

On a hot summer day, Holly, Tony, Winky, Smokey,  Cooler, Howler, Nose Marie, Lens, Hydra, and the Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound go to a water park for Hydra's birthday party. Unfortunately. Kaptain Kid Stoneheart, Gupta, Ikshan, Nadish, Brutus, and a new member of the Stoneheart Six, Bruno "Napoleon" Stoneheart, are plotting to capture the heroes and ruin their trip.(Episode 540: All Washed Up)

(One hour special) Three cocker spaniel puppies who have lost their previous owner duing a hurricane back in their home town, come to the heroes to help them cope with their loss and find them a new home.(A Gift of Kindness)

Victoria tries to have Quality Time with Violet. / Paku Paku brings Bright Eyes to a Scuba-Diving Adventure.(Episode 541: Violet and Victoria's Day/Paku Paku's Aquatic Adventure)

An old friend of John's visits the Puppy Pound and asks him to help him get a job at the farm division. (Episode 543: Scout the Ranch Dog)(Scout's first appearance)

After returning from her camping trip, Saffron requests Mai to use her magic to bring the ghost of Wags McGillicuddy back to life.(Episode 544: Mai and the Ghost of Wags McGillicuddy)(Wags McGillicuddy's First Appearance)

As requested by Martin, the heroes put up a musical show dedicated to songs from Gilbert and Sullivan's operas at Poundsville's Opera Theater.(Episode 545: The Whimsical World of Gilbert and Sullivan)

Season 39

When Howler tries to invent a history education mechine, it malfunctions and accidently sends a roman warrior dog named Barkagus into the present time. (Episode 546: Insult to History)

Igor, Vigor, and Bigor start a web video series of short horror stories. (Episode 547: Alfred Houndcock Presents)

The heroes meet a raccoon and his sister who want to join the Puppy Pound as double agents.(Episode 548: The Raccoon Who Spied on Me)(Rhoda and Remy's first appearances)

When Cooler and Nose Marie come down with a cold, Howler fills in as second in command for Holly's Puppy Pound. (Episode 549: Howling for a Leader)

Thatcher hopes to film some of the gang displaying certain prizes for an upcoming game show.(Episode 550: Director Thatcher)

After three years, Beamer and Maya are finally getting married. However, a representative from DOGTV wants to televise Beamer and Maya's wedding for a reality TV show called Brides and Gloom.(Episode 551: Beamer and His Bride)

Sasha, Ice Cap, and Slushy go to Alaska to visit a tribe of snow dogs who are good friends of Sasha. However, the tribe is being threatened by an unknown source./After a slow adoption day, Howler tries to invent something to make people want more puppies and kittens. (Episode 552: Alaska King Quest/Adoption Confusion)(Winter Mist's first appearance)

The gang meets a new member of Puppy Cadets who can control shadows, causing Gamma and his students to accuse this new cadet of being a member of the late Shadow Dog's family.(Episode 553: The Shadow Cadet)(Sombra's first appearance)

Igor suggests Bright Eyes to draw comedic reactions of Iggy's Unused pranks on Pieces of Paper. Bright Eyes' drawings eventually land into the Puppy Power Times' comics section.(Episode 554: Bright Eyes the Cartoonist)

Pat and Lorna anounce their leavng the Puppy Pound to fulfill other expectations, but Pupnick and Ruby try to get them to stay./After Violet uses Charlamange's hairbrush by mistake, she worries that she's becoming more "cat-like".(Episode 555:  Pat and Lorna, Come Back/The Wrong Hairbrush)(Pat and Lorna's last appearances)

While Holly's Puppy Pound is being fumigated due to cockroaches, termites and fleas, the heroes stay at the Vanderfeller mansion.(Episode 557: A Week at the Vanderfeller Mansion)

To honor their one billionth adoption, the heros host their own olympic games. (Episode 558: The Puppy Pound Games) The 4th Annual Hotdog Baseball game is suddenly interrupted when the heroes are caught in a murder-mystery case and a series of turning events. They are in for a surprise to find who the victim and the murderer is. (Episode 559: Foul Play at the Poundsville Sandlot)(Frederick Q. Nichol-Bach's last appearance)

After overhearing that Gupta has been banished from Stoneheart Inc, the heroes, despite the fact that Gupta was their enemy, must reform him for Padmi, Lalita and Lolita's sake. Afterwards, the heroes find out that Kaptain Kid has hired Gupta's old nemisis from the Poundsville Zoo, Danta-Panja as a replacement.(Episode 560: Gupta Reforms Part One: Gupta, Come Home)(Danta-Panja's first appearance.)

Just as Gupta was about to go Lhasa as a college teacher, he mysteriously disappears and the gang goes on a search for him.(Episode 561: Gupta Reforms Part Two: Where is Gupta?)

Gordon and Sapphire meet two new members of the Puppy Cadets, one who cam control plant life and the other who can control water./Lanford and Diamond go to the new playground not far from Holly's Puppy Pound, but overprotective Tony recruits Cooler and Reflex to keep an eye on them.(Episode 562: The Water and Grass Cadets/Lanford and Diamond's Playdate)(Ghas and Mizu's first appearances)

When Momo hears that a good friend of his from Japan has been kidnapped by Kabuki Stoneheart, he, Cooler, Sarge, Grant, Tulip, Tori, Howler, and the Seven Samari Dogs travel to Japan to recue him. (Episode 563: Kabuki Carnival)

Igor, Winky and Bright Eyes play pirate with the Puppy Quintet as the rest of the gang go to a Special Event. / Whopper looks at His old Puphouse, becomes nostalgic, and wants to have His adventures as a 5-dog-year-old pup again.(Episode 564: Pirate Puppies/Whopper's Memories)

A group of rebels, led by Desiree Murgatroyd, recruit the heroes help to stop the dastardly Emperor Robin Murgatroyd and his pets, the Unlucky Thirteen, who also came from the future to declare war on dogs and their owners.(Episode 565: World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Part One: Emperor Murgatroyd and the Unlucky Thirteen )(Desiree Murgatroyd, Emperor Robin Murgatroyd and the Unlucky Thirteen's first appearance)

Ice Cap, Desiree, Winter Mist, Sasha, and Slushy travel to Nome, Alaska to stop Rufus and Rita of the Unlucky Thirteen from kidnaping the contestants of a dog sled race.(Episode 566: World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Part Two: Sleigh Dog Rumble)

Saffron, Veronica, Scruffles, Igor, and Bright Eyes  encounter Amsterdam and Georgia at Little Switzerland, Luxembourg, where Amsterdam and Georgia plot to poison the water supply and pin the blame on the dog population.(Episode 567: World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Part Three: Big Trouble in Little Switzerland)

TJ, Rosy, Zany, Scrounger, Pupnick, Ruby, Tatyana, and Brambles attempt to stop Pablo and Rosa from destroying the dog pounds of Mexico. (Episode 568: World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Part Four: Los Gatos de Diablo in Mexico)

Gamma and the most of his students battle against Tai Bo and Sen Sen at Harbin, China, where an ice sculpting festival is being held.(Episode 569: World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Part Five: Cold Reception at the Ice Festival)

Cooler, Nose Marie, Elaine, Marcus, Momo, Violet, Smokey, Tony, Gloomy, Bintang, Spunky, and Victoria follow Stefan and Pan's trail to an island located off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil that is full of snakes. There, both sides try to survive as Spunky and Tony's fears increase to the point where their phobias may become fatal.(Episode 570: World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Part Six: A Slithery Situation)

In London, England, Tim Collie, Ethan, Anita, Barkerville, Antonio, Holly, and Sarge cross paths with Brass, who has formed an army of british cats to eliminate the group in a plot to kidnap the queen's royal dogs. (Episode 571: World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Part Seven: Royal Royale)

Season 38

Truffles, Yakima, Catgut, Astro, Michelle, Beamer, Reflex, and Colette are at Laos' Plain of Jars, where the group must prevent Hayate and Franco from endangering the site.(Episode 572: World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Part Eight: The Odyssey in the Plain of Jars)

After the heroes have caught all the members of the Unlucky Thirteen, the Unlucky Thirteen reveal Emperor Robin Murgatroyd's master plan to elimanate every dog on Earth. As the gang infiltrate Murgatroyd's Flying Fortress, the heroes learn who the Unlucky Thirteen and Emperor Murgatroyd's ancestors are as the Unlucky Thirteen join forces with the gang to stop Emperor Murgatroyd for good. (Episode 573: World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Finale: The Fall of Robin Murgatroyd's Empire)(Emperor Robin Murgatroyd, TJ Rigs, and Desiree's last appearances)

Igor and Yao decide to host a comedy talent show at the Puppy Pound, which Dexter and Louie want to enter, but Witty, Ridgeback, Marcus, Gamma, and Jazzy forbid them to enter, claiming that their bad jokes will ruin the show. However the younger Pound Puppies and Pound Purries protest to leave the Pound unless Jazzy, Ridgeback, TJ, Marcus, Gamma, and Witty let them enter. (Episode 574: Comedians on Strike)

The PoundRaizers request the former members of the Unlucky Thirteen to form a feline version of the PoundRaizers.(Episode 575: The CatRaizers)

Stellar, who has the ability to control falling stars, joins the Puppy Cadets, but his clumsiness easily gets on some of the heroes'  nerves./ The heroes meet a Puppy Cadet who has the ability to control sound.(Episode 577: Stellar, the Universal Cadet/Sonar, the Musical Cadet)(Stellar and Sonar's first appearances)

Ethan, Thatcher, and Victoria come to celebrate Halloween with Saffron, who is helping Rusty and Lucy with make costumes for the Two and Their Six Pups.(Episode 578: Saffron's Halloween)

Saffron, Stephanie, Winky, Bartrand, and Holly host their own summer camp for the Son and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound, unaware that Kaptain Kid has rebuilt his Midas Machine and plans to petrify the Sons and Daughters. (Episode 579: Midas Machine Redux)

Achilles, along with his new girlfriend Aphrodite, joins the Pound Puppies and is eager to see Igor once again./A misadventure ensues when Cooler, Marcus, Gamma, Spudge, Momo, Jazzy, Twitchy, Suda, Chew Chew, DJ, Bintang, Dumbo, Witty, Beamer, Calvin, Templeton, Kintaro, Tony, and Catgut are hired as employees for the airport and have been promoted as the temporary flight crew after the previous flight crew suffered food poisoning.(Episode 580: The Return of Achilles/Airheads at the Airport)(Aphordite's first appearance)

The heroes recruit two puppy cadets who control gravity and time./Igor, Vigor and Bigor accidentally uploaded a blooper reel instead of their new episode of the Three Pooches.(Episode 581: Time for Two Puppy Cadets/Three Pooches Bloopers)(Ernst and Tempo's first appearances)

Lanford, Diamond, Beauregard, Carrie, and Mona Lisa explore the Pound Building's attic, where they find costumes and pretend to be actors in an Arabain Nights play./Howler and Sonar invent a sound wave device to cure Reflex's reactions to bells. However, the invention backfires as it causes a more awkward reaction for Reflex.(Episode 582: 1,001 Howling Nights/Reflex a Go Go)

When the older members of the heroes wish about reliving their days as teenagers, Wishbone grants their wish. However, the wish backfire and Wishbone and the gang must keep Poundsville from suspecting while Wishbone tries to reverse the wish. (Episode 583: Teenagers Again)

Louie enters the Poundsville cooking competion against Katrina Stoneheart, but if he doesn't win Kaptain Kid takes over Holly's Puppy Pound. (Episode 584: Chef Showdown)

Season 39

Lassie gets an unexpected visit from her family and is told about the McTerrier family history.(Episode 585: The Great McTerrier Fortune Part One: Lassie McTerrier's Reunion)(Scottie, Shannon, and Laddie McTerrier's first appearences.)

Drumstick, Chew Chew, Winky, Stuffy, Pix, Bright Eyes, Igor, Cooler, Nose Marie, Rosy, Salem, Beamer, Wags McGillicuddy, McWhisker, Lassie, and her family sail to Scotland to find the long lost McTerrier treasure. However, they are followed by Kaptain Kid Stoneheart, who has teamed up with the mysterious man named Angus Lachlan. (Episode 586: The Great McTerrier Fortune Part Two: Scotland Bound)

After reaching Scotland, the heroes must trek through a mysterious temple called the Palace of the Past to find the treasure, but find a shocking surprise inside. (Episode 587: The Great McTerrier Fortune Part Three: A Blast to the Palace of the Past)(Angus Lachlan's last appearance)

Vigor tells Precious about the Time He helped the Quintet get over Their Sickness as Vigor's First Patients.(Episode 588: Vigor Strayvinski, Junior Veterinarian)

Igor goes into a foul mood after overhearing a rumor that Holly and Cooler are going to cancel the gang's week long trip to Kokomo Flo's Indoor and Outdoor Water Resort. After seeing him in a bad mood, the younger members of the heroes try to cheer him up.(Episode 589: Igor's Bad Day)

Winky's cousins, Wally, Scaly and Brawly come for a visit./Dumbo is mistaken for his twin brother by a member of Geniuses Anonymous and the heroes, especially Dahlia and Dorian, try to get Dumbo out while getting the real Dorian to join the group.(Episode 590: Winky and Her Three Cousins/Geniuses Anonymous)(Scaly, Brawly and Wally's First Appearance)

The heroes start a hotel business where guests can stay at their new hotel while adopting a dog or cat./After Salem and Wally write a negative review on the Loofabill Ovalshirt TV series, Wally is requested to guest star on Gordon and Sapphire's show.(Episode 591: Puppy Towers/Wally's First Review)

While Beamer is gone on a weekend vacation to Monticello, Indiana, Dumbo is left in charge of Beamer's Salon./ As Cooler and the gang dig for fossils, Whopper tells a story about His Prehistoric Ancestors.(Episode 592: The Bird Brained Barber of Poundsville/Excavation Marks the Spot)

Gamma and his students enter a martial arts tournament at Kaptain Kid's summer home in Thailand, where only the strongest survive.(Episode 593: Kaptain Kid's Kung Fu Tournament)

The heroes meet a family of musicians who want to bring a musical taste to Poundsville.(Episode 594: The Musical Muttsorgskis)(The Muttsorgskis' first appearance)

With the Muttsorgskis on his side, Howler and his orchestra travel to Sydney, Australia to perform selections from various musicals.(Episode 595: Maestro Howler Goes to Australia)

After the Puppy Cadets' home has been infested with termites, Captain Canine and the Puppy Cadets stay with the heroes at Holly's Puppy Pound, but they become obnoxious guests. In the midst of this, Serenity and Frost Bite become new members of Holly's Puppy Pound.(Episode 596: The Odd Cadets)(Frost Bite and Serenity's first appearance)

Igor and Bright Eyes, with Wishbone's help, teleport to the Middle Ages to visit Moonbeam and Pranks-a-Lot./Twitchy, Lanford, and Yao learn about taking dares.(Episode 597: A Medieval Reunion/Double Dare Trouble)

Season 40

Puzzle and Iris are left in charge of the Pound, while the staff members and older Pound Puppies and Pound Purries are on vacation. However, Iris is captured by Kaptain Kid and Puzzle along with the Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound plan to rescue her. (Episode 598: Puzzle to the Rescue)

Elaine and her assistants are put to the ultimate test when the puppy pound gets an outbreak of a disease./When Frost Bite finally has enough of Dumbo and Beamer's constant rivalry, he challenges them to not throw insults or start fights with each other for a least one week.(Episode 599: Puppy Pound Fever/Rivals Without a Cause)

On a stormy night, a cat named Manx Calico and his friends shelter at Holly's Puppy Pound for the night, but he and his group's secretive behavior cause some of the heroes to believe Manx and his friends are gangster cats. (Episode 600: The Mystery of Manx Calico)

In honor of Creativity Day, Holly's Puppy Pound host an Art Parade. Laddie and Dino are assigned to work on their own float, but find it hard to get along with each other. (Episdoe 601: Canvas Calamity)

The PoundRaizers and the CatRaizers, along with their ancestors, Gamma, Marcus,  Elaine, and the PoundRaizers' sweethearts, stumble upon an underground temple that has been abandoned for thousands of years at China. (Episode 602: The Underground Temple of Iota)

Saffron leads the expedition group to explore the newly acquired land around the Farm Division while finding items, including an Abandoned Treehouse, a very weedy area, a broken flagpole, a Tire Swing, and a few other nostalgic things. (Episode 603: Exploring outside the Farm Division)

Gordon and Sapphire get a chance to interview the cast of Clue Sniffers and Bouncy becomes overly excited with the news. (Episode 604: Bouncy's Got the Mystery Show Blues)

After seeing Pencil and Kisa's dancing, the heroes put on a musical starring Pencil and Kisa in their version of Carmen.(Episode 605: The Graceful Pencil and Kisa)

Kaptain Kid's new potion causes the lovers of Holly's Puppy Pound to quarrel with each other and the Single and Proud of It Group has no choice but to find the surefire cure./Momo and Shakespeare start a poetry club for Holly's Puppy Pound, with two tiger poets joining the puppy pound.(Episode 606: The Anti-Love Potion/Poets at the Pound)(Amar and Amir's first appearances)

When Beamer meets a Basset Hound puppy named Duchess who thinks she can't get adopted because she looks "too geeky",  he decides to give her a makeover. However, Duchess becomes overconfident about her new look. (Episode 607: The Duchess and I)

Samson, concerned about the population at the puppy pound, requests that he should make a division of his own/Momo enters a swordsmanship contest at the Poundsville Stadium under the guise of Mr. Kinkaku.(Episode 608: Samson's Division/Mr. Kinkaku, Mystery Samurai Dog)

Bigor's twin sister, Helga, comes to visit the puppy pound and Helga wants to audition as a new member of The Three Pooches web series. Unfortunately, Igor and Vigor think that she'll be a nuisance/Cooler's grandparents, Connie and Clayton visit their grandchildren and Cooler, Calvin and Casey try their best to impress him.(Episode 609: Three Pooches and Sister/Grandpa Clayton and Grandma Connie)(Helga, Connie and Clayton's first appearances)

Whopper makes a wish to upon a star to relive the older members of the heroes' younger days, and the wish comes true, but all the older members become 10 years younger and, with Zazu's help, Whopper must try to reverse the wish before Kaptain Kid tries to kidnap them.(Episode 610: Whopper's Wish Gone Wrong) The heroes reach Gopher Island four miles away from Poundsville, and an elderly man with over 300 Cats and Dogs as pets and 300 humans and minks as servants challenges the gang to a competition. With the winner of each game winning an opponent's member and the elderly man, Miser Marx, sets the competition to begin in Three Weeks, but Gamma is suspicious to this. (Episode 611: Prelude to The Great Gopher Island Festival)(Miser Marx's first appearance)

Michelle's siblings, Melvin and Mara, come to visit their sister, but Catgut thinks that they don't appreciate him./Black Pearl's older brother, White Pearl, turns the heroes to help him reform.(Episode 612: Meddlers-in-Law/Black and White Pearls)(White Pearl's first appearance)

Bartrand and Spats come to a Greenhouse to get more vegetable plants, but inside the greenhouse is a Pup who knows more about Plants that She lets on.(Episode 613: Chrysanthemum, the Greenhouse Dog)(Chrysanthemum's first appearance)

Jayden takes The Sons and Daughters to the Annual Fantasy and Science Fiction Convention, but didn't count on Debra coming along.(Episode 614: Jayden and Debra at the Fair)

Realizing that The Poundsville Speedway has no Pedestrian Bridge for people to look at the action from the racetrack's infield, Howler goes to work on said bridge, but His efforts to build it are held back by certain people, pups and cats who frown on the idea.(Episode 615: Howler's Way or the Highway)

Howler's new elixir causes his body to be split into two personalities, one for inventing for the better of all pets, the other bent on chasing and humiliating Cats. Amy and Dexter have to make an antidote before the evil side loses control.(Episode 616: Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Howler)

Elanie, Bright Eyes, Precious, Kisa, Brezza, and Mimi-Nose want to hire an interior decorater to remodel the Pound Building, but their sweethearts are against it. Cooler, Holly, Pix, and Nose Marie have to calm the arguing couples and help them work out the situation. (Episode 617: Construction Confusion)

After returning from an expedition to a deserted island, Ridgeback shows his found artifacts to his friends, but releases  two cat genies named Tiger Lily and Carnation. Tiger Lily promises to serve and be loyal to Ridgeback, but Wishbone and Ginnie get suspicious of her.(Episode 618: Wishbone and Ginnie VS Tiger Lily)(Carnation's first appearance)

After thinking about the Gopher Island Festival, Gamma and Sarge do some research on Miser Marx and get shocked by the old man's true intention./The creator of Nose Marie's favorite TV show comes to Holly's Puppy Pound and Nose Marie tries her best to contain her excitement.(Episode 619: The Miser Marx Story/Nose Marie the Autograph Hound)

Wishbone, Momo and Igor help Marcus cope with his terrible childhood after Marcus hears that his father died./Nose Marie, Serenity, Stephanie, Marcy, Hibiscus, Chrysanthemum, and Rosy start a floral shop and lawn mowing business just in time for Spring.(Episode 620: A Marshal Called Marcus/April Showers, May Florists)

Bright Eyes trades lifestyles with Igor to learn about the pranks He did in the past. / The Puppy Pound's Puppies become Cats to participate in the Pound Purry Fiesta.(Episode 621: Trading Hobbies/Return of the Pound Kitties)

Fearing that tonight will be the day she'll visit the farm division for the last time, Saffron visits and just as She was about to tell Her possible farewell to Rusty and Lucy, Saffron becomes sick with a 31st century sickness.(Episode 622: Saffron Gets a Future Sickness)

By request, Sapphire and Gordon give their opinions of the new Mikado movie.(Episode 623: Mikado Rock)

Season 41

Hydra and the other best swimmers start a synchronize swimming contest at Holly's Puppy Pound.(Episode 625: Hydra's Underwater Ballet)

When the heroes, the Stoneheart Six and the Despicable Decade get captured by a powerful super villain, Techno the Terrible, both good and evil have no choice but to form an alliance in order to take down Techno and escape his aircraft.(Episode 626: The Day of the Unlikely Alliance)

Despite Gamma's warnings about Miser Marx and his sinister intentions, the heroes commandeer a houseboat to Gopher Island as They were ready for the Gopher Island Festival. This leads Gamma no choice but to secretly form a rescue mob in case all hope is lost. (Episode 628: The Great Gopher Island Festival Part One: Gopher Island Onward)

Howler, Catgut, Faith, Bartrand, and Hairball are randomly selected for the Sandbox Treasure Hunt where each player must find Six Five-Sided Dice. and whoever can get arrange the Dice that says "Winner" Wins the Losing Team.(Episode 629: The Great Gopher Island Festival Part Two: Treasure Hunt in the Sand)

Louie and Vivian compete against Two Cat Chefs in the "Breakfast Pancake Relay". Then Cooler, Tony, Nose Marie, and Their Kids are selected for the "Human Hot Dog Relay", and Whopper is in the "Which is unfit for Puppy Consumption Relay".(Episode 630: The Great Gopher Island Festival Part Three: Food for Thought)

Saffron and Scruffles participate in the Doubles Ice Skating and Window Smash competition where points are rewarded for Ice Skating skill and smashing the correct Window for extra points.(Episode 631: The Great Gopher Island Festival Part Four: Skate and Dash)

Mom-and-Dad Teams compete against Marx's Group in the Two-Headed Bed Maker competition, where only the fastest time wins.(Episode 632: The Great Gopher Island Festival Part Five: Bed Spreaders)

After Miser Marx reveals his true identity and reveals his plot to make his 600 hostages his personal slaves to invade Poundsville, and then the United States, the heroes must save the hostages, stop Miser Marx and put him behind bars for good.(Episode 633: The Great Gopher Island Festival Finale: Miser Marx's True Intentions!)

With Marx's former pets and servants now taking refuge in the Puppy Pound, The Gang decides to arrange a special event to not only adopt the former pets, but to help the former servants reunite with their families.(Episode 634: After the Great Gopher Island Fesival...)

After a professional movie critic writes a false negative review that Gordon and Sapphire's show, Gordon and Sapphire took the review seriously and tried to make their show better to improve the critic.(Episode 635: Gordon and Sapphire's Constructive Criticism)

Season 42

After watching a movie in the theater, Cooler and Martin discover Rotwang. With Elaine's help, they nurse him back to health. After Kaptain Kid and his gang holds most of the heroes hostage, Rotwang's true strength is discovered and must rescue them with Cooler and Marcus' assistance. (Episode 637: The Discovery of the Mysterious Rotwang)(Rotwang's first appearance)

Bright Eyes begins to think about marrying Igor, after the latter, accidently kisses Bright Eyes on the lips, leading the two to become diagnosed with a severe case of love sickness. (Episode 638: Bright Eyes' Dream)

When a TV executive from DOGTV requests Violet and the other Vanderfellers to star in a documentary film, she accepts at first, but becomes suspicious/Gamma and his students hold a karate ceremony at the puppy pound to show how Gamma's students have improved(Episode 639: The Vandefeller Success Story/Live at Gamma's Dojo)

Igor, Bright Eyes, Whopper, Paprika, and Spice rescue a stray lhasa apso puppy named Cody, who insists he has the abillity to read minds. After Kaptain Kid hears about this, he plans to capture Cody while the heroes try to get him adopted/When Katrina stoneheart reveals the secrets that Rotwang told Kaptain Kid to the rest of the town, the heroes must fight against a mob out for Rotwang. (Episode 640: Mutt Over Matter/Rotwang's Secrets)

The heroes face Kaptain Kid's female clone after Kaptain Kid improves his cloning machine to the point where he can now make different clones of himself./A new puppy cadet who manipulates metal joins the heroes(Episode 641: Kaptain Kid's Clone Contraption/Ferro, the Iron Cadet)(Ferro and Klaudine's first appearance)

(Crossover Special)The Pound Puppies and Friends stumble upon Acme Acres and are greeted by Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Fifi La Fume, Furrball, Calamity Coyote, Little Beeper, and Mary Melody, who requested their help to rescue Hamton and Plucky after they were kidnapped by The Stoneheart Six, who are assisted by Buster's enemies Montana Max and Dr. Gene Splicer.(The Pound Puppies and Tiny Toons Comedy Half Hour)

After being haunted by his abusive childhood, Marcus decides to leave the puppy pound for good. To make matters worse, Momo accuses Igor of forcing Marcus to leave the pound./The heroes hold a contest in honor of Captain Canine's birthday, where activities include obstacles and trivia questions(Episode 642: Goodbye, Mr. McGillicuddy/The Captain Canine Contest)

Saffron arranges a city-wide softball tournament, but before and during the games, She hears about Rusty and Lucy's Childhood and their younger years. (Episode 643: Saffron's Softball Spectacular)

Darius tries desperately to shape up Whopper in order to stop him from telling anymore tall tales while everyone else is desperate to stop Darius from doing so.(Episode 645: Whopper Ward Jones, Will You Please Grow Up?)

Saffron arranges a Benefit Rock and Roll Concert to raise money for the pound, but Kaptain Kid will do whatever he can to make the Concert bomb.(Episode 646: Ruckus and Roll)

Usagi, along with the PoundRaizers' parents travel back to the past and stop by to visit Holly's Puppy Pound, but Antonio is not pleased to see his older brother. (Episode 648: Parents of the PoundRaizers)

Howler builds a time machine to revisit certain points in time, but when He encounters His past self, It could cause an anomaly, which could cause the world to start over to the time before the Timeskip happens.(Episode 649: A Ditch in Time)

Season 43

Catgut and his friends audition for parts of the new version of Gilbert and Sullivan's Ruddigore and Catgut lands for the part of Robin Oakapple, the play's protagonist.(Episode 650: Catgut's Curtain Call)

After years of trying to capture the heroes, Katrina and Brattina Stoneheart finally decide to give up, leave the heroes alone and move, much to the surprise of everyone, including the heroes and even Kaptain Kid Stoneheart.(Episode 651: Katrina Stoneheart's Retirement?)

The PoundRaizers meet their descendants./Kaptain Kid Stoneheart steals Dark Cloud's blueprint and reinvents her Resurrection Machine to bring back some of the enemies the heroes faced, including Shadow Dog, Emperor Murgatroyd, Count Zanzibar and Taboola(Episode 652: The PoundRaizers' Descendants/Return of the Resurrection Machine)

Rotwang finally musters the courage to ask another male wolf on a date and hopes that things will go as planned.(Episode 653: Rotwang's First Date)

Vigor tries to make a mysterious environmentalist and his gang of pets realize that they can't save the environment with illegal methods like scaring endangered animals away from hunters, threatening the polluters' lives or slashing the tires of illegal garbage transporters while facing with an environmental crisis.(Episode 654: Pollution Confusion)

After three years, Joshua comes to visit the puppy pound./Cooler, Nose Marie, Bartrand, and Tony try to enjoy their day at the Poundsville Mall, but the other members of Cooler's family wants in.(Episode 655: The Return of Joshua/Cooler's Family Outing)

Lucy and Rusty Introduce Brandy (who was very sick when born alongside Randy, Sandy, and Tandy) to Candy, Andy, Mandy, Randy, Sandy, and Tandy as they become nervous as Saffron, Tony, Bright Eyes, Igor, Winky, Rotwang, and Wally volunteer to help Lucy and Rusty with the new puppy, who came down with an illness. (Episode 656: Brandy, the Seventh Puppy) (Brandy's first appearance)

Cooler, Tony, Sakura, Igor and the PoundRaizers meet a female Rottweiler and a male Tonkinese cat who wanted to get married, but their owners absolutely forbid it.(Episode 657: Double Crossing the Star-Crossed)

Tired of being kittens, Sen Sen and the other CatRaizers propose Howler to invent a machine that will quickly age the CatRaizers to the appearances of their robotic counterparts when they first met their friends.(Episode 658: The New and Improved CatRaizers)

After remembering his dark past as a child, Kaptain Kid Stoneheart decides to retire from his life of crime while our heroes celebrate, for they will never have to do deal with Stoneheart Inc ever again.(Episode 660: Kaptain Kid's Last Voyage)(Kaptain Kid's Last Appearance)

The heroes encounter a new set of villains who are eight mad doctors out to destroy Holly's Puppy Pound and turn it into their personal laboratory.(Episode 662: The Eight Deadly Doctors)

The Zodiac Dozen have returned and become musicians as part of Howler's traveling orchestra as Howler and his orchestra are requested to perform live at San Francisco, California.(Episode 663: Maestro Howler and the Return of the Zodiac Dozen)

While Elaine, Momo, Violet, and Marcus go on a vacation, Slushy and Vivian are left in charge of the Pound's veterinary team. Unfortunately, Slushy has just come down with a fever, leaving Vivian and the rest of the veterinary team to take care of Slushy until she gets better.(Episode 666: Vivian's Vetarinary Blues)

Cooler and the male lovers of Holly's Puppy Pound are in a dire situation because the three year anniversary of each other's marriages is approaching and they have yet to find gifts for their married ones.(Episode 667: The Unhappiest Anniversaries of Holly's Puppy Pound)

A handsome dog named Arlington comes to Holly's Puppy Pound and Victoria falls in love with him, even though she is unsure about trusting him.(Episode 668: Victoria's True Love)(Arlington's first appearance)

The heroes encounter the retired members of Stoneheart Inc while vacationing at San Diego, California. However, they are unsure of what their former enemies up to.(Episode 669: Old Enemies, New Allies?)

Gamma and his class are greeted by a famous movie director and offers them roles in an upcoming thriller. While Gamma's are excited about this opportunity, Gamma has no interest in starring in the film.(Episode 670: Sensei Gamma's Movie Martial Arts Class)

Ivan's Pound Purry Division and Samson's Pound Puppy Division announce their retirement to help Badges and his new owner fight crime at their new home./Tony and the PoundRaizers volunteer to help Sparky at Cal's Diner before Thanksgiving.(Episode 674: Ivan and Samson's Retirement/Sparky's Thanksgiving Rush)(Badges, Ivan's Division and Samson's Division's last appearances)

Season 44

Catgut wins a free trip to Shanghai, China and wants his family to come along, along with Cooler and his family. Some time reaching Shanghai, however, he must stop an infamous mob leader, Mr. Rong, from hoarding pandas. (Episode 675: Catgut's Panda Problem)

Tai Bo finds himself a love interest named Pai Moon as the Valentine's Day festival approaches Holly's Puppy Pound.(Episode 676: Tai Bo's Kung Fu Romance)(Pai Moon's debut)

After Tony Rigs lands a new job as an actor, he finally leaves Holly's Puppy Pound and leaves his pets, especially the PoundRaizers, in the care of his stepsister, Elaine./The heroes meet a cat who is thrilled about chasing tornados.(Episode 677: Mr. Rigs Goes to Hollywood/Gusty, the Storm Chasing Cat)(Tony Rigs' last appearance and Gusty's first appearance)

Igor receives a book of hypnosis and hypnotizes Marcus and Momo to make them become feral. Unfortunately, Igor's hypnosis spell backfires as Marcus and Momo ran off to the mountains while Igor and the others start a search party to find them.(Episode 679: Marcus and Momo of the Mountains)

Precious and her friends meet a mysterious being who can create dreams known as the Dream Catcher and are enlisted to help him defeat his evil younger sister, Miss Nightmare.(Episode 680: The Mystery of the Dream Catcher)

Gordon and Sapphire are called to review movies that they originally said they would not review.(Episode 681: Gordon and Sapphire: The Unreviewables)

Usagi returns from the future to hang out with the PoundRaizers.(Episode 685: Usagi and the PoundRaizers)

The PoundRaizers Eleven go on a date with their soulmates at a forest park, but a Dog Hater and His Three subordinates want to capture them to know what the Lottery Numbers are for a 350 Million Jackpot to fund The Dog Haters of America. but the PoundRaizers don't really know about this and Catgut keeps an eye on the situation.(Episode 686: The 350 Million Dollar PoundRaizers)

Season 45

Saffron ponders about expanding Her Ancestors' farm into a Agricultural town for the future./ Bright Eyes uses Igor's video camera to videotape Jayden's Dancing patterns for a coming Flashmob competition...(Episode 690: Saffy's City/Jayden's Music Mob)

(Crossover Special) The Pound Puppies and Friends, along with the Tiny Toons, do their own rendition of Gilbert and Sullivan's masterpiece, The Mikado, which stars Furrball as Nanki Poo, Fifi La Fume as Yum Yum, Catgut as Koko, and the cast of dozens in the first half of this comic operetta.(A Meowing Minstrel I Part 1)

(Crossover Special) The Pound Puppies and Friends, along with the Tiny Toons, act out the final half of the Mikado.(A Meowing Minstrel I Part 2)

Miniature felines from another world trade places with the Pound's Puppies, but decide to abort, when They see the Planet's cats. / Igor's feline instincts get the better of Him when He thinks that Dogs are His enemies.(Episode 691: The Micro Kittens of Teeny Felinee/Igor Barks Up the Wrong Tree)

Saffron tries to help the Farm Division Pups win the State Fair, while they face competition with other farmers, gardeners, and scientists. (Episode 692: A State Fair beyond Compare)

Jayden puts His cheerleading skills to the test to compete in the Puppy Gymnastics at Los Angeles, but other competitors want him off...(Episode 693: Jayden's Super Sports Dogdome)

Jayden continues to fight in the Gymnastic competition, and with some words of encouragement from Bright Eyes, Maya, and Beamer, He might come through...(Episode 695: Jayden Goes Forth)

At a Puppy Pound Science Emporium, Howler builds a portal machine, but doesn't realize until was too late that once His portal machine would cause a great adventure to begin...(Episode 696: Howler's Portal Predicament)

Momo meets his favorite actor, Adam Conrover, while attending a film festival with Violet.(Episode 697: The Conrover Story)(Guest Star: Adam Conover)

30 years have passed and Holly's Puppy Pound has become Holly's Puppy Emporium. Cooler and the gang reflect the good times they have together when they were young. However, Gamma is suffering from a fatal disease, leaving the gang with no time to waste in order to find a cure for him.(Episode 698: Gamma's Goodbye)(Gamma's Last Appearance)

Usagi returns to the present giving the PoundRaizers a second chance in Their timelines, meaning They could mean saying goodbye to Their ancestors... (Episode 699: Looking forward to the Future...)

As the series comes to a close, the gang puts up a variety show as a farewell to the audience.(Final Episode: The Pound Puppies' Grand Finale)

Opening Gags

Cartoons starring Cooler: Cooler comes out of his puphouse and greets the viewer by waving, and in front of him, the episode title is shown from below. Cooler then waves from under the episode title

Cartoons starring Nose Marie: Nose Marie comes out of her puphouse with a flower and inhales it, making her sigh, and tosses the flower at the viewer, then the flower becomes the episode title.

Cartoons starring Howler: the viewer goes inside Howler's puphouse and we see Howler working on a machine, and it blows up in Howler's face, but he smiles as he shrugs his shoulders as the machine remains become the episode's title.

Cartoons starring Bright Eyes: Bright Eyes comes out of her puphouse jumping and doing back flips, and when using her pompoms, She throws them at the viewer, as the pompoms become the episode's title.

Cartoons starring Whopper: Whopper comes out of his puphouse and thinks up something in his thought cloud. The cloud disappears when Whopper shakes his head, until he nods, making the cloud become the episode's Title.

Cartoons starring Igor: Igor comes out of his puphouse and waves to the viewer. He then laughs and sprays the screen with silly string. The silly string becomes the episode's title.

Cartoons starring Gamma: Gamma is seen bowing to the viewing. He looks up to the sky and breathes fire and ice at the same time. It creates the episode's title and it drops behind Gamma as Gamma plays his ocarina.

Devil Dog Mini-Arc

Part 1: The Seven Devil Dogs appear and use spray paint to paint over the Pound Puppies Logo and spray the words "Devil Dogs" as they make a pose and laugh softly. Then the screen blacks out.

Part 2: Momo and Violet come looks at the sights of Japan, but Jayden blows an air horn and laughs.

Part 3: Catgut and Michelle are seen conversing with other cats but Antonio shows the cats a poster of a scary-looking bulldog, scaring away the cats, except Catgut and Michelle, who glare at him.

Part 4: A furious Tony approaches Bartrand, but Lanford and Carrie hold him back.

Part 5: Ian laughing as the Cats and Dogs are about to fight.

Part 6: Beamer and Maya run through the Australian Outback while avoiding boomerangs thrown by Stephanie.

Part 7: Whopper sees Vivi eating food, and he becomes queasy when Vivi shows him chewed-up food on her tongue.

Part 8: Darius performs on a stage, and when he encounters Howler and Amy, he holds a sign with a Big Red X on it.

Part 9: The Devil Dogs with their ancestors ready to face Zanzibar.

Hour-Long TV Specials

This fan-made series feature hour long specials and have no relation to the original fan-made series. It will be called "The Pound Puppies and Friends Hour".

Howler builds a Prank Vision Machine, to look into the minds of 20 Pups and their Pranks in motion in Their minds. (The Pound's Stupidest Innermost Pranks)

The Eleven Dogs from the Future have quality time with Their Ancestors' culture by doing something They enjoyed and finding a role in the past before joining the Devil Dogs. (A Role in the Past)

This Story takes place after the Third Season, and it's a retelling of Where Do Puppies Come From?/Pups on the Loose (Rusty and Lucy's Family: The Retelling)

The Pound Puppies and friends meet five puppies who are aiming to take down the Chaos Dogs. However, the leader of the Chaos Dogs aims to defeat his old enemy, Rover.(The Revenge of the Chaos Dogs).

Thatcher has Whopper, the Unlucky Thirteen, and three kittens play a role in a pirate movie project, but are involved in a plot by the dog haters, who try to shake down the three children of the Dog Lovers Society. (Captain Whopper and His Feline Crew)

Film adaptation/Reboot

In this feature-length reboot of the show, the Pound Puppies and Holly must escort an inventive Labrador Retriever named Polo to New York City in order to find his family, while dealing with Katrina Stoneheart and Captain Slaughter along the way. (Pound Puppies)

Episode Remakes

Fan-made remakes of the original TV series episodes with new characters and scenes.

Plot: The Pound Puppies (Cooler, Nose Marie, Bright Eyes, Whopper, Howler, Beamer, Reflex, Igor, and Colette) and Holly are now adopted the Vanderfellers(Horatio, Irene, Marcus, Elaine, TJ(renamed Ivan), Tony, and their pets Momo, Daisy(Modeled after season 1 Nose Marie) and Violet) and Holly's Puppy Pound is renamed Vanderfeller's Puppy Pound. However, Katrina, her sons Brutus, Bradley, and Brutino(Based on Kaptain Kid Stoneheart) and daughter Brattina and their pets Catgut and the Rabid Dogs Gang will stop at nothing to destroy the pound and take back Holly.

Bright Eyes Come Home remake: After Brutino, landlord of the Vanderfellers, threatens to close the pound down if they don't pay the bill, Bright Eyes uses her singing and tap dancing skills to attract customers to the pound. A suspicious looking talent agent sees Bright Eyes and asks the Vanderfellers if she could adopt her. (The Last Dog Star)

King Whopper remake: While Cooler and Holly have gone grocery shopping with Horatio and Irene, Whopper becomes in charge of the pound. However, when Whopper becomes too bossy, Marcus leads a rebellion against Whopper (Whopper's Puppy Pound?)

Film Parodies TV Specials

The Pound Puppies film a Western-Based Movie at the Farm Division, featuring the Younger Generation, with Vigor playing the Villain.

Halloween Specials

Most of these fan made episodes have no relation to the other Pound Puppies fan made episodes, but have one to two segments and a 3 all-new half-hour special comes every October. These series of fan-made episodes will be called Pound Puppies: The Supernatural Chronicles.

Igor and Bright Eyes' descendant 700 years in the future, tries to save her ancestors from Katrina's new invention. / Whopper, a junior shaman of the Pup-Pup tribe takes in Catgut to be a new member of the tribe.(Enter Ima, Descendant of Igor and Bright Eyes/The Pup-Pup Tribe)

Cooler and Nose Marie take a train ride, but they didn't know they're on a ghost train, leading them up to the Next World! / Whopper's Imagination runs wild in Katrina's own House, so She gets a spector-seeker to deal with them.(Spooks Express/Paranormal Imagination)

Igor is a Vampire Cat at the Purrie Pound, and he needs companionship, in the form of Bright Eyes. / Dr. Cooler with Igor's help, creates FrankenWhopper, but didn't know about the consequences until it was too late.(A Girlfriend for Count Igor/FrankenWhopper)

Cooler and Nose Marie after falling into a birdbath of youth, try to adjust Their lives being the same age as Their Children. / Stephanie begins to panic and become a walking vegetable garden after She ingests some vegetable seeds and needs the assistance of Howler to change her back to normal.(5 Dog Years Old again/I was a Teenaged Plant)

Tony and Cooler are in a nightmare where they are the only beings on the planet.(Two of a Kind)

Ghosts of Nose Marie's ancestors haunt Her Puphouse.(A-Haunting Nose Marie Will Go)

Count Zanzibar's unfinished Android, ZZB-01 awakens and travels to the Past and forces Gamma, TJ, Colette, Marcus, Momo, Tori, and Faith decimate Poundsville after brainwashing them and it's up to the Pound-Raizers can stop the Robot's evil plan. (Count Zanzibar's Revenge Part 1 of 2)

ZZB-01 orders the Brainwashed seven heroes to assassinate Mayor Bigelow, but not if the Pound-Raizers have anything to say about it. (Count Zanzibar's Revenge, part 2 of 2)

After having a nightmare, Whopper thinks He'll never be able to see His friends again If they are attacked by a supernatural fiend.(Whopper's Nightmare) 

Cooler comes to the Game Show, Make Me an Offer, as a High School Graduate in hopes of winning something, but the game show's bound to be dangerous as it is creepy...(The Most Dangerous Game Show)

The Pound is haunted by ghosts because the Pound is rumored to have been built on a Cemetary.(The Graveyard that Wasn't There)

Cooler and the Gang encounters a Spook that can become any dog's worst fear, but only affects those that are 12 Dog Years old or higher. because He doesn't want to traumatize any younger pups.(The Kid Friendly Ghost)

Saffron challenges The Farm Division Pups to scare Her with a Scary Story at a Campsite, but a Ghost from the late 1800s is haunting said campsite...(Saffron Scared Silly)

After waking up from a sleeping spell, a 2,500 year old vampiress mouse named Mouseferatu and her bumbling warlock rat assistant name Rattigore plot to get revenge on the descendant of who cast the spell on her, who happens to be Nose Marie. In addition, Tony must conquer his fear of mice to stop the mouse from dognapping Nose Marie.(Nose Marie VS Countess Mouseferatu)

Bright Eyes acquires a magic alarm clock that has the power to stop time for One Hour, but She (and later Igor) begins to use it for Her own ends until They stop time which causes every Animal in the world (except Igor and Bright Eyes) to become young as newborns. / Howler plays the role of Dr. Frankenhowler to break the record of most Cadavers made in one day, with unspeakable consequences.(The Wrong Time/Howler's Cadaver Chaos)

Whopper throws a Halloween party, but didn't count on Igor wanting to help.(Whopper's Halloween Party)

Vigor comes across a world were Cats chase Dogs / Precious and a few other puppies are affected by a blue moon, which causes their personalities to become opposite.

When a beauty pageant is announced on television, Bright Eyes wonders if she can enter it, despite the fact that dogs aren't allowed. She signs a deal with a mysterious creature, who turns her into a human beauty pageant contestant. When she wins with her singing and tap dancing, the mysterious creature, who turns out to be Lucy Fur (Lucifer) arrives to collect her soul, unless Cooler and the Pound Puppies arrive to stop it from happening.

Theme Song Openings and Closings

Here are some ideas for the Openings and Closings for the fan-made seasons of the Pound Puppies.

Seasons 3-48 Opening Song

Pound Puppies Theme Song- Sung by the entire company.

Season 3 Closing Song

Extended version of the Pound Puppies song with a variety of stills for each sequence on the credits. Nose Marie romancing a nervous Cooler, Beamer stepping away from Scrounger, who is in a trash bin. Whopper's thoughts circling around Colette, Barkerville and Violet performing, Igor lifting His glasses when He sees Bright Eyes, Cooler High-fiving Calvin, Igor refusing to chase a mangy-looking cat as Violet and Scrounger chase 2 cats, Howler looking at the invention in His vision, Reflex kissing a panicky Catgut, Cooler dancing in the Rain, Colette as a Fairy screaming after seeing Whopper in a ghost costume, Cooler and Nose Marie in a makeshift hot air balloon, Holly scratching Cooler's head, Violet around Dollar Signs as Nose Marie is around music notes, Igor warning a bully dog not to hurt two Kittens, and the entire gang.

Season 4 Closing Song

"Cooler is Cool"- Sung to the tune of Gene Chandler's The Duke of Earl by Cooler, with the Boy Pound Puppies provide the backup vocals.

Season 5 Closing Song

"Southern Bell Blues"- Sung to the tune of Anita Bryant's Paper Roses by Nose Marie, with Cooler playing the guitar and Violet provided the back-up vocals.

Season 6 Closing Song

"Bow oh Wow"- Sung to the tune of Hiroshi Kitadani's We Are by Bright Eyes with Whopper, Igor, Gordon, and Precious providing the back-up vocals.

Season 7 Closing Song

"Ballad of Howler"- Sung to the tune of Glenn Frey's You Belong to the City by Howler with Vigor playing the flute and Amy playing the violin.

Season 8 Closing Song

"Wonder Whopper"- Sung to the tune of MANNA's Detekoi Tobikiri ZENKAI Power (Come Out, Incredible ZENKAI Power!)  by Whopper with the rest of the cast providing back-up vocals.

Season 9 Closing Song

"Violet's Song"- Sung to the tune of Big Pig's I Can't Break Away by Violet Vanderfeller with the Boy Pound Puppies providing the back-up vocals.

Season 10 Closing Song

"Igor and Vigor."- Sung to the tune of Frank Sinatra's Love and Marriage by Igor and Vigor.

Seasons 11-21 Closing Song

"Comedy Tonight"- Sung by the entire cast.

Season 18 A Miserable Mix-Up Arc Opening and Closing Song

"The Love Triangle"- Sung by the entire cast to the tune of Karla Bonoff's Somebody's Eyes.

Season 22-23 Closing Song

"Colette and Reflex's Duet"- Sung to the tune of Dead and Alive's You Spin Me Round by Colette and Reflex with Cooler, Nose Marie, Momo, Violet, Howler, Amy, Tony, Faith, Igor, Bright Eyes, Marcus, Elaine, Beamer, and Maya provided the back-up dancing.

Season 24-25 Closing Song

"Puppy Heroes"- Sung to the tune of Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out for a Hero by Captain Canine and the Puppy Cadets with The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and friends providing the back up dancing.

Season 26-27 Closing Song

"I.D.E.A." by RoST - Cooler and the Gang are seen looking up at the sky, as the Sky becomes staticy to turn into a TV static Background. appearing one after the next, is a black silhouette of the Seven Devil Dogs. starting with Bartrand's silhouette with Cooler, Nose Marie, and their puppies colored in red. Then Stephanie's Silhouette appears with Beamer and Maya colored in Orange. Then Vivi's silhouette appears with Whopper and Colette colored in Yellow. Then comes Darius' silhouette with Howler and Amy colored in Green. Then comes Ian's silhouette with Bright Eyes, Precious, Igor, and Vigor colored in Blue. Jayden's silhouette appears With Momo and Violet colored in Indigo. and Antonio's Silhouette is seen as Catgut and Michelle is seen in a Purple color. The Silhouette disappears and as the sun rises, The Pound Puppies gang run toward the screen and they stop mid-air.

Season 28-33 Closing Song

"PoundRaizers Theme"- Sung to the tune of Hiroki Takahaski's Makafushi Adventure by Bartrand, Stephanie, Vivian, Darius, Ian, Jayden, and Antonio. Pictures of the Seven Devil Dogs posing, In a Red Background, Bartrand playing alongside Cooler and Nose Marie's pups, Bartrand High Fiving Cooler and Nose Marie, In an Orange Background, Stephanie plays Her harmonica, making Howler and Amy shed tears, and Stephanie tearfully hugs Her ancestors. In a Yellow Background, Vivian tells the Puppy Quintet on a Chalkboard not to eat onions, peaches or Chocolate. Vivian and Louie clash their ladles. In a Green background, Darius obsessedly places His cards in a book, and playfully diverts Igor's silly string can at Bright Eyes, covering Her in string. In a Blue Background, Ian while playing His game, looks at Whopper, then Whopper looks at Ian's drawing of Whopper in Ian's attire. In an Indigo Color, Jayden grumpily looks at the sky, then is happily standing on One paw, as He unknowingly embarrasses Beamer and Maya, in a Violet Background, Antonio wonders on How He'll use the pile of cash, then wears high society clothes alongside Barkerville. and finally, in a multicolored background, the Poundraizers alongside their Ancestors.

Season 34-36 Closing Song

"The Couples Song"- sung to the tune of "Bright Dawns Our Wedding Day" by the heroes who are lovers or married.

Season 37-48 Closing Song

"Yume no Manto" - as the Song plays, the Gang goes through a time stream, at Ancient Rome, Cooler and Nose Marie come out of a portal with Roman Attire. At the Ptolemaic era in Egypt, Igor, Vigor, Precious, and Bright Eyes come out of a portal with Egyptian Attire, as They are watching over kittens all over them. In Medieval Times, Howler and Amy come out of a portal wearing Knight Attire. At the Edo Period in Japan, Whopper and Starburst appear looking like They're tall as Skyscrapers, but are really in a play. In French Revolution Era, Louie appears from the left playing the Accordion, but gets rid of the accordion awkwardly. In The Renaissance Era at Italy, Barkerville looks around and sees some painters painting His picture. At the Space Age, Beamer and Maya look around and admire the clean cityscape. At an ever-changing scenery, the Pound Puppies Allies appear and make a pose any way as they disappear. The Main Pound Puppies place each paw on a sphere, and aurora lights are above them as They admire them in silence.

Season 26 Finale Closing Song 1

"The Threat is Gone Part 1"- Sung to the tune of Oozora e no Kaidan by the Pound Puppies and friends as the epilogue of the reformed Devil Dog Seven is shown.

Season 26 Finale Curtain Call

"The Threat is Gone Part 2"- Sung to the tune of the final part of "For He's Gone and Married Yum-Yum" by all the characters of the World Tour present(Except Sly and Count Zanzibar) as they bow to the viewing audience.

Season 26 World Tour Arc Opening Song

"Grand Tour"- Sung to the tune of Hironobu Kageyama's CHA LA HEAD CHA LA by the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and the Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound.

PoundRaizer (Post-Timeskip) Opening Song

One More Chance - Sung by Yukie Nakama Featuring the Eleven PoundRaizers. At a Gallery, in a Red-Colored portrait, Cooler and Nose Marie are in is as Their pups playfully pile up on Bartrand. In an Orange-Colored Portrait, Howler and Amy are seen with Their pups experimenting on Stephanie's fangs. In a Yellow-colored portrait, Vivian is seen cooking alongside Louie, In a Green-Colored Portrait, Igor is purring like a cat asleep as Bright Eyes is also asleep as Darius places Bright Eyes' Paw on Igor's Paw. In a Blue Portrait, Starburst and Whopper alongside Ian is looking up at the sky. In an Indigo Portrait, Jayden does a backflip over Beamer and Maya's heads, who applaud. In a Violet Portrait, Antonio and Barkerville dance a Vaudeville each with a hat and cane. In a Light-Brown Portrait, Ethan is seen reading a book, as Colette and Reflex over Ethan's head looks at the book. In a Pinkish Portrait, Victoria is seen wearing fancy clothes with Violet and Momo also wearing fancy clothes. In a Crimson Color, Thatcher is seen with a camcorder recording Lassie McTerrier and Drumstick holding paws. In a Gray Portrait, Rusty, Lucy, and Their pups console a crying Saffron. The Screen zooms out to the portraits, They disappear, and in their place is statues of The PoundRaizer Eleven.

Japanese Endings

These endings will be based on who starred the episode in the Japanese-dubbed version, if any.

Season 3 Closing Song

In the Puppy Pound Courtyard at night, Holly is on the steps as She sees Cooler relaxing under a tree, as Nose Marie and Violet are hugging Him but glare at each other. Howler is building something, Bright Eyes is looking up at the clouds, as Igor paints Her appearance on a pastel. as Scrounger is inside a trash can, eating a bone, Reflex looks at a picture of a bell, as Beamer tilts it back and forth. Barkerville silently tells everyone to come to the other side of the pound. as Whopper wakes up Colette, under a tree. She wakes up after a few seconds, and the scene changes to all the Pound Puppies Gang looking at the Fireworks with awe. as the fireworks end, the sun is starting to rise. (Song: Healing You by Saria)

Season 4 Closing Song

The Planet Earth is seen, and It zooms through the clouds and stops at Holly's Puppy Pound, with Holly looking up, as She imagines the Pound Puppies Pairs dancing in Tuxedos and Silk Dresses. the vision ends as She looks at the pairs being playful with each other, like Bright Eyes being on Igor's back playfully, as Holly shakes Her head as She laughs. Igor and Bright Eyes rush up to Holly and hug her. (Song: Love Panic by YawMin)

Season 5-8(First Part) Closing song

Inside a Bus, Holly's Clan, along with the Pound Puppies are relaxing. Whopper looks out the window and sees a sunflower field and wake up Igor and Vigor, who is awestruck. the rest of the Pound Puppies look at the sunflower field. arriving at the beach, Nose Marie and Violet chase after Cooler on the sand. Igor digs for seashells, and collects them in a box. Bright Eyes Sunbathes as Whopper is about to place a parasol in Bright Eyes' paw until Whopper realizes it and puts the parasol in a different spot. Howler stays in the shade as He looks at the scenery, Cooler sees and signals the Pound Purries as they arrive. (Song: Never-Ending Summer Vacation by Do-Co)

Season 8(Second part)-16 Closing song

At night time, Momo is sitting alone, looking at the stars. He then plays his flute and dances as the moonlight acts at the spotlight shining on Momo. The other Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Holly, Howard, May, and Marcus notice Momo playing his flute and smile. After Momo finishes his song, everyone applauds and see a shooting star. Everyone then gazes at the stars.(Song: Romantic Ageru yo by Ushio Hashimoto)

Igor Come Home Parts 1 - 3

Igor walks at a bridge looking at the ocean, as He remembers the good times He had with His friends, including flashbacks of letting Whopper ride on His back, Him looking at Bright Eyes' Painting, Him applauding at Howler's invention, Him Learning knitting from Nose Marie, and Him shaking paws with Cooler. After the flashbacks end, Igor leaves the bridge as He goes on. (Song: Eighteen, Eighteen by KAT)

Season 17 Closing Song

at a street at night, Catgut looks at the sky as walks. a close-up of Catgut looks up as memories of Katrina kicking out Catgut, being left out in the rain, and Igor placing His paw on Catgut's shoulder. Catgut sheds a tear. He stops walking after seeing Igor along with the Purries and Puppies. Catgut runs toward them as He smiles. (Song: Fine Colorday by Megumi Hayashibara)

Season 18-20 Closing Song

Zoom outs of Cooler and Nose Marie on each others backs, Howler's newest experiment blowing up in His face as Amy facepalms. Whopper climbing on Igor's back as Bright Eyes kisses Igor. Vigor checking Precious' pulse, Momo with Marcus and Elaine, The Rigs Brothers playing their new song,  Gamma playing his ocarina, Fifi kissing Jackie on the cheek and lastly all the heroes enjoying their day at the park. (With Only My Words by Hikaru Midorikawa)

As the Twist Turns Finale

Tony is seen visiting Ricky's grave and putting a bouquet of flowers near it. Later, Tony is seen crying in a meadow. Then, all of Tony's friends come to Tony and comfort him. As Cooler puts his hand on Tony's shoulder and Elaine rubs Tony's back, Tony sadly smiles and all of his friends(with the exception of Gamma, who simply puts his fedora on Tony's head) hug him.(Heaven's Garden by Tenpei Sato)

Season 26 Closing Song

At Night as the Seven former Devil Dogs look up, the left side of the screen statics in a red color and clears with an image of Cooler and Nose-Marie's children playing horsy with Bartrand as Cooler and Nose-Marie watch. The right side of the Screen turns orange and We see Stephanie tearfully hugging Howler and Amy. the left side of Screen statics in a yellow color and We see Vivi taking notes with Louie. the Screen turns green on the right side, and Darius is laughing alongside Igor and Bright Eyes. the left side of the screen turns blue and We see Ian painting Whopper and Starburst as a married couple. the right side of the screen turns indigo and We see Jayden doing a paw-stand as Beamer and Maya give Jayden high marks. the right side of the Screen turns purple and We see Antonio giving some money to Barkerville. the screen statics in black and white. as the static disappears the seven Future Dogs alongside Their Ancestors are seen. (Yume Okan by Megumi Hayashibara)

Season 28-38 Closing Song

The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Staff Members of Holly's Puppy Pound, Sons and Daughters of Holly's Puppy Pound, and the Minks are on vacation at Indiana Beach. They do various activities such as riding the rides and playing games. It ends when all of the heroes look at the night sky and the view of Lake Shafer.(Song: Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto)

Season 39-45 Closing Song

Whopper is drawn in Color and is walking in a light-Yellow back ground as He encounters His friends like They're drawn in chalk, then walks as He starts to grow 3 dog years later. He soon draws something on a cloud, like something from someone's fan art, and then runs to a portal. the scene is washed away by raindrops to reveal a drawn version of any Pound Puppy/Purry couple drawn on a canvas and We descend to see the Younger version of the Couple beaming at Us. (Song: Uso by SID)

Season 46 World Tour 3 Arc Finale Song

The Unlucky Thirteen is walking inside a psychedelic time stream, and one of these Endings happen, when the other Twelve of the Unlucky Thirteen become kittens as They disappear out of sight. and a variety of endings happen. Ending 0, The Unlucky Thirteen walk towards the end of a tunnel. Ending 1, Sen Sen shakes paws with Catgut Jr. Ending 2, Tai Bo comes to Lee and gently pushes Him into kissing July, making Lee blush and July beaming. Ending 3, Brass salutes to Suda, who bows honorably. Ending 4, Rufus and Rita comes and enjoy a snowball fight with Ice Cap. Ending 5, Rosa appears in front of Kintaro and Hydra, who beam at Rosa. Ending 6, Franco appears while Leonardo paints, He is reading a comic book, which gets Leonardo's Attention, and paints Franco reading comic books with Gordon. Ending 7, Georgia comes to Brezza and Roy at a table, who are about to each eat a pizza slice, but Georgia silently tells Them that there's onions on it, so Brezza and Roy each gives a slice to Holly. Ending 8, Pablo is awestruck by the sight of Marcy's Garden. Ending 9, Hayate gives Mai a Horseshoe, making Her feel like She's superstitiously safe, as She softly tustles Hayate's head. Ending 10, Amster is beaming at the sky as Tulip watches Him. Ending 11, Stefan and Pan is in a great sorrow but is consoled by Hairball and Charlemange, which the both of them begin to smile. (Song: Hadashi no Kokoro De by Ryu Kisami)

After World Tour 3 Arc

The Gang reminiscence the times they have with TJ, but are consoled by their family and friends as new characters introduce themselves. They then build a statue of TJ standing near the entrance to the Puppy Power Cafe and all pray together for his safety in Salem.

Halloween Specials

A White Sphere is seen as it goes up, and an eclipse is covering it slowly. A vision of Cooler and Nose Marie's Family is seen dressed as Pirates, Then a vision of Howler and Amy's Family is seen as Crazed Scientists, then a vision of Louie's Family is dressed as Cooking Utensils, Igor and Bright Eyes' Family is dressed like Clowns, Whopper's clan is dressed like Space Cadets, Beamer and Maya's Family is dressed like Soap Bars, Barkerville's Clan dressed like Businessmen. the eclipse totally covers the white circle. (Ganbatte by Megumi Hayashibara)

Pound Puppy Jukebox

In any event that a Pound Puppy episode is a few minutes short of the 22 minute maximum, these songs will be sung by any Pound Puppy character(s).

Cooler sings England Dan and John Ford Coley's Love is the Answer, as Nose Marie sings Back-up.

Corporal Punishment and Marcus' Revenge: In Corporal Punishment, May and Camille sing Someone's Waiting For You as they comfort the sorrowful Marcus. In Marcus' Revenge, Marcus sings the same song as he hold Momo in his arms while they tearfully looking at the stars.

The Seven Devil Dogs sing their original song, The Devil Dog Stomp, as each one sings about their past life and what they want in their lives. (An alternate scene for when the Devil Dogs introduce themselves.)

Looking Forward to the Future: Saffron sings a rock-and-roll song about the future and sings it to Rusty and Lucy, as their pups sing along.

The Eleven PoundRaizers make a rap about their new lifestyles.

Alternate/Additional Scenes

Should there be any additional or alternate scenes in each episode? See what you can add!

Bright Eyes, Come Home

At the beginning of the episode, the narrator introduces Holly and the Pound Puppies.

While Bright Eyes is relaxing with a magazine and wearing her bikini, she dreams she's in an homage to aqua-musicals with herself in the Esther Williams role, Busby Berkeley-style, while in her bikini. (Like Footlight Parade's "By a Waterfall")

How to Found a Pound

At the end of the episode while everyone else is sleeping, Cooler is greeted by the ghost of Millicent Trueblood, who congratulates him for saving the puppy pound.

From Wags to Riches

Buster, instead of being at the surveillance room, encounters Catgut and his gang at the library. Buster tries to stop Catgut and the others from wrecking the mansion, but he isn't quick enough. Buster then sees the Pound Puppies and a chase ensues.

Snowbound Pound

At the start, instead of Nose Marie embracing Cooler, she just places her paw on his neck, checking his pulse.

Whopper Cries Uncle

At the beginning, Whopper's family tree is explained.

In Pups We Trust

After finding his blanket at Howler's doghouse, Cooler blushingly reveals that his "Woogie" was a present given by Millicent Trueblood after she gave Cooler his jacket.

The Captain and the Cats

When Bright Eyes thought of the idea convincing Capt. Slaughter to become their friend, Howler remarks that she'd have better luck finding immortallity.

Secret Agent Pup

At the end of the episode, the entire cast of the episode bow as Secret Agent Man plays in the background.

Wagga Wagga

Big Paw makes a cameo appearance as the ruler of Wagga Wagga. During the scene where Captain Slaughter wrecks havoc, Big Paw tries to stop Captain Slaughter, but Big Paw got captured as well.

When Penelope reveals that she was married she tells the Pound Puppies that after she escaped Wagga Wagga, she somehow ended up in an alley and met Danny there.

The Star Pup

After Nose Marie fantasizes about being the Star Puppy, Howler, Bright Eyes, and Whopper have their own fantasies if they were the Star Puppy. Howler fantasizes about being a world-famous scientist and winning the Nobel Prize. Bright Eyes fantasizes about being crime-fighting cheerleader . Whopper fantasizes about being the new leader of the Pound Puppies.

Happy Howlidays

At the end of the episode, the Pound Puppies (now dressed in their normal clothes), Holly, Tiny, Charlie, and the rest bow to the audience while Burl Ives' Holly Jolly Christmas plays.

Ghost Hounders

At the end of the episode, the Ghostbusters theme song plays as all the characters of season 1 bow and the audience applaud.

Whopper Gets the Point

During Howler's invention testing, he turns them into Sheepdogs, and they wear hippie attire. Nose Marie doesn't like it, so Howler turns them into Foxhounds, with Cooler looking for foxes.

The Bird Dog

Alternately, "The Cat Dog", in which Bright Eyes takes in a orphaned kitten. When Cooler scolds Bright Eyes for running out of the pound without supervision, the kitten cries. Bright Eyes tells Cooler that the kitten is an orphan and that she has no parents. Then, Cooler then apologizes to both Bright Eyes and the sobbing kitten. At that time, the kitten thinks Bright Eyes is her sister. As time changes, the kitten then acts like a dog after staying with the Pound Puppies for a while.

Tuffy Gets Fluffy

At the beginning, Bright Eyes and Whopper were at a store and Whopper buys a new hat, which explains why Bright Eyes and Whopper were out of the pound.

Casey, Come Home

Silver Paw explains the origin of Danger Mountain.

Where Do Puppies Come From?

Whopper and Bright Eyes are playing hide-and-seek inside Fort Whopper moments before Cooler announces that Lucy's in labor.

After the birth of the Triplets, Cooler lets Rusty use a flashless camera to photograph the occasion.

As Lucy is hoping for to get Her sundae, She explains to Holly and Nose Marie that She and Rusty were Laboratory specimens, and when They escaped, Katrina captured them. She also explained that because of the experiments, Lucy and Rusty are immune to the deadly side effects of the chocolate.

As Lucy is resting, she's dreaming of how she met Rusty and their adventures, as the song "That's the Pretty Part of You" by Tommy Hunt is sung by the Banana Splits starts. inside a laboratory, A scientist places a young Lucy inside a maze alongside a young Rusty, who shyly holds Lucy's paw and they blush and in every fork of a maze, They split up and return with Rusty placing a small piece of his fur in each road that leads to a dead end. After reaching out of the maze, Lucy hugs Rusty, who passes out. In a bio sphere, we see Rusty and Lucy in their teenage age, as Rusty rests under a tree, Lucy finds a four-leaf clover and gives it to him, which he wakes up and waves to her. During the instrumental break, at another part of the biosphere, Rusty was about to tell Lucy his feelings... (as adolescent pups)

Rusty: Lucy, feel free to say no, but will you--

Lucy: Ohhh, Rusty. I will! (Hugs Rusty as he sheds tears when fireworks explode outside the biosphere and the dream ends with Lucy waking up as the song ends.) Well, I'm sure our pups will lead great lives like me and Rusty.

Pups on the Loose

Howler makes a cameo appearance as he tells the triplet puppies that they can make some cards for Lucy and Rusty. The triplets fight over which card they should use. When Holly, Cooler, and Nose Marie check up on Howler, Howler is covered in a pile of cards, glue, and confetti while Candy, Andy, and Mandy continue their fight. Howler, in a disgusted mood, then pops out of the pile, packs his bags, and tells them "I'm going on a vacation for the weekend." When Holly, Cooler, and Nose Marie ask why, Howler says "Even a Pound Puppy knows his limits" and leaves.

After the art idea fails, Cooler hypnotizes the triplets into playing a game, but since the hypnosis trick doesn't work, the triplets still fight, making Cooler looking at it, and falls asleep.

After Cooler made a suggestion on placing the triplets in three different homes, Whopper disputes Cooler's decision, and said that the triplets' parents wouldn't approve.

The Invisible Friend

As Katrina chases Buddy through the Pound, the pup knocks over a trash bin, and what came out is a banana peel, which falls into Katrina's face, blinding her.

Kid in the Doghouse

After leaving the Pound Puppy Lagoon, Jerry goes to the rumpus room and trips over one of the toys. He then sees Holly in the rumpus room, where toys are scattered around the floor. Holly, who is also participating with the Pound Puppies in Cooler's reverse psychology plan, tells Jerry that putting all the toys away is not fun anymore and offers Jerry to find a toy to play with. After Jerry leaves, Blue gives Holly the okay sign and leaves. Holly then giggles.

Little Big Dog

While Katrina is building her brick wall, Teensy, who is now Cooler's size, plays basketball with Whopper, Howler, Cooler, and four other puppies at the rumpus room. By the end of the game, Teensy wins as the others cheer him on.

The Bright Eyes Mob

While Toots witnesses Katrina chasing Bright Eyes, her conscience tells her that she should change her ways and save Bright Eyes, which is why Toots and the Crushers rushed to Bright Eyes' rescue.

Good Night, Sweet Pups

In the third dream sequence, Whopper encounters the shadow monster again. But this time, Whopper's friends stand behind him and Whopper, after learning that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark, barks at the monster. The shadow monster is then shocked and intimidated by Whopper's courage. The monster then disappears, never to return to Whopper's dreams ever again. Whopper's friends then congratulate Whopper for his bravery.

Bright Lights, Bright Eyes

Instead of wearing a blue dress, Bright Eyes wears a pink dress, a red ribbon and a pearl necklace. In addition, she sings "Danny Boy" as her audition. By the time she enters the stage, she gets stage fright and stutters a la Jackie Gleason. After some convincing, Bright Eyes goes back on stage and the gang sings "Let the Sunshine In*, with Bright Eyes winning first place.

While Brattina and Catgut get ready for the annual pet talent show, Katrina Stoneheart then calls Mayor Fist to be the judge. Mayor Fist, hearing Katrina on the phone, was suspicious at first, but agrees to do so, which explains why Mayor Fist is one of the judges at the talent show. Bigelow, making his cameo appearance, tries to enter the contest as a judge, but he was tricked by Katrina when she told him that someone is stealing his car. Hearing the lie, Bigelow immediately rushes and Katrina signs up as a judge. Meanwhile, Bigelow looks around and sees his car still in place. He then realizes that he had been tricked.

Garbage Night, the Musical

At the end, there is a curtain call and all the characters from the episode bow while the audience applaud.

Cooler, Come Back

At the end of the episode, all of the characters of the TV series bow while the audience applaud.

As the credits roll, all of the characters sang "Broadway Melody".

Commercial Bumpers

  • Igor walks up to Bright Eyes and hugs her, as the word "Purrrrr" flies over their heads.

Igor's Voice: Stay tuned. We'll be right back. Bright Eyes: OK, Iggy. We're back on the air.

  • Nose Marie wraps Her arms around Cooler and Kisses Him, but passes out.

Cooler: Nose Marie, I-- We'll return after this. Nose Marie: Cooler, Honey? Wake Up. Commercial's over

  • Whopper in his wonder Whopper outfit flies until his fantasy is ruined by an abrupt noise.

Whopper: Hurry back before I wake up abruptly. / Ah! You made it back!

  • Howler presses a button of his invention, but explodes in his face.

Howler: Oh, no! This will take some repairs. / Ah. Finally. Commercial's done.

  • Marcus and Momo are eating lunch together.

Marcus: Don't go away, soldiers. The Pound Puppies Show will return./ We now return to the Pound Puppies Show.

Outtakes for Season 1 and 2

Bright Eyes, Come Home

  • (After a manhole strikes the two Bully Cats, Bright Eyes sees Howler instead of Cooler.)

Bright Eyes: Howler? What are you doing here?

Howler: (Howls) Oops. I wasn't supposed to be here yet.

  • (as Nose Marie is grieving about the pound being shut down...)

Cooler: Are we tangoing? I'm kind of enjoying it.

Nose Marie: That's not important-- Enjoying?

  • (as the Gang leaves the Costume shop, Cooler comes out as an army general, Nose Marie comes out in a safari outfit, Howler comes out as a mad scientist, and Whopper comes out as a plumber.)

Howler: Aw! I thought I disposed of the disguise last Halloween!

Director: Cut!

  • (as Whopper was about to make a hasty retreat...)

Whopper: Wonder Whopper must make an emergency trip to.… um… um… What was I suppose to say again?

  • (Cooler and Nose Marie try to talk to Bright Eyes while she's in her bikini, but she's fallen asleep.)

Cooler: Maybe we should try this tomorrow.

Director: Okay, cut.

How to Found a Pound

  • (As Nose Marie was about to kiss Cooler on the boat, a bag impacts Cooler, instead of the canoe.)

Cooler: Hey! Watch where you're throwing that thing!

  • (Howler comes out in a maid costume.)

Howler: Do I really need to wear this silly maid outfit?

  • (As Whopper tells his Mars story, he is being tested by a lie detector, which says "False".)

Whopper: OK, what's the big idea?

From Wags to Riches

(When Buster stops spinning, he is dizzy.)

Buster: Okay. I need to be careful with the spinning.

Snowbound Pound

(As Bright Eyes enters with her costume, she trips and lands on her bottom.)

Director: Are you okay, Bright Eyes?

Bright Eyes: I'm okay. Let's try again.

The Fairy Dogmother

(As soon as Zazu jumps put of the bathtub, she is wearing scuba gear instead of her costume.)

Zazu: Oops! Wrong costume.

Whopper Cries Uncle

(When Nose Marie is singing about JR Whopper, Nose Marie kicks too high and one of her heels flies off, accidentally hitting Cooler, and everyone is laughing hysterically. Nose Marie notices this and wiggles her toes.)

Nose Marie: Oh my. I guess I must have kicked too high.

In Pups We Trust

(When Cooler goes out of his dog house after his blanket is stolen, he sings "I am so proud" from the Mikado instead of "I'm a little teapot")

Cooler: Whoops. Wrong song.

The Captain and the Cats

(As the Mouseketeers were saying their battle cry)

Mouseketeer 1: All for one…

Mouseketeer 2: One for all…

Mouseketeer 3: Women and children first.

Director: Cut! It's "All for one, one for all, and a partridge in a pear tree".

Secret Agent Pup

(As Nose Marie accidentally goes on stage, she forgets her lines.)

Nose Marie: Excuse me while I go over my script.

Wagga Wagga

(As Nose Marie grabs a microphone, she sneezes.)

Nose Marie: Oops. Pardon my allergies.

Ghost Hounders

(At his trailer, Biff Barker and Cooler are seen singing a karaoke song. Cooler notices the camera.)

Cooler: Uh oh.

Tail of the Pup

  • (As Cooler, Nose Marie and Whopper peek out from the trash cans, Bright Eyes can't lift the lid.)

Bright Eyes: Help! I can't see! It's like someone super-glued the lid. Hey! (Nose Marie lifts the lid with no difficulty.) He he he. sorry. I guess I overreacted.

  • (The Vacuum Vortex eats up the trash cans, but Explodes in a tremendous explosion.)

Katrina: Aw! Note to self, not to let the Vacuum Vortex eat anything metal.

  • (After Whopper goes in his Young Dr. Whopper persona...)

Whopper: And in any event of an emergency, Who do you call? Young Doctor… um… line?

Director: Young Doctor Whopper!

Whopper: Oh.

Where do Puppies come from?

  • (After Rusty and Lucy slide down, Lucy lands on top of Rusty's back.)

Lucy: Rusty, I'm so sorry.

Rusty: That's okay, Lucy. I'm Limber, so, I'll live.

  • (As the Pups celebrate in the pvent of Rusty and Lucy to become Parents, some confetti is thrown upward by Bright Eyes.)

Bright Eyes: You're healed! huh? No green numbers? (Looks left and right.) Nothing.

Director: He he he. Sorry. Bright Eyes was obsessed with playing that medieval game for 4 hours straight.

  • (Near the end of Cooler's song, after Cooler crashes into the gondola, Howler twists his leg.)

Howler: Ow! My leg! Cooler, that was a great song, but I think I'm a gondola.

Cooler: Howler, I think you meant goner. Goner?! Hey! Howler need medical attention.

Howler: I only twisted my leg. It's not life-threatening.

  • (As Lucy suggests having a Sundae, She is stopped by the director.)

Director: Cut! Lucy, are you serious? Did you know chocolate is toxic? I can tell from the rest of the foods if they're toxic or not. Can someone get a prop of a banana split?

Lucy: Well, You learn something new every day.

  • (As Bright Eyes and Whopper got rescued by Cooler and made a suggestion of leashing the pair, We see Rusty and Lucy in separate podiums...)

Lucy: False! (podium dings.)

Cooler: Huh? What are those?

Rusty: Sorry. We found these podiums backstage.

Director: Cut!

Pups on the Loose

  • (After Lucy Screams "Hold It"...)

Director: Whoa! Not too loud, Lucy! If the Humane Society see this, they have a cow!

Lucy: What? I didn't know they were buying a cow.

Director: No, no. I mean they could sue you for not being gentle with your pups. They're young. Their teeth aren't strong. et cetera. Just be a slight softer on the shouting. Huh? We're still rolling? Darn it!

Cooler: I think we'd better cut off now.

  • (After Cooler was about to ingest the chocolate ice cream with a cone...)

Brattina: Are you sure you're going to eat that?

Cooler: Don't worry, it's gravy from dog food.

Brattina: EW! That was what I was eating?!

(Brattina rushes off. Cooler laughs.)

  • (Video Game Boss Music plays as the Rover-Roper is nearing the Triplets but in a smokescreen, the Triplets cosplay as a Wizard, Pirate, and Pictomancer, surprising Katrina.)

Katrina: What? Do they think they can destroy My Rover-Roper?

(The triplets argue who wears the better outfit, and become a hurricane, which dismantles the Rover-Roper.)

Cooler: Whoa! Did you see that?

Director: Cut! Cut! You three would make a great summon for a certain role-playing game. I'm sure your parents would be proud of you.

Where's the Fire?

(When Cooler was explaining about how dogs can be whatever they want, he is wearing summer attire.)

Cooler: Oops. I must have gotten the wrong costume. Who's got the Lincoln costume ready?

Garbage Night: The Musical

  • (As The gang were on their way to a restaurant, Bright Eyes was singing a song that was possible to make someone sick.)

Bright Eyes: Hmm. (pulls out a guitar and plays it as she sings.) One time I went to a restaurant, I saw a pup get really sick, his face became green, he wasn't that lean, it turns out he ate a candle wick...

Director: (Snickering) Cut. Cut! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Peter Pup

(After the TV explodes, Bright Eyes and Whopper get startled by the explosion.)

Bright Eyes: That was scary.


What kind of TV Series should the Pound Puppies do a crossover special with? If so, what should the crossover special be called?

Married... With Children(Married... With Children and Pound Puppies)

One Piece(Yo Ho Ho and a Dog Biscuit)

Shirt Tales(A Shirt Tale of Two Cities)

Tom and Jerry Kids(Three Romeoes and A Juliet)

Dragon Ball Z

Astro Boy

Hong Kong Phooey(The Karate Pup)

Mobile Suit Gundam

The Tick(Ticked Off)

Fluppy Dogs

Sailor Moon


101 Dalmations

Tiny Toons Adventures(The Pound Puppies and Tiny Toons Comedy Half Hour, The Case of the Scorned Kitten)

Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

The Adventures of Blinky Bill (The Pound Puppies Go Down Under)

Midnight Patrol: Adventures in the Dream Zone (Puppies in the Dream Zone)

Pound Puppies Pet Care Corner Ideas

Here are some ideas below for the Pound Puppies Pet Care Corner.

As Igor is on a hospital bed with a broken leg and Dr. Simon is wrapping bandages around Igor's leg, Bright Eyes informs the viewers as pet owners that accidents can happen. and that if they think their pet has a broken bone or any other injury, they should take him or her to the vet.

Igor and Bright Eyes inform the viewers that chocolate can be dangerous for pets.

Catgut tells Ming and the viewers about how to prepare of their cat when they have kittens.

Vigor and Igor tell the viewers how to locate their lost pet.

Howard and Cooler tell the viewers on how to select a pet at a pet shop or pound.

Bright Eyes tells the viewers that all pets need inoculations, as she carries a sobbing Igor to the vet.

Howler plays mediator trying to stop a child from treating Catgut like a toy as he tells the viewers that pets are not to be treated as toys by very young children.

Nose Marie tells the viewers as rabbit owners what foods can be best for their pet rabbit.

Cooler tells the viewers about sport-bred dogs, and that they need more exercise than non-sport dogs, and that young ones needs to jog an hour per day.

Whopper tells the viewers on how to keep their pets flea-free.

Howard and Jackie tell the viewers on exercising their pet, but don't overdo it.

Igor and Catgut give advice to the viewers on how to keep their cats safe.

Whopper gives advice on how to pick up a rabbit the right way, in the event of a magic show.

Cooler gives advice on how to provide adequate shelter for Your pet.

Nose Marie gives advice on getting a right pet depending on the size.

Precious gives advice on the first vaccinations of newborn puppy(s), which is from 6 to 8 weeks old, 11 weeks old, and between 12 and 16 weeks old.

Bright Eyes and Winky tell the viewers that Dogs crave affection and praise, and if He or She doesn't obey their owners' commands, withhold praising until He or She complies.

Bright Eyes and Charlemange tell the viewers on how to correctly bathe a Cat. which is placing a rubber mat inside the washtub, and fill it with warm water. The viewer must brush their cat gently, but firmly, and wash Him or Her. then rinse the cat with a sponge or a spray bottle, and after drying the cat with a towel, the viewer's cat is clean.

Other Safe Tips

  • Paku Paku and Bright Eyes explain to the viewer about lakes and what precautions to take.
  • Bartrand tells the viewer about circus stunts and why they're meant for circus people.
  • Saffron tells the Farm Division Pups about being careful with electrical equipment while she plays the electric guitar.
  • After an exhausted Jayden makes 100 jumps, he and Debra explain the merits of being in shape.
  • Ian tells Whopper about poison ivy and what it looks like.
  • Cooler and Nose Marie explain why breakfast is important.
  • Louie and Vivian explain why it's not wise to stuff yourself with too much food.

Comic Book Ideas

These Comic Book Adventures take place before the Time Skip.

Issue #1: Cooler, Nose Marie, Bright Eyes, Whopper, and Howler coming out like in a 3D Picture. (Beamer has His work cut out for Him, when He must groom the Puppies for an upcoming competition.)

Issue #2: Howler wearing earmuffs as he sees a roll of firecrackers exploding. (Howler begins to lose confidence after failing to build a Pup-vision Television.)

Issue #3: At a track meet, Nose Marie is riding on Cooler's shoulders, with Bright Eyes on Igor's shoulders, and Amy on Howler's shoulders. (Cooler tests Igor's love for Bright Eyes as Nose Marie test's Amy's romance for Howler.)

Issue #4: Whopper is building a sandcastle and becomes surprised when he sees Igor making a moat to keep the beach water from getting to the castle. (Igor tries to have a date with Bright Eyes, and to her suggestion, They bring Whopper to a Laser Tag place, while Brutus tries to get them.)

Issue #5: Howler using his machine to turn Igor into a Birman cat, Bright Eyes into a Korat cat. (Vigor asks a fortune teller about what became of Igor's original heart.)

Issue #6: Cooler leads a parade of his friends in a city street. (Cooler and the others re-enact the very first Thanksgiving.)

Issue #7: Cooler and Nose Marie making snow pups representing Cooler and Nose Marie in their childhoods. (Whopper and Bright Eyes try to find a good hill to slide down on their sleds.)

Issue #8: Whopper throwing confetti at the others. (The Gang celebrates the New Year.)

Issue #9: Igor using a paintbrush to erase Bright Eyes' arm injury, as Bright Eyes says "Only in America". (Igor turns the pound into a chapel in hopes of marrying Bright Eyes.)

Issue #10: The Gang celebrate spring break as they turn the pound into a beach. (The Gang celebrate St. Patrick's Day, as Cooler tries to find a four-leaf clover.)

Issue #11: Gary, Spot, Zelda, Stanley, and Charlie come out of a giant egg. (Beamer quizzes the Pound's Puppies to know which animals hatch from eggs.)

Issue #12: The Younger Pound Puppies cheer as they exit the pound. (Cchildren who are about enter middle school, are adopting puppies to help them deal with growing up.)

New Characters

Howard- Holly's long-lost brother.

Igor- A Transylvanian Hound wearing glasses on his nose who likes to pull pranks. He has a crush on Bright Eyes. He's also a big brother figure for Whopper.

Vigor- Igor's twin brother who is also a Transylvanian Hound. Unlike Igor, Vigor is the serious of the twins. He likes to read books. He is a good friend of Howler.

Karl Stoneheart- Katrina's brother.

Amy- A female pug whose favorite hobby is making inventions. She has a crush on Howler.

Shakespeare- A male Yorkshire Terrier who has a habit of reciting memorable lines from plays by William Shakespeare.

Jackie- A male Golden Retriever who likes to play football, baseball, and other sports. He is good friends with Cooler.

Gordon- A young male Dalmatian Puppy who loves reading comic books. He is good friends with Whopper.

Precious- A female French Bulldog who is very sweet and passionate. She is good friends with Nose Marie.

Cary and Celia- Cooler's parents. Cary is a Beagle and Celia is a Bloodhound

Robert and Sandra- Holly and Howard's biological parents. Robert works at a football team while Sandra is an actress. It is unclear whether they are still alive or dead.

Maya- A female Pekingnese girl dog who is Beamer's girlfriend.

John Dachshund- A singer and is voiced by John Davidson

Jim J. Bulldog- An old friend of John Dachshund.

John Leashgow- A greyhound who is a well-known comedian. He is good friends with John Dachshund and Jim Bulldog.

Marilyn Meow- A female cat who was once a singer at a cafe. She accompanys Bark Solomon, John Dachshund, and Jim Bulldog.

Ramon- A handsome Rough Collie and Maya's older brother.

The Rigs Brothers- A talented boy band consisting of four human brothers: TJ, Tony, Ricky, and Joshua. The female Pound Puppies are in love with them and Howler was jealous of them. In reality, all they want is to fit in with everyone else.

"Marshal" Marcus- Despite the fact that he is 18 years old, he is very authoritative and doesn't tolerate goofing off. He also has a soft side where he adopts Momo and loves him, May, and Camille.

"Major" May- She is Marcus' 15-year-old sister. Like Marcus, she is sometimes authoritative.

"Captain" Camille- She is Marcus and May's pet cat. She admires Marcus and wishes to serve in the army.

Momo- A puppy who once belonged to an abusive owner. He is rescued by Holly's Puppy Pound and adopted by Marcus.

Gamma- A mysterious man who has a soft spot for puppies and kittens. He'd do anything to rescue them from their abusive owners... if it means making some "sacrifices".

Diablo- One of Katrina's henchmen. He bears a slight resemblance to Sam Quentin from Bright Eyes, Come Home.

Angel-Killina- One of Katrina's henchmen. She is Captain Slaughter's niece.

Slaughtina- One of Katrina's henchmen. She is Captain Slaughter's daughter.

Heater and Polly- The aggressive but dim-witted clones of Cooler and Holly.

Andy, Thomas, Howlette, and Joanna- Howler and Amy's children.

Captain Canine- A golden retriever who is also a superhero. He is worshipped by Gordon. Voiced by Michael Keaton.

Judy- A beagle who is Captain Canine's female sidekick and sister. She is also known as the "Girl Pup Wonder". Voiced by Kay Lenz.

Puppy Cadets- A group of five dogs who help Captain Canine on his adventures. They consist of a Samoyed named Tandy, twin German Sheperds Glen and Gwen, G-Boy(Gordon), and a Boxer named Dana.

Susan and Terrence Johnson- A young couple who live at a farm outside Poundsville.

Peter- A young man who is Vladimir and Sonia's owner and the former owner of Igor and Vigor. He is highly agressive and overprotective when it comes to his pets.

Jacey- A Cocker Spaniel who is Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's pet dog.

Ming- A female Siamese cat who is the brains of the Pound Purries. Her favorite hobby is playing mahjong. She has a strong dislike against Catgut. Voiced by Stephanie Young.

Paw Paw- An Agean cat who is the youngest kitten of the Pound Purries. She is good friends with Bright Eyes. Voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

Short Tail- A Birman who is the same age as Paw-Paw. He also has a short tail, hence his name. Voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Ace- A Savannah who is skilled in flying aircrafts. He used to live at an airport.

Clawdia- A Snowshoe who is the tomboy of the Pound Purries. She likes to get pedicures.

Buttercup- A Chinese Harlequinn/Cherub/Singapura mix cat who is Tuffy's girlfriend.

DJ and Faith Bigelow- Bigelow and Dr. Simon's son and daughter.

Pupzan- A dog who lived his life in the jungle. He bears a close resemblance to Beamer. Voiced by Clancy Brown.

Klaude Stoneheart- Katrina's brother from France. He is allergic to dogs.

Konrad Stoneheart- Katrina's uncle. He is wanted for grand theft auto.

Brutus Stoneheart- Konrad's grandson. He is a professional wrestler.

Kaptain Kid Stoneheart- Katrina's nephew. He steals jewelry from yachts and cruise ships.

Kactus Jack Stoneheart- Katrina's eldest brother who used to be an actor starring in western movies.

Kabuki Stoneheart- Katrina's brother who is obsessed with Japan's culture.

Karol Stoneheart- Katrina's cousin. She is also a con-artist. She usually wears a fortune teller's dress under the alias Madame Barcelona.

Worry Wart- A shy Austrailian Silky puppy who is always nervous.

Bigor- Igor and Vigor's Hungarian cousin.

Elaine- Marcus' love interest and later wife. She works as a veterinarian.

Martin- The intelligent eldest son of Cooler and Nose Marie.

Lanford- The second oldest son of Cooler and Nose Marie who dreams of becoming a Pound Puppy.

Jewel- The eldest daughter of Cooler and Nose Marie who has sparkling blue eyes and a tomboyish personality.

Daisy- The second oldest daughter of Cooler and Nose Marie who is artistic as well as opimistic.

Beauregard- The youngest son of Cooler and Nose Marie who is indecisive but friendly.

Carrie- The youngest daughter of Cooler and Nose Marie.

Vincent Vanderfeller- The silent eldest son of Violet and Momo

Misaki and Mitsuki Vanderfeller- The twin daughters of Momo and Violet.

Taro Vanderfeller- The youngest son of Momo and Violet.

George Caninopoulos- A Retriever who reports the latest news. A parody of ABC 7 journalist George Stephanopoulos.

Colin- The eldest son of Reflex and Colette. He is overprotective when it comes to his younger siblings. He is good friends with Vincent and Martin. He likes to play the violin.

Diamond- The eldest daughter of Reflex and Colette. Hence her name, her eyes shine like diamonds. She is adventurous and fun-loving. She has a crush on Lanford.

Eric- The second youngest child of Reflex and Colette. Like his father, Eric has a down-to-earth personality. He is the least bravest out of the four children and pessimistic when it comes to Lanford's ideas.

Rhea- The youngest daughter of Reflex and Colette. She gets along well with her older siblings. She is also good friends with Carrie, Taro, Bright Eyes, Gordon, and Whopper.

Lee- The baby brother of Catgut and Ming.

Lobo and Bolo- Two wolf brothers who are students of Pupzan and Wolfazar.

Yang and Yin- Father and mother of Catgut, Ming, and Lee. They are both Siamese cats.

Michelle- A female Siamese cat who became Catgut's girlfriend and later wife.

Casey- The long-lost younger sister of Cooler. Not to be confused with Casey from Casey, Come Home.

Tony the Artist- A Retriever who is passionate for art. He also known as the Pound Puppy Formerly Known as the Artist.

Cookie and Cupcake- Cookie is a Birman kitten and Cupcake is an American shorthair kitten who are big fans of Igor and Bright Eyes. They even dress up like Igor and Bright Eyes.

Count Zanzibar- A tyrant who rules the Earth in the year 2737. He is the Devil Dog Seven's current master and was responsible for the genocide against all cats and their owners in the future.

Devil Dog Seven- Seven dogs who hail from the year 2737 and were responsible for the feline genocide in the future. They consist of Jayden, Antonio, Bartrand, Ian, Stephanie, Vivi, and Darius. After the defeat of Count Zanzibar, the seven dogs reformed and joined the Pound Puppies.

Usagi- A Siamese cat who is Catgut's descendant hailing from the year 2737. He came from the future to not only warn the Pound Puppies and others about how dangerous the Devil Dog Seven and Count Zanzibar are, but he also assists the heroes in their adventure. He carries a sword made out of Zetatonium.

Susanoo- An Akita Inu who is another samurai dog. He attacks using a katana and a hammer.

Chew Chew- A Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix who is a fan of martial arts movies.

Drumstick-Another Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix who is a daredevil.

July- A kitten who behaves like a puppy.

Tricolor- An artist who is in love with Barkerville.

Jelly Bean- A kitten who is flexible and good at dancing.

Topaz- A mer-dog who hails from Doglantis.

Frederick Q. Nichol-Bach- A bird-brained pet-snatcher who works for Kaptain Kid.

Gupta- Frederick's pet tiger.

Horatio and Irene Vanderfeller- Violet's owners. They are also TJ and Tony's godparents.

Catherine, Annie, Mikey, Yao, Ling, Po, Sakura, Catgut Jr., and Kefka- Catgut and Michelle's kittens.

Mimi-Nose- Nose Marie's younger sister.

Fifi- A female Poodle whom Jackie has a crush on.

Ollie, Laturna, Tiny, Digit, and Zigzag- Five members of Pupzan's tribe of wolves.

Tori- A Japanese bobtail kitten who is Momo's old friend.

Mona Lisa, Dino, and Artie- Tony the Artist and Tricolor's children.

McWhisker- A Scottish Fold kitten who is Beamer's old friend.

Ruby- An Irish Setter who is Pupnick's girlfriend.

Jeanie Purrington- A famous Kittywood actress who is Jelly Bean's older cousin.

Yuri- A Kurilian Bobtail who is Jeanie's agent.

Sapphire and Salem- Veronica's pet dogs. They are both Alaskan Huskies.

Leonardo- A Russian Blue cat who is Tony the Artist's old friend from Italy.

Calvin- Cooler and Casey's older brother.

Randy, Sandy and Tandy- Rusty and Lucy's Second-born set of children. Sandy, Randy, and Tandy are the youngest brothers and sister of Candy, Mandy, and Andy.

Debra- A miniature Austrailian sheperd who used to fall in love with Scrounger.

Denny, Zachary, Kimmy, and Janice-Jayden and Debra's children.

Starburst- a dog who falls in love with Whopper.

Kawasenshi- An energetic puppy who dreams of becoming a master martial artist.

Pamela- An Akbash dog who has a crush on Antonio.

Cleopatra- A Brittany dog who has a crush on Darius.

Pancho- An Izbian Hound who has a crush on Vivian.

Bonita- A Phalene puppy who has a crush on Ian.

Moon Spark- a west highland terrier/yorkie mix superhero who joins the Puppy Cadets.

Hydra- A kitten who loves water.

Lassie McTerrier- a dog that used to bully McWhisker and Beamer.

Pyro- One of the Elemental Cadets who masters Pyrokinesis.

Freezer- An Elemental Cadet who masters Cryokinesis.

Denki- An Elemental Cadet who controls electricity.

Terra Cotta- An Elemental Cadet who controls the Earth and plant life.

Kaze- An Elemental Cadet who controls the wind.

Jojo- A puppy princess who hails from El Dorado.

Lucas- An Affenpinscher puppy who friends with Vigor.

Kyle-  A creative yet eccentric cat who studies to be an artist

Chic- a very small teacup poodle who dreams of being a fashion desgiener. Despite her name, she is not from Paris, France.

Hibiscus- An intelligent Alaskan Eskimo puppy who is fascinated with plants.

Pencil- a smart and gentlemanly Doberman.

Kisa- A Water Spanniel that was a working for the Stoneheart Six until she met the Pound Puppies.

Kintaro- A Siamese cat dreams of becoming a samurai. 

Little Paw- One of the last surviving members of the Warriors of Puppy Power and Big Paw's younger sister.

Cavallo- An angora cat who is one of Tony the Artist's students.

Brezza- Cavallo's younger sister.

Ginnie- Wishbone's younger sister.

Bouncy- An energetic Plott Hound puppy.

Roy- A cat that is Bouncy's friend.

Kojiro- A Hokkaido dog who hails from a clan of samurai dogs.

Clement- A Bio-engineered Oriental Cat who wishes for a normal life, and is leader of the Elite Eighteen, known as Elite One.

Flynn- A Bio-engineered Devon Rex Cat that enjoys paragliding and skydiving. Second in Command of the Elite Eighteen. dressed like a Air Pilot. Known as Elite Two

Veronique- A Bio-engineered Ragdoll Cat who enjoys Mixed Martial Arts, has heavy shackles on Her ankles and wrists, and wishes for Her own Dojo. dressed like a Karate Master. Known as Elite Three.

Wilton- A Bio-engineered Highlander Cat that thinks Mice are descendants of Cats, and Vice-Versa. dressed like a Mad Scientist. Known as Elite Four

Grant- A Bio-engineered Korat Cat that enjoys digging and goes to fossil digs to find a new species of Cat from the Prehistoric times. dressed like an archeologist. Known as Elite Five

Tulip- A Bio-engineered La Perm Cat that enjoys Rock-Climbing, building obstacle courses, and climbing trees. Dressed in a Blue Jumpsuit. Known as Elite Six

Marcy- A Bio-engineered Norweigan Forest cat who enjoys taking pictures of insects and took up beekeeping to finance Her food budget. Dressed like a florist. Known as Elite Seven

Mai- A Bio-engineered Scottish Fold kitten who is afraid of Ghosts and thinks that mice are evil spirits. Dressed like a Shinto Priest. Known as Elite Eight.

IQ- A Bio-engineered Siberian Kitten who enjoys building mouse-sized robots to help cats and mechanical toys for dogs to use Their energy so they won't be lazy and obese. Dressed like a School Nerd. Known as Elite Nine.

Hibachi- A Bio-engineered Ocicat from Hawaii who twirls Fire batons like She isn't afraid of Fire. Dressed like a Hula Girl. Known as Elite Ten.

Paku Paku- A Bio-engineered Singapura Kitten, whose body is used to water, and enjoys Scuba Diving. Dressed in a Blue and White Wetsuit. Known as Elite Eleven. The Word Paku Paku is the Japanese sound effect for fish flopping in the water.

Cactus Flower- A Bio-engineered Tonkinese Cat who cares for the environment, and She hopes for an expendible and harmless Fuel for Transportation and looks up to Veronique as a Big Sister. Dressed as a Hippie. Known as Elite Twelve.

Forte- A Bio-engineered Turkish Angora Cat that enjoys Rock-and-Roll Music, and doesn't like being told to be quiet. Dressed like a Heavy Metal Rocker. Known as Elite Thirteen.

Lyra- A Bio-engineered Nebelung Kitten born with Psychic powers. She once lifted up a 50 pound barbell with Her powers. Dressed like a Scientist with a germ mask. Known as Elite Fourteen.

Ice Cap- A Bio-engineered Snowshoe Kitten who enjoys the cold environment, and an expert Fisherman. once lived inside an igloo for 3 days. Dressed like an Alaskan Fisherman. Known as Elite Fifteen.

Nanki Pu- A Bio-engineered Australian Mist Cat who is obsessed with Medieval Stories and Games. prefers to play than work. Dressed in a Japanese kimono. Known as Elite Sixteen.

Plasma and Proton- A Pair of Bombay Kittens who are twins that enjoy each other's company. One is dressed in Red, the Other's is Cyan Colored. Known as Elite Seventeen-L and Elite Seventeen-R.

Harriet- An American Wirehair Kitten, who hopes for a rich lifestyle, and hates littering. She is Clement's Little Sister. Dressed as a Cloaked Sorceress. Known as Elite Eighteen.

Petite- A teacup poodle who is Chic's older sister. 

Wendy- A Dalmatian/Retriever girl dog who can change costumes at will.

Ridgeback- A Rhodesian Ridgeback who studies archeology.

Spice- A kitten that acts oddly.

Sports Pups Club- A trio of athletic dogs consisting of Houndton, Milady, and Sawyer.

Saffron- One of the last four devil dogs. She was also known as Kanashimi the Sorrowful.

Ethan- The Devil Dog of Extravagance.

Yakima- The Devil Dog of Acedia.

Victoria- The Devil Dog of Vainglory.

Scruffles and Truffles- Twin Beagle/Border dogs.

Black Pearl- A Lhasa Apso dog that that used to work for Kaptain Kid, but later reformed

Edgar- A munchkin cat poet.

The Despicable Decade- A gang of tigers led by Gupta. Their members are Nadish, Rajit, Ikshan, Palash, Panthera, Aamani, Asha, Jaya, Bala and Kala.

Padmi- Gupta's wife who wants Gupta to reform.

Lalita and Lolita- Twin daughters of Gupta and Padmi.

Order of the Cattails- A group of cats who are allies of the Elite Eighteen. They consist of Romero, Emerald, Jade, Kendall, Androy, San-Chan, Suda, Pearl, Sabrina, and Wilma.

Lens- Pix's younger brother.

Sasha- A snow leopard who not only can withstand extremely low temperatures, but also extremely high temperatures.

Hilda and Gilda- Igor and Vigor's younger sisters.

Crystal- Anchor's younger sister.

Nisshoku- a superhero puppy with the ability to control brightness of areas.

Bintang- A ferret who is studying astronomy.

Astro- A fox who often accompanies Bintang.

Bruno Stoneheart- The cousin of Kaptain Kid Stoneheart. He is often called "Napoleon" due to his height.

Scout- John's old friend.

Wags McGillicuddy- A Scottish Terrier who was a ghost hailing from 1800's Scotland.

Remy- A Raccoon who is skilled in spying and ninjutsu.

Rhoda- Remy's sister.

Winter Mist- An Alaskan Husky who is Sasha's good friend.

Sombra- A puppy cadet who can control shadows.

Danta-Panja -A bengal tiger hired as Gupta's replacement as comander of the Despicabe Dacade.

Mizu- A puppy cadet who controls water.

Ghas- A puppy cadet who controls plant life.

Unlucky Thirteen- Thirteen cats from the future who declared war on all dogs and their owners.

Emperor Robin Murgatroyd- A dictator from the year 9000 who has a strong dislike against dogs and is also the Unlucky Thirteen's owner.

Desiree Murgatroyd- Robin's younger sister who is commander of the rebellion against her brother from the year 9000.

Desiree's Rebel Alliance- A group of twelve rebels who are the last hope of overthrowing Emperor Murgatroyd from the year 9000. They are also Desiree's close friends.

Stellar- A puppy cadet who controls falling stars.

Sonar- A puppy cadet who controls sound.

Tempo- A puppy cadet who controls time.

Ernst- A puppy cadet who controls gravity.

Pluto McCartney- A madman who runs a criminal organization called Pluto Inc.

Jackal Johnson- A jackal who serves as Pluto McCartney's assistant.

Jack Rabbit Gang- A group of rabbits who also served Pluto McCartney.

Zodiac Dozen- Twelve warriors who are enemies with Pluto McCartney. The members consist of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio.

Ferro- A puppy cadet who manipulates metal.

Joining the Pound Puppies as permanent members in the TV Series

​Holly's Puppy Pound Division








Violet Vanderfeller









Tony the Artist

Worry Wart


Itchy and Snichey

Bartrand, Stephanie, Vivi, Darius, Ian, Jayden, and Antonio


Chew Chew









Lassie McTerrier




Little Paw







Winter Mist







Jungle Division


Logo and Bolo






​Farm Division



Candy, Mandy, Andy, Randy, Sandy, Tandy, and Brandy




Puppy Cadets Division

Captain Canine


Glen and Gwen



Moon Spark

Pyro, Freezer, Denki, Terra Cotta, and Kaze



Ghas and Mizu



Tempo and Ernst


Neo Pound Puppies

Rover, Starlia, Tokky, Steveno and Cresella

Joining the Pound Purries as permanent members of the TV Series

​Holly's Puppy Pound Division

Three Mouseketeers









Cookie and Cupcake

Yin and Yang


Jelly Bean







Cavallo and Brezza

Jeanie Purrington

Elite Eighteen



Order of the Cattails

Stefan, Pan, Amster, Hayate, Pablo, Georgia, Franco, Rosa, Sen Sen, and Tai Bo


Joining the Puppy Pound as permanent members in the TV Series

Holly's Puppy Pound Division







Lalita and Lolita


Bintang and Astro

Remy and Rhoda

​Japanese Names

Should the remake be shown in Japanese, this is what their names would be....

Cooler= Kura

Nose Marie= Hana Marii

Bright Eyes= Soumei Me

Howler= Haoraa

Whopper= Uapa

Beamer= Bima

Reflex= Rifurekusu


Barkerville= Bakabiru

Scrounger= Sukuraonjia

Igor= Igo

Colette= Koretto

Holly= Hori

Gamma= Ganma

Catgut= Katto Gatto

Katrina Stoneheart= Katorina Ishikokoro

Bartrand= Barclay(Bakurei)

Stephanie= Ikari

Vivian= Chika

Darius= Yasuo

Ian= Shinjiro

Jayden= Granger(Guranjya)

Ethan= Eddie

Victoria= Varuna

Thatcher= Takase

Saffron= Dai (Formerly called The Depressed)

Main Voice Cast

Which voice actor do you want to voice the main characters?

Dan Gilvezan as Cooler

Jamieson Price as Calvin

Carolyn Lawrence as Nose Marie

Nancy Cartwright as Bright Eyes

Barbara Goodson as Whopper

Jonathan Slavin as Howler

Mike Myers as Beamer

Tom Kenny as Reflex

Gail Matthius as Violet Vanderfeller

Greg Berger as Scrounger

Alan Oppenheimer as Barkerville/Pancho

Rene Auberjonois as Louie

Cathy Cavadini as Charlemange/Colette

Jason Marsden as Igor/Vigor/Bigor

Melissa Disney as Holly

Luci Christian as Celia/Amy

Sean Schemmel as Howard

Christopher Sabat as Gamma

Brina Palencia as Gordon

Sandy Fox as Precious

Melanie Griffith as Casey

Mike Judge as Marcus

Paula Tiso as Elaine

Stephanie Young as Ming

Eric Vale as Jackie

Jonathon Brooks as Tony the Artist

Kath Soucie as May

Colleen Clinkenbeard as Momo/Tony Rigs

Hugh Laurie as Shakespeare

Dan Castellaneta as Dabney Nabbit

Tress MacNeille as Katrina Stoneheart/Faith

Tia Ballard as Brattina

Frank Welker as Hairball/Chew Chew/Catgut's meowing noise

Justin Cook as Catgut

Jesse McCartney as Bartrand

Jennifer Hale as Stephanie

Cynthia Cranz as Vivian(Vivi)

Dan Milano as Darius

Jill Talley as Ian

Brad MacDonald as Jayden

Patrick Seitz as Antonio

Cree Summer as Saffron

Kristin Chenoweth as Victoria

Seth Green as Yakima

Linda Cardellini as Ethan

Samuel Vincent as Martin

Peter Cullen as Arthur Slaughter/Captain Slaughter

Jim Cummings as Karl Stoneheart

Garry Chalk as Tubbs

Chuck McCann as Brutus Stoneheart

Jaleel White as DJ/Soren (Speaking)

Charlie Adler as Flack/Drumstick

Michael McConnohie as TJ

Michelle Trachtenberg as Tony Rigs(Screaming)

Bever-Leigh Banfield as Dr. Simon

Maurice LaMarche as Bigelow

Townsend Coleman as Captain Canine

Kay Lenz as Judy

Rowan Atkinson as Ramon

Marcelo Tubert as Pencil

Kelsey Gramer as Kaptain Kid Stoneheart

Grant George as Cary

Alan Young as Mr. Vanderfeller

Patricia Routledge as Mrs. Vanderfeller

Pamela Aldon as Lanford/Beauregard

Vic Mignogna as Worry Wart/Puzzle

Tim McGraw as Norman

Kathy Najimy as Mariah

Stephanie Nadolny as Cookie

Jon Bauman as Big Paw

Tony Longo as Saul

John Burgmeier as Susanoo

James Horan as Count Zanzibar

Ruth Buzzi as Trixie

Laura Bailey as Spice

Grey DeLisle as Lassie McTerrier

April Winchell as Desiree Murgatroyd

Rodger Craig Smith as Soren (Singing)

Lousie Vallance as Marie

Eric Bazua as Dillion

Gail Webster as Linla

Guest Starring Voice Actors from Other Shows

Who would you like to guest star as a character in the TV Series?

Carlos Alazraqui

Jason Alexander

Christina Applegate

Dee Bradley Baker

Ashleigh Ball

George Ball

Jon Bauman as Rotwang

Amanda Bearse

Michael Bell

Ellen Blain

Jim J. Bullock as Jim J. Bulldog

Mary Jo Catlett

Cam Clarke

Townsend Coleman

Jennifer Darling

Keith David as Shadow Dog

John Davidson as John Dachdund

Judyann Elder

R. Lee Ermey

David Faustino

Charles Fleischer

Quinton Flynn

Harrison Ford

Morgan Freeman

George Gaynes

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Elisabeth Harnois

Neil Patrick Harris

Whitby Hertford

Jerry Houser

Arte Johnson

Angelina Jolie as Taboola

Vicki Juditz

Clyde Kusatsu

David Lander

Page Leong

Andrea Libman

John Lithgow as John Leashgow

Jon Lovitz as Wayne Wolfward

Tress MacNeille

Danny Mann

Eric McCormack

Ted McGinley

Scott Menville

Robert Morse

Elisabeth Moss

Ed O'Neill

Rob Paulsen

Bernadette Peters as Marilyn Meow

Robert Redford as Gaio

Tony Robinson

James Rolfe as James Ruff

Neil Ross

Debra Jo Rubb

Katey Sagal

Crystal Scales

Kath Soucie

Tabitha St. Germain

Sherri Stoner

Craig Strong

Tara Strong

Jeffrey Tambor

Susan Tolsky

Jim Ward

Anderson Wong

Adam Conover

Board Game Ideas

Monopoly (Pound Puppies Edition)

Video Games

What if there are video games based on the fan-made episodes?

Pound Puppies World Tour: The Video Game

Pound Puppies: Dance Party

Pound Puppies: Baseball Brouhaha

Pound Puppies: Puppy Carnival

Pound Puppies Dream World

Names for Unnamed Characters

What if any of these characters not named in the original TV Series, TV Special, or 1988 movie are given names?

Legend of Big Paw Remake

Additional Characters

Holly is the owner of the Puppy Pound.

Katrina is the main villainess.

Brattina and Catgut are Her henchmen.

Scrounger, Barkerville, Violet, Igor, Vigor, and Amy are additional members of the Pound Puppies.

The Three Mouseketeers, Dumas, Tuffy, and Camille are additional members of the Pound Purries.

Dr. Simon plays the veterinarian

A human male named Saul accompanies Big Paw.


The Hungarian Hound Brothers (Igor and Vigor) believe what Whopper said when he and Colette escaped.

Igor wears a blue shirt with a dark green unbuttoned shirt over it, and his glasses are on his nose.

During the final song, Vigor presses Cooler to apologize to Whopper.

Instead of Whopper telling the story of Big Paw to his godchildren, Cooler tells the story of Big Paw to his children.

Instead of Arthur and Digalot discovering Puppy Power, a knight by the name of Sir Lionel the True-Blooded discovers Puppy Power after pulling the Sword of Puppy Power out of what could be the Puppy Power Comet. He then meets a very young Big Paw and adopts him.

After the final song, Cooler looks at a picture of the Gang.

Instead of having someone saying "I Love You" to reverse the spell of the Mean Machine, the cure for turning someone back to normal is splashing water on the victim.

Catgut has second thoughts after Igor and Vigor open his eyes and Catgut in a change of heart secretly help the Puppies escape.

Instead of the Mean Machine turning Marvin McNasty and his henchmen back to normal, the Stoneheart Minion Maker explodes, sending Katrina and her henchmen flying to the skies and shouting "We'll be back!"

Beamer is not kidnapped until he and the other Pound Puppies encounter Katrina Stoneheart at her hideout.

Instead of the security chief walking away after seeing suspicious activity, he gets wise and follows the henchmen around. He tries to stop the henchmen from stealing the Sword of Puppy Power, but he is knocked out by Flack.

Bonus Scene: (Between the scene where Jeff and Tammy are being interviewed and Katrina Stoneheart observing the Sword of Puppy Power) Igor sings "This Magic Moment" to Bright Eyes.

The Pound Puppies are given their original designs from the TV Series instead of the new designs for the original movie.

The Bone of Scone is replaced by the Sword of Puppy Power.

Puppy Power isn't broken until Katrina breaks the blade off the sword in front of the Pound Puppies. Puppy Power is then restored when Cooler puts the sword back together.

The Pound Puppies Theme Song is played at the beginning of the movie.

Catgut being able to speak after freeing the Pound Puppies.

Catgut reveals that he used to be Bigelow's pet cat.

The brainwashed victims were given red eyes and wore black capes.

Instead of Lumpy and Bones capturing Whopper and Colette with a vacuum cleaner, Flack and Tubbs capture Whopper and Colette with Katrina's Dog Catcher 3000.

Catgut, even though he was originally a bad guy in the TV Series, gives up his evil ways and now lives with Bigelow during the present day storyline.

The story behind the Sword of Puppy Power is explained.

Bonus Scene (Between the Puppy Power's Back song and the scene where Cooler finishes telling his kids his story): The Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, Holly, Jeff, Tammy, Saul, Big Paw, the security guard, Howard, The Rigs Brothers, Bigelow, Dr. Simon, Rusty, Lucy, Candy, Mandy, and Andy sing the reprise version of "Holly's Puppy Pound", played to the tune of the 5th Dimension's song, Aquarius.

Instead of the flashback story taking place in the 1950's, the flashback story takes place in the present and the present day storyline takes place in the future.

Instead of the nightmarish landscape in All in Your Mind, the Pound Puppies and the Rigs Brothers go inside a cave while Tony sings the song instead of Cooler.

Instead of I'm a Puppy Too, Saul and Big Paw sing Just a Couple of Guardians, played to the tune of Tommy Hunt's That's the Pretty Part of You as the Pound Puppies, Pound Purries, and the Rigs Brothers become the back-up dancers.

TJ is kidnapped with Whopper and Colette when he tries desperately to stop Flack and Tubbs from dognapping Whopper and Colette.

Igor and Vigor sing "Poor Kitten" to the tune of "On a Tree by a River" from the Mikado to bring Catgut to tears.

After seeing one of the Minion Maker's victims return to normal, Vigor shouts at Howler and Amy to pull the fire alarm, activating the fire sprinkler system.

Instead of Colette being the expectant mother, Nose Marie is the one who gives birth to puppies, which are her's and Cooler's.

Bonus Scene (Between The Stoneheart Minion Maker Blues song and Catgut turning good) Soren, Marie and Dillion sing Don't Ever Give Up to motivate the gang. 


Pound Puppies Theme Song

Holly's Puppy Pound

This Magic Moment

Now That You're Here

All in Your Mind

A Dream goes on Forever by Todd Rundgren

Just a Couple of Guardians

Poor Kitten

The Stoneheart Minion Maker Blues

Don't Ever Give Up

Holly's Puppy Pound Reprise

Ending Medley

TV Special Remake

  • In the Surveillance Room, Igor acts like a real cat, but doesn't speak. However, he becomes affectionate around Bright Eyes.
  • In the Kitchen, as Catgut, Itchy, and Snitchey chase Cooler and the others, Vigor uses a roll of firecrackers to scare away the Dobermans as Igor pulls Catgut's whiskers.
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