Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga before its destruction

Wagga Wagga is a town that was last seen in Episode 10: Wagga Wagga.


Wagga Wagga was once a town inhabited by puppies who were not yet adopted. The town was usually peaceful until Captain Slaughter kidnaps all the citizens and smashed their homes. Only a few dogs, including Cooler, Howler, and Penelope escaped from Wagga Wagga. The town is now the site of Katrina Stoneheart's fur factory while the former citizens of Wagga Wagga are prisoners. The citizens of Wagga Wagga are then rescued by the Pound Puppies.
Wagga Wagga Now

Wagga Wagga Today

Former Residents of Wagga Wagga

Citizens of Wagga Wagga
HNI 0078 HNI 0081 Penelope 2
Cooler Howler Penelope
Scrounger Violet Vanderfeller Barkerville
Scrounger Violet Vanderfeller Barkerville

Cooler's Cafe

Cooler's Cafe

The cafe where Cooler works and owns

As Cooler stated, he used to be the owner of his own cafe. Howler was the leader of a band and Penelope was the star singer. This cafe is presumably destroyed by Captain Slaughter.


  • Wagga Wagga was neither mentioned nor seen again for the remainder of the TV series.
  • The town has a castle of its own, but there is no mention about who was Wagga Wagga's ruler.
  • Coincidentally, this town has the same name as Wagga Wagga, a real life city in Australia.