Violet Vanderfeller is a member of the Pound Puppies in The 1985 TV Special. She is also Cooler's girlfriend.

Violet Vanderfeller
Violet Full Body
Violet Vanderfeller, as seen in 1985

Appeared in

The Pound Puppies


The Pound Puppies


Cooler, Her Owners


Losing a friend, Flack and Tubbs, bones

Voice Actresses

Gail Matthius (TV Special)
Linda Gary (Wagga Wagga)


Phillip Vanderfeller (Owner)
Gloria Vanderfeller (Owner)
Nathan Vanderfeller (Owner)
Chelsea Vanderfeller (Owner)
Cooler (Former Boyfriend)
Flack and Tubbs (Enemies)
Pound Puppies (Good Friends)
Horatio Vanderfeller(New owner)
Irene Vanderfeller(New owner)
Akira and Natsume(Father and Mother-in-Law)
Vincent and Taro(Sons)
Misaki and Mitsuki(Daughters)
Wendy(Adopted Sister)
Victoria, Ruthven, Zara and Fritz(Descendants)
Winter Mist(Adopted Sister)

Presumed Age

18 dog years old(Fan-made Time Skip)
15 Dog Years Old(2.1 Human Years Old)


Sam (By Cooler)
Ms. Vanderfeller(By the younger puppies)
Viola(By Igor)


Violet is a Bulldog/greyhound mix with white fur. She wears a pink and blue striped t-shirt, a pink skirt, ear rings, and a pink bow. When she made a cameo appearance in Wagga Wagga, she had brown ears, no ear rings and wore a purple and pink striped t-shirt. She also has blue eyes. Violet is shorter than Nose Marie.


Despite the fact that she came from a rich family, Violet Vanderfeller is kind toward her friends. Violet is in love with Cooler. She fears for others' safeties and was devastated when Cooler was hit by the dognapper's van. She became one of Cooler's closest friends ever since. Even though Violet is a dog, she's not fond of dog bones, as she is seen declining to have Scrounger's dog bone.


Violet Vanderfeller teaches younger puppies and kittens about manners. She can also play the violin. She is also good at sewing.



Along with Scrounger and Barkerville, Violet made a cameo appearance at the beginning of Cooler's flashback in Wagga Wagga. It is unclear whether Violet and the others used to be residents of Wagga Wagga or what happened to them after the Wagga Wagga incident. Violet never appeared again for the remainder of the TV Series.

Gail Matthius, who provided the voice of Violet Vanderfeller in the TV Special, was known as the voice of Shirley the Loon in the 1990's TV Series, Tiny Toons Adventures and was on Saturday Night Live from 1980 to 1981.

In the TV Special, Violet claims that she and her family are from Hempstead. The Scarsdale Vanderfellers were never revealed.

According to a Character Sheet seen in the Norman Rockwell Museum, Violet was called the Nose.

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