Tubbs, as seen in the Pound Puppies TV Special

Appeared in

The Pound Puppies


Money, dognapping, helping Flack


Having holes in his pants, Itchy and Snichey, police, Flack getting mad at him

Voice Actor

Avery Schreiber

Tubbs is one of the main villains in The TV Special. He is Flack's partner in crime.


Tubbs is a very large and fat man. He wears a red derby, a green scarf, a brown jacket, a white shirt, brown pants, and brown shoes. When there is a hole in his pants, it reveals that Tubbs wears white underpants with yellow polka dots. He is also bald.


Tubbs is the stupidest of the two dognappers. His clumsy mistakes tend to foul up Flack's plan to catch Violet. He is also cowardly as he fears Itchy and Snichey and police.


Tubbs is inspired by Horace from Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

Avery Schreiber, who provided the voice of Tubbs, was known as the sidekick of Jack Burns before his death on January 7th, 2002. He was also a frequent guest of the Gene Rayburn edition of Match Game in the 70s.

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