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The Crushers and their leader, Toots

The Crushers are a group of dogs who appeared in the Bright Eyes Mob. They tricked the naive Bright Eyes into stealing wienies and squeaky toys. However, they gave up their life of crime when they rushed in to rescue Bright Eyes from Katrina Stoneheart and are adopted by Mrs. Vanderspiff.


Toots is the only female member of the group and is also the leader. Other members consist of Princefeld, a dog who wears a red gatesby cap and a green coat, a big dog who wears a biker helmet and a T-shirt with a picture of what is presumed to be his mother, a small dog who wears a purple sleeveless shirt and a red headband, and another small dog wearing a red shirt and a black derby. Toots and Princefeld were the only members whose names are revealed.

The Crushers
Toots Princefeld Biker helmet dog Headband Dog Derbydog
Toots(Leader) Princefeld ?????????? ?????????? ??????????
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The picture of the dog on the big dog's T-shirt bears a slight resemblance to Bridgette, the love interest of Pepe from another Hanna-Barbera TV show, Foofur.

The dog wearing the black derby looks almost identical to one of the patrons of the Bark and Growl Cafe from Bright Eyes, Come Home