Rusty is a one-time character who appeared in Where Do Puppies Come From?/Pups on the Loose.

HNI 0061
Poor Rusty looks highly nervous about being a father in Where Do Puppies Come From?

Presumed Age

38 Dog Years Old(5.4 Human Years Old)


Lucy, Candy, Andy, Mandy


The triplets' fighting


Lucy(Life Partner)

Voice Actor

Phil Proctor


Rusty is a Plott Hound with gray fur. He wears a light green dog collar with a gold tag. He also has tufts stick out of his cheeks and chin. He also has sharp teeth.


Rusty gets along well with Lucy. When Lucy was pregnant, Rusty was nervous about being a father of puppies. By the time Lucy gave birth to Candy, Andy, and Mandy, Rusty was happy. In Pups on the Loose, he and Lucy has a habit of collecting dog bones.


Rusty and Lucy arrive at the Pound Puppies' HQ<Where Do Puppies Come From?>

Rusty and his partner, Lucy, stayed at the Pound Puppies HQ for a while when Lucy was expecting puppies. Later that night, Lucy gave birth to three puppies and Rusty, originally apprehensive about fatherhood, became a proud father.

Rusty, Lucy, and their children get Adopted<Pups on the Loose>

Rusty and Lucy asked the Pound Puppies to babysit their children while they go look for their dog bone collection. By the time Lucy and Rusty got back, they were happy to see their children getting along with each other. They are then adopted by a family at a farm.


Phil Proctor, who provided the voice of Rusty, was known as the voice of Howard Deville in the 1990's TV Series, Rugrats, the English voice of Father Salade in the 2002 video game, La Pucelle Tactics, Charlie in Monsters Inc., and as the Pizza Planet Guard in the 1995 film, Toy Story. Phil Proctor is also a panelist in the Jon "Bowzer" Bauman edition of Hollywood Squares called, The Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour, and the only Pound Puppies guest voice who is a member of Firesign Theatre.