The Pound Puppies Secret Headquarters is where the Pound Puppies and Holly meet to commence missions.


There is no explaination of how the headquarters was built, it is presumably created after Holly brought the puppy pound.
Pound Puppies Secret HQ

The Pound Puppies Secret Headquarter during the 1st Season of the TV Series


The HQ is usually located underground beneath Holly's Puppy Pound in Season 1 and Katrina's Dog Pound in Season 2. It consists of the Rumpus Room, where the Pound Puppies spend their free time, the bathroom, where the Pound Puppies clean up after getting dirty, the kitchen, where Nose Marie makes food, the monitor room, where the Pound Puppies and Holly keep an eye on any suspicious activity, the Emergency Room, where injured animals are treated, and Howler's Laboratoy, where Howler builds his inventions.