Lumpy and Bones
Lumpy and Bones
Lumpy(left) and Bones(right) eat before stealing the Bone of Scone in Pound Puppies and Legend of Big Paw

Appeared in

Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw




Bones' Stupidity(Lumpy), Everything Scary(Bones)

Voice Actors

Wayne Scherzer(Lumpy) and Frank Welker(Bones)

Lumpy and Bones are Marvin McNasty's henchmen in Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw. Like their master, they are also the main villains in the movie.


Lumpy is a fat man with a crooked nose and a buck tooth. He wears a red beret, a red jacket, gray pants, and brown shoes. Bones is a skinny man with a big nose. He wears red beret, a brown jacket, gray pants, and brown shoes. They are both bald.


Neither Lumpy nor Bones are intelligent. Lumpy loves to eat food. He is constantly annoyed by Bones' stupidity. Bones is the most timid of the two. He is constantly afraid of everything scary. Like Marvin McNasty, they are reformed by Marvin's Mean Machine.


Lumpy makes traps to catch the Pound Puppies from reaching the Bone of Scone, Collete, and Whopper. Bones is good at playing the saxophone.

HNI 0004

Bones playing the saxophone.



  • Lumpy and Bones are inspired by Horace and Jasper from Disney's 101 Dalmations, much like Flack and Tubbs from the TV Special.
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