Lucy is a one time character who appeared in Where Do Puppies Come From?/Pups on the Loose

HNI 0060
A pregnant Lucy in Where Do Puppies Come From?

Presumed Age

37 Dog Years Old(5.3 Human Years Old)


Rusty, Candy, Andy, Mandy, collecting dog bones


The Triplets' bickering


Rusty(Life Partner)

Voice Actress

Patricia Parris


Lucy is a Samoyed mix with ghost-white fur. During Where Do Puppies Come From?, Lucy was pregnant.


Lucy gets along with Rusty very well. When she was pregnant, Lucy had a voracious appetite when she asked Nose Marie and Holly for dog food and ice cream with chocolate syrup, limburger cheese, ketchup, gumdrops, coconut, dill pickles, cherries, and beef gravy and eaten it in one bite. Like Rusty, her favorite hobby is collecting dog bones.


Lucy Gives Birth to Triplet Puppies<Where Do Puppies Come From?>

Lucy and Rusty stayed with the Pound Puppies at their headquarters, where Lucy revealed that she is pregnant. Later that night, Lucy was able to give birth to Candy, Andy, and Mandy.

Lucy, Rusty, and their Children get Adopted<Pups on the Loose>

Lucy and Rusty asked the Pound Puppies to babysit their children while they look for their dog bones. When they arrive back, Lucy and Rusty were happy to see that their children are finally getting along. They are then adopted by a family at a farm.


Patricia Parris, who provided the voice of Lucy, was known for providing voices for various female characters such as of Belle in the 1983 short film, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Pammy Panda in the 1982 TV Series, Shirt Tales, Kanga and Christopher Robin's Mother in the 1980's TV Series, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the English voice of Mrs. Hudson in the 1984 TV Series, Sherlock Hound, and Helen Little in the 1980's TV Series, The Littles.