Katrina Stoneheart
HNI 0085
Katrina Stoneheart, as seen in 1987

First Appearance

Bright Eyes, Come Home

Latest Appearance

Cooler, Come Back


Plotting, her wig, seeing the good guys suffer


Pound Puppies(Cooler especially), everything cute, penguins

Voice Actress

Pat Carroll


Brattina Stoneheart (Daughter)
Catgut (Pet)
Pound Puppies (Enemies)
Holly (Goddaughter/Enemy)
Captain Slaughter(Hired Henchman)
Samuel Quentin(Hired Henchman)
Karl Stoneheart (Younger Brother)
Kenneth Stoneheart (Father)
Katherine Stoneheart(Mother)
Klaude Stoneheart(Younger Brother)
Konrad Stoneheart(Uncle)
Brutus Stoneheart(Nephew)
Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(Nephew)
Kactus Jack Stoneheart(Older Brother)
Brandon Stoneheart(Cousin)
Karol Stoneheart(Cousin)
Christina Stoneheart(Sister-in-Law)
Calico Stoneheart(Older brother)

Presumed Age

47 Years Old


Mutts drive me nuts!


Mommy Dearest(By Brattina)

What's-Her-Name Stoneface(By Igor)

Katrina Stoneheart is the main antagonist of the TV series. She is the Pound Puppies' arch-nemesis and Holly's godmother.


Katrina is a tall, middle-aged woman. She is usually seen wearing a Teal-colored dress, gold earrings,rings, bracelets around her sleeves, two golden necklaces, red high-heeled shoes, and an orange wig. In Tail of the Pup and Tuffy Gets Fluffy, whenever Katrina's wig is removed, it reveals that she is nearly bald with a few strands of brown hair on her head. She is also revealed to have red eyes, as seen in Garbage Night the Musical.


Katrina is extremely evil. She is speciesist towards dogs and hates everything cute in general. She also has an extreme grudge against Cooler.

In Season 1, Katrina is willing to trick others and is very sneaky.

In Season 2, she is very incompetent.

Katrina is easily intimidated by Captain Slaughter. Katrina is greedy because she has a love for money. She is also persistent as she vows to capture the Pound Puppies no matter what. And she is also known as kinky, accountable, testy, relentless, ill-tempered, negative, aggressive, self-absorbed, thoughtless, obstinate, narrow-minded, emotionless, hard-working, earnest, austere, rational, and tactful.


In Season 2 of the TV series, Katrina has a knack of making inventions to capture the Pound Puppies once and for all. Examples of her inventions include the Rover-Roper, the Capt-o-Copter, and the Compactor Tractor. In The Captain and the Cats, she is presumably a good cook, as she made a turkey dinner for Captain Slaughter. She is also presumably a good painter, as she is seen in Snowbound Pound painting a portrait of Shauna.


  • Katrina is inspired by Cruella de Vil from Disney's 101 Dalmatians and Lady Tremaine from Disney's Cinderella.
  • Pat Carroll, who provided the voice of Katrina Stoneheart, was known for the voice of Ursula in The Little Mermaid, Hazel in Foofur and as the voice of Nanny in the English version of Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro.
  • In Wagga Wagga, she mentions that she has dentures.
  • In a character model sheet for Katrina Stoneheart, she is seen holding a martini glass. However, she is never seen drinking throughout the TV series.


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