Karl Stoneheart is Katrina's younger brother.

Karl Stoneheart
Karl Stoneheart
Karl Stoneheart as he is seen in a remake of the TV Series


43 Years Old


Everything Fancy


Cats, Katrina(His Sister)


Katrina Stoneheart(Sister)
Brattina Stoneheart(Niece)
Catgut(Allergic to him)
Trixie, Brittney, and Sasha(Daughters)
Konrad Stoneheart(Uncle)
Brutus Stoneheart(Nephew)
Kactus Jack Stoneheart(Brother)
Klaude Stoneheart(Brother)
Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(Nephew)
Kenneth Stoneheart(Father)
Katherine Stoneheart(Mother)


Karl is a middle-aged man who is younger than Katrina. He keeps his orange hair in a bowlcut. He also wears an eyepatch over his right eye, a green jacket with red buttons, green pants, and black shoes. Karl also has a crooked nose and a curly mustache. He is frequently seen with a green cane.


Karl is a very mean person, like Katrina. He and Katrina have a sibling rivalry with each other. Karl is allergic to cats. He is especally cruel toward his only daughter, Trixie, for whenever good deed Trixie pulls, Karl would punish her. He favors his other daughters, Brittney and Sasha, over Trixie.


When Karl was a boy, he used to play baseball. Karl Stoneheart has the ability to use his cane like a baseball ball during battles. He also plays the violin. Karl is also an expert in hypnotism.


Karl Stoneheart is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Karl was originally going to be Katrina's long-lost husband, but the idea was dropped because in the original TV Series, Katrina never got married and was referred to as "Ms. Stoneheart".

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