Howler Full Body
Full body picture of Howler

First Appearance

The Pound Puppies

Latest Appearance

Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw


The Pound Puppies




Katrina Stoneheart, perfume, being accused, his inventions failing, Captain Slaughter

Voice Actor(s)

Robert Morse (TV Series)
Hal Rayle (Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw)
Frank Welker(TV special, howling in Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw)


Holly (Owner)
Cooler (Adopted Brother)
Nose Marie (Adopted Sister)
Bright Eyes (Adopted Sister)
Whopper (Adopted Brother)
Beamer (Adopted Brother)
Reflex (Adopted Brother)
Spudge (Good friend)
Stephanie, Steppenwolf, Simon, and Sara(Descendants)
Andy and Thomas(Sons)
Howlette and Joanna(Daughters)

Presumed Age

16 dog years old(Fan-made Time Skip)
13 Dog Years Old (1.9 Human Years Old)


Howitzer(By Igor)

Howler is the inventor of the Pound Puppies. He appeared less in Season 2 of the TV Series.


Howler is a pug/Chihuahua mix with Khaki-colored fur, short brown ears, and a brown mark on his arms. He wears a red-orange derby with an orange stripe and a crank, a sleveless yellow shirt with one button, and has yellow, curly hair similar to Harpo Marx. His derby comes with a mechanical hand that helps Howler whenever he has his hands full. He wears an orange dog collar. In height, he is smaller than Cooler and Nose Marie, but is taller than Bright Eyes and Whopper. In Season 1, Howler had four whiskers. In Season 2, Howler remained the same, only without his whiskers and the crank on his derby. In Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw, he wore a green derby with a yellow stripe , black glasses, a red shirt, an orange bow tie, and has brown, curly hair and cream fur. In the 1985 TV Special, Howler wore a brown derby with an Beige stripe, had longer curly hair, and had no shirt on. The crank was on the right side of his derby while in the TV Series, it was on the left side. The only similarity is that he has a brown mark on his right eye.


In season 1, Howler is shown as nervous, clumsy and absent-minded, but he is skilled in inventing. He usually stutters in his sentences, which is backed up by his howling. In Season 2, Howler is shown to be more intelligent, braver, optimistic, and no longer stutters. He sometimes has a habit of sticking his tongue out. In Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw, Howler is timid and not the bravest puppy of the group. In the 1985 TV Special, Howler doesn't talk, so he howls. He also had a goofy but loyal personality. He doesn't seem to like perfume.


The Destruction of Wagga Wagga<Episode 10: Wagga Wagga>

Howler was once a bandleader at Cooler's cafe before Wagga Wagga was destroyed by Captain Slaughter. He escaped from Captain Slaughter during Wagga Wagga's demise.

Howler and Cooler reunited<Episode 2: How to Found a Pound>

Howler was chased by a group of bulldogs while looking for a place to stay. Cooler was able to stop the bulldogs from attempting to beat up Howler. After Millicent's Puppy Pound was handed over to Holly, Howler is since then a member of the Pound Puppies.

Howler's Adventure<Episode 7: In Pups We Trust>

After the other Pound Puppies' items were found in Howler's doghouse, Howler ran away from Holly's Puppy Pound. During his solo adventure, he comes across a homeless dog named Spudge. While looking for food, Howler and Spudge were chased by Captain Slaughter. The Pound Puppies were able to save Howler from being captured.


Howler is an expert on inventing machines. The inventions include the Wag-o-Matic, the Mutt Master Matcher, and the Disguis-o-Pupper. He is also a good piano player, as seen in Wagga Wagga and Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw. He also plays the violin, as seen in Whopper Cries Uncle. He can also play the mandolin as seen in the first episode of the TV series. In Garbage Night the Musical, Howler is seen driving a limousine during Puttin' on the Dog. He can juggle for a short time as seen in "Bright Lights, Bright Eyes".


Although Howler made a brief appearance in Where Do Puppies Come From/Pups On the Loose, Robert Morse, the voice of Howler, was absent.

Howler's full name is Howler Rayle Johnson, even though his last name was never revealed in the movie, TV special and TV series.

In the TV Special, Howler was originally voiced by Frank Welker, who provided the role of Catgut in the TV Series.

In a color promotional artwork photo, Howler is seen without his shirt on and his derby has no crank.

Howler's second voice actor, Robert Morse, is known for his role as J. Pierpont Finch in the 1961 musical and 1967 film, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying",  as Dennis Barlow in the 1965 film The Loved One and as Bertram Cooper in the dramatic AMC TV series, Mad Men. He was also a panelist in Peter Marshall's Hollywood Squares.

Howler was presumably born in Wagga Wagga, like Cooler and Penelope.


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