Holly as seen during the second season of the TV series

First Appearance

Episode 1- Bright Eyes, Come Home

Latest Appearance

Episode 26- Cooler, Come Back


9(Season 1)
11(Season 2)
14 years old (fan-made time skip)


Puppies, kittens, Pound Puppies(Cooler especially)


Katrina Stoneheart

Voice Actress

Ami Foster


Cooler (Pet)
Nose Marie (Pet)
Bright Eyes (Pet)
Whopper (Pet)
Howler (Pet)
Katrina Stoneheart (Godmother/Enemy)
Brattina Stoneheart (Godsister/Enemy)
Jeff and Tammy (Unknown)
Robert and Sandra (Parents)
Howard (Older Brother)


Hera (By Igor)

Holly Connor is the Pound Puppies' owner. She is Robert and Sandra Connor's daughter, Katrina Stoneheart's goddaughter, and Brattina Stoneheart's foster sister.

In Season 1 of the TV series, Holly used to be the owner of her own puppy pound.


Season 1 Holly

Holly as seen during Season 1

Holly is the same age as Brattina, only that Holly is six months younger than her. In Season 1, she had brown hair in a bouffant haircut, wore a coral-pink headband, an aquamarine long-sleeve shirt, a pink plaid skirt, blue sneakers, pink socks, and a blue scarf. In Season 2, she is older than her Season 1 counterpart. She now has longer hair, wore pants, and no longer wears her trademark scarf. Holly still keeps her pink headband.

HNI 0035

Holly with her crush Mervin


1987 12-12-1987 - 223 Cooler, Come Back Pt 3 0002

Cooler and Holly have been the best of friends since Holly became Cooler's owner

Despite the fact that she is Katrina's godchild, Holly is a kind and purehearted girl. She is also a good friend and loving owner of the Pound Puppies and helps them every step of the way. Holly always knows when her evil guardian goes too far. She is always concerned for those who are hurt or injured and shows sympathy to those whose feelings are hurt by Katrina Stoneheart. She shares a special bond with Cooler since How to Found a Pound. She acts like a surrogate mother-figure to the Pound Puppies, especially Whopper and Bright Eyes. Holly is also smart and can come up with a solution to help her puppies.

In one episode, she is shown to have a crush on a boy named Mervin. However, when Mervin is never seen again, Holly prefers not to be interested in romance.


Holly was a good friend of Millicent Trueblood who helped her found a puppy pound. After Millicent died, Katrina inherited Millicent's house while Holly inherited Millicent's puppy pound and the Pound Puppies.


Since Holly has a pure heart, she is granted with Puppy Power. Puppy Power allows Holly to communicate with the Pound Puppies and will also warn them when danger comes around the corner.


  • The only episode Holly was not present was The Rescue Pups/Goodnight, Sweet Pups.
  • It is unclear whether Holly's biological parents are dead or alive.
  • Her biological parents were going to appear in a flashback in an episode of the original TV series but the idea was dropped.
  • Her full name is Holly Connor, even though her last name is never revealed in the TV Show
  • In a color promotional artwork photo, Holly is seen wearing forest green shoes instead of her sneakers.
  • Ami Foster, who provided the voice of Holly, was known for her role as Margaux Kramer in the 1980's TV Series, Punky Brewster.


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