Frost Bite is the younger brother of Sasha.

Frost Bite
Frost Bite
Frost Bite, Sasha's younger brother


8 years old


His older sister, sausage pizza with honey, Gordon and Sapphire's show


Immaturity, Dumbo and Beamer's rivalry, Laddie McTerrier


Sasha(Older Sister)


Frost Bite is a Snow Leapord cub with white fur and a few black spots. He wears a gray Chinese jacket, red shorts, yellow wristbands, green goggles, and an orange baseball cap. He also has short, dark hair, sharp claws on his toes, and brown eyes. He is the same height as Cooler.


Frost Bite gets along very well with his older sister, Sasha. He is good friends with Wally, Gordon and Sapphire. In fact, he's even a fan of Gordon and Sapphire's show. Despite his age, he is smart, mature and friendly. He also finds Beamer and Dumbo's rivalry completely unnecessary and is easily put off by bad grammar and immaturity. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza and honey. He has a strong dislike against Laddie McTerrier because of his immaturity.


Frost Bite is a talented martial artist. He is also training under Elaine to become a veterinarian. He can also play the cello. Frost Bite is a wizard at dancing.


Frost Bite is a fan made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

He hails from the Snow Leopard Village in the Himalayas.

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