Freezer is a puppy cadet and one of the Elemental Cadets.

"Freezer, the cool-headed elemental cadet"


22 dog years old
19 dog years old(Three years ago)


Poems, studying, moonlight, cold weather




Captain Canine, Judy, Tandy, Glen and Gwen, Dana, Moon Spark, Sombra, Pyro, Denki, Gordon, Terra Cotta, Nisshoku, Mizu, Ghas, Stellar, Sonar, Tempo, Ernst, Ferro, and Kaze(Friends)


"Ice Cadet"


February 1st, 1993


Freezer is an Alaskan Husky with dark fur, white ears, a white muzzle and white paws. She wears a dark blue shirt with a white ice cube design on it, light blue pants, a white belt, a light blue cape, and a blue helmet. She also has purple hair and light blue claws on her toes. After three years, Freezer no longer wears her helmet and now wears ear muffs. Her casual attire consists of a blue and white striped shirt and red pants. She is the same height as Cooler.


Freezer is laid-back, stoic, and intelligent. She enjoys the cold weather and loves tanning under the moonlit sky. She is also nocturnal. She also enjoys writing poems and studying.


Freezer is a good poet. She can also draw sketches. She masters the element of ice. Freezer's main weapon is her knife that freezes her enemies with every slash.


Freezer is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Freezer hails from the northernmost part of Alaska.

She is also known as the Ice Cadet.

Her full name is Freezer Phillips.

Her birthdate is February 1st, 1993.

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