Emperor Robin Murgatroyd is a fan-made antagonist who hails from the future.

Emperor Robin Murgatroyd
Emperor Murgatroyd
Emperor Robin Murgatroyd, dictator from the year 9000


25 years old


His pets, cats, torture, Salisbury steak, sadism


His younger sister, rebellions, dogs, jokes, puns


Unlucky Thirteen(Former Pets)
Desiree Murgatroyd(Younger foster sister and enemy)


I hate jokes

First Appearance

World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Part One: Emperor Murgatroyd and the Unlucky Thirteen

Last Appearance

World Tour 3: Wrath of the Unlucky Thirteen Finale: The Fall of Robin Murgatroyd's Empire


Emperor Robin Murgatroyd is a tall, skinny young man with blond, waving hair and crystal blue eyes. He wears a golden shirt with white armor and shoulder guards, dark red pants, brown boots, a mahogany cape, and a gold crown. He is twice the height as Sarge, but a few centimeters shorter than Count Zanzibar. Under his shirt is the horrendous scars Emperor Murgatroyd had from the pit bull attack.


Emperor Robin Murgatroyd was once a good-hearted leader of the planet until he suffered injuries from a pit bull attack. He has grown a bitter hatred against all dogs and their owners. In fact, he even tortures his human victims with listening to classical music. He is also cunning as to trick the Unlucky Thirteen, who are his pets, into joining him. His favorite food is Salisbury steak.

He also has no tolerance for jokes and puns. He speaks in a low, Baritone voice. Robin Murgatroyd even proved his brutality by violently attacking TJ Rigs, whom he considered "worthless". He eventually met his end after his palace was destroyed by a time bomb while he was inside.


Emperor Robin Murgatroyd is an elegant swordsman. He is also shown to have great speed, agility and strength. He is also a good cook. Emperor Murgatroyd sings in a deep bass voice.


Emperor Robin Murgatroyd is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

He hails from London, England.

According to his age, he was born in 8975.

The reason why he had no sense of humor is because he was cursed by a fortune teller, who happens to be the pit bull's owner.

He is the fourteenth fan-made character to die.

He is Katrina Stoneheart's descendant, meaning that Robin was adopted when he was five.

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