Emerald is a member of the Order of the Cattails.

New Emerald
"Emerald, the feline fisherman"


17 Human years old
12 human years old(Five years ago)


Fish, fresh air, lakes, Kyle




Romero, Jade, Kendall, Androy, San-Chan, Suda, Wilma, Sabrina, and Pearl(Friends)


April 28th, 1998

Full name

Emerald Wattana


Emerald's Battle Pose

Emerald's battle pose

Emerald is a tall Thai cat with tan fur, pink nose and tan ears. She wears an orange T-shirt with the words "I Love Fish" on it, red and white striped shorts and a pink headband. She has long, dark hair and blue eyes. She is the same height as Victoria.


Emerald has a carefree nature and usually spends her time fishing. She will eat any kind of fish-related food. She is good friends with Ming. Emerald has a strong dislike against pollution. She has a crush on Kyle. Her favorite past time is fishing. She is best friends with Vigor and Precious. She usually goes sunbathing near a lake.


While Emerald is a master of kick-boxing, she uses her fishing rod as a back-up weapon. She can also play the bongos. Emerald is also good at making sushi and other seafood dishes.


Emerald is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

She hails from Yala, Thailand.

Her full name is Emerald Jean Wattana.

Her birthdate is April 28th, 1998.

She is the only member of the Order of the Cattails to find herself a romantic interest.

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