The Despicable Decade is a fan-made group of antagonists.


The Despicable Decade is a group of tigers who serve not only under Gupta, but also Kaptain Kid Stoneheart. They usually accompany Kaptain Kid on his missions. They are also diverse in Tiger species. While the majority of them are martial artists, Mariah only uses magic and the rest are equipped with weaponry. After Gupta was banished, Danta-Panja has been appointed as the team's new second in command while Ikshan became the leader.


There are ten members of the Despicable Decade. They consist of Panthera, Ikshan, Nadish, Rajit, Palash, Aamani, Jaya, Bala, Kala, and Asha.


The Despicable Decade is a group of fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Magic-is-cute.

The group was eventually disbanded after the death of Kaptain Kid Stoneheart and all the former members found different jobs.


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