Derek is the descendant of Darius.

Derek, Darius' descendant


25 dog years old


Studying, reading, apple juice, Swedish meatballs w/tomato sauce


Mythology, imagination


Darius, Igor, Bright Eyes, Ida, Danielle, and Cleopatra(Descendants)
Bjorn, Steppenwolf, Venus, Ima, Antha, Jayden Jr., Jorge, Verde, Shiawase, Yorokobi, Zara, Fritz, Yai, and Ethel(Friends)

Full Name

Derek Rubio Strayvinski


January 19th, 2165


Derek is a Transylvanian Hound/Wire Fox mix with brown fur, tan paws, tufts on his cheeks and a bushy tail. He wears a green sweatshirt, green pants and glasses. He also has blue eyes and short dark hair. He is the same height as Elaine.


Derek is highly realistic and debunks any imaginations and mythology. He is also respectful towards anyone who is older than him. Derek spends most of his time studying and reading. His favorite food is Swedish meatballs covered in tomato sauce and apple juice. He speaks in a heavy Hungarian accent.


Derek is highly intelligent, meaning that he can predict the future, an ability he inherited from Darius. He can also play the guitar and dance. He sings in a low baritone voice.


Derek is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Derek hails from the suburbs of Krakow, Poland, which was also Bigor's birthplace.

His full name is Derek Rubio Ivan Strayvinski.

He is the descendant of Darius and Cleopatra. He inherited Darius' realistic personality and intelligence.

During his timeline, his ancestor, Darius, became a professor in architecture at a college in the year 2190.

His birthday is January 19th, 2165.

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