Dana is a member of the Puppy Cadets.

"Dana, the Boxer Kunoichi"


21 dog years old
18 dog years old(2.6 human years old)(Three years ago)


Practicing Ninjutsu, the Teeth song, being with her friends, justice, knitting


Evil, those who annoy her, crossword puzzles, Denki's electricity puns


Captain Canine(Good friend)
Judy(Good friend)
Glen and Gwen(Good friends)
Moon Spark(Good Friend)
Nisshoku(Good Friend)
Sombra(Good Friend)
Pyro, Freezer, Denki, Terra Cotta, and Kaze(Good friends)
Mizu and Ghas(Good friends)
Stellar and Sonar(Good friends)
Tempo and Ernst(Good friends)
Ferro(Good friend)
Gordon(Good friend)

Full Name

Dana Yamamoto


September 4th, 1994


Casual Dana

Dana in casual clothes

Dana is a Boxer with light brown fur, short brown ears and white paws. She wears an orange shirt,  a pink helmet with a "D" on it, a pink skirt, and a yellow cape. After three years, Dana no longer wears her helmet. She now wears a pink headband. Her casual attire consists of an orange vest and white shorts. She is the same height as Elaine.


Dana is kind, brave and devoted to her work and friends. Like the other Puppy Cadets, she is passionate about justice. While friendly, she is the most impatient, sensitive, and irritable, often snapping at those who annoy her. Aside from that, she is apparently the least intelligent of the team, as she often mispronounces complex words. Her favorite song is the approaching shark theme from "Teeth" because of the intense feeling it gives her. She is also honest and, unlike most of the least intelligent friends she met, isn't shy to talk about her lack of intelligence. In her free time, she likes to knit because it has a calming effect on her. She has a crush on Tandy and eventually married him. She has a habit of eating with her feet, as well as other various activities with her feet. She doesn't like crossword puzzles because they confuse her. She is annoyed by Denki's electricity puns.


What Dana lacks in smarts, she makes up for in stamina, strength, stealth, speed and durability. She is capable of using Ninjutsu and other forms of martial arts. She also knits and is very good at it. Her main weapon is a giant shuriken.

Despite her lack of intelligence, Dana is fluent in sign language, which she learned from her deaf uncle.


Dana is a fan made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and Disneydude15.

Her full name is Dana Yamamoto and she was born in Tokyo, Japan.

Her birthdate is September 4th, 1994.

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