Count Zanzibar is a fan-made villain who hails from the year 2737.

Count Zanzibar
Count Zanzibar
Count Zanzibar, the tyrant of the 28th century


200 years old(Deceased age)


Total Control, Devil Dog Seven, Causing Chaos


Cats, anyone who interferes with his dreams, cowards


Bartrand(Former Pet and minion)
Stephanie(Former Pet and minion)
Vivian( Former Pet and minion)
Darius(Former Pet and minion)
Ian(Former Pet and minion)
Jayden(former Pet and minion)
Antonio(former Pet and minion)
Tony Rigs(Ancestor)

First Appearance

World Tour Part 1: Enter the Devil Dog Seven

Final Appearance

World Tour Finale: Countdown


Zan and Zibar

Count Zanzibar after being cut in two.

Count Zanzibar is a tall and muscular elderly man. He wears a long red cape, black armor, a red shirt, black pants, and red shoes. He also has orange, spiky hair and carries a cane. He also has a rectangular nose and a mustache. After he had been torn in two by Tony, he turned into two different people: Zan, a short man with pale skin wearing a red shirt, red pants, and with orange hair and a mustache, and Zibar, a tall man wearing a gray short, a black cape, red pants, black shoes, and spiky, dark hair.


Count Zanzibar is cold-blooded and merciless. He has a strong dislike against cats and humans who don't take care of their dogs. For example, he sentenced Ian's former owner to death when the owner was presumably helpless to protect Ian. He is also charismatic and manipulative. Count Zanzibar also takes pleasure in torturing and executing prisoners. He shows no sympathy, compassion, nor remorse for his despicable actions. He also feels no guilt when he tortures his victims in the most violent and sadistic ways possible.


Rise of Zanzibar

In 2600, Zanzibar gained control of the world. In 2679, he formed the Devil Dog Seven. By 2737, Count Zanzibar carried out his deed and was responsible for the cats' extinction.

Zanzibar VS Tony

In the present, Zanzibar dealed with Tony, his ancestor. During the battle, he was split in two and became two people: Zan and Zibar. He was killed after the time bomb exploded and caused Zanzibar Tower to collapse.


Count Zanzibar is granted with super strength, lightning speed, and levitation. He is also a fierce and agile ninja. Count Zanzibar is also a skilled swordsman. It is also revealed that he can split into two people, Zan and Zibar.


Count Zanzibar is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

He is the second fan-made character to die, the first was Ricky. He is also the first fan-made villain to die.

According to his age, Zanzibar was born in the year 2537.

Zanzibar comes from Christmas Island.

His Japanese name is Zanziba.

His full name is Christopher J. Zanzibar.

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