Cleopatra is Darius' wife.

New Cleopatra
"Cleopatra, Darius' love interest"


23 dog years old
20 dog years old(Three years ago)


Darius, Apple Pie


Oatmeal, cereal


Pamela(Adopted Sister)
Bonita(Adopted Sister)
Pancho(Adopted brother)
TJ Rigs(Owner)

First Appearance

Four Dates for Four PoundRaizers

Full name

Cleopatra Francine Strayvinski


April 17th, 1992


Cleopatra is a Brittany dog with brown and white fur. She wears a purple dress, a necklace, and a pink bow. She has long, black hair and blue eyes. After three years, Cleopatra started wearing a purple sweater and pink pants. She is a few centimeters taller than Elaine. She usually carries a purple paper fan and no longer wears a necklace.


Cleopatra is kind and generous. She had a crush on Darius and later married him. She loves eating Apple pie with cinnamon sticks. Cleopatra is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. She speaks with a French accent. She doesn't like oatmeal and cereal because "they get too soggy." She spends her pastime reading the newspaper and sew.


Cleopatra is a good singer. She can also play the French Horn.



Cleopatra is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

She hails from Lyon, France.

Her full name is Cleopatra Francine Strayvinski.

Her birthdate is April 17th, 1992.

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