HNI 0086
Catgut, as seen in 1987

First Appearance

Episode 1- Bright Eyes, Come Home

Latest Appearance

Episode 26- Cooler, Come Back

Voice Actor

Frank Welker


Katrina Stoneheart (Owner)
Brattina Stoneheart (Owner)
Holly (Enemy)
Pound Puppies (Enemies)

Presumed Age

18 Human Years Old (1.2 cat years old)

Catgut is the tertiary antagonist of the TV Series. He is Katrina and Brattina Stoneheart's pet cat.


Catgut is a pompous siamese cat with brown fur, yellow eyes, and black paws. In the 1985 TV Special, Catgut has brown ears, short legs, and was chubbier.


Catgut is sneaky and vicious. He is loyal to Katrina Stoneheart and will do anything to cause trouble for the Pound Puppies. Catgut and Brattina serve as Katrina's lackeys. In the 1985 TV Special, instead of causing trouble for the Pound Puppies, he often wishes of catching the Pound Puppies in the act in case they do anything suspicious. However, his sneaky personality never changes.


Catgut's Hobby

Catgut knits mittons in Kid in the Doghouse

In Episode 18: The Invisible Friend/Kid in the Doghouse, it is revealed Catgut is good at knitting clothes.


  • Catgut is likely to be inspired by Lucifer from Disney's Cinderella.