Captain Canine is a superhero who is best friends with Gordon.

Captain Canine
New Captain Canine
"Captain Canine Design"


28 dog years old
25 dog years old(3.6 human years old)(Three years ago)




Evildoers, fireworks


Gordon(Best friend)
Tandy(Good friend and assistant)
Glen and Gwen(Good friends and assistants)
Dana(Good friend and assistant)
Moon Spark(Good Friend and assistant)
Pyro(Good Friend and assistant)
Freezer(Good Friend and assistant)
Denki(Good Friend and assistant)
Kaze(Good Friend and assistant)
Terra Cotta(Good Friend and assistant)
Nisshoku(Good Friend and assistant)
Sombra(Good Friend and assistant)
Mizu(Good Friend and assistant)
Ghas(Good Friend and assistant)
Stellar(Good Friend and assistant)
Sonar(Good Friend and assistant)
Tempo and Ernst(Good Friends and assistants)
Ferro(Good friend and assistant)


"Arf, arf, and away!"

Favorite Food

Dog food

Alter Ego

David Davis Dane

First Appearance

The Captain Canine Caper


October 10th, 1987


Captain Canine is a retriever with tan fur, tan ears and a bushy tail. He wears a red shirt with the letter C, black pants with a belt, a yellow cape, and a red helmet with a blue eyeshield. After three years, Captain Canine started wearing bandages on his ankles and wrists. His casual attire consists of a red sleeveless shirt, black shorts and a yellow baseball cap. He is the same height as Holly.


Captain Canine has a high sense of morality and justice. He is also cautious about what moves his enemies will make next. Captain Canine also cares about his little sister, Judy. He is also kind and considerate towards Gordon. Captain Canine is left-handed.

Strangely, the Captain speaks with a dull, nasally voice that becomes slightly rough when he yells.


Captain Canine is skilled with high speed, super strengh, and a various array of weapons. He also has a talented singing voice. Since training under various dojos, Captain Canine is an expert at kung fu. Captain Canine is also a good dancer. His main weapon is a staff.


Captain Canine is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Even though Captain Canine doesn't speak in an Austrailian accent, he and his sister were born in Melbourne, Austrailia and grew up in Poundsville.

His full name is David Davis Dane.

His birthdate is October 10th, 1987.


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