Calvin is the oldest child of Cary and Celia and the older brother of Cooler and Casey.

New Calvin
Calvin, the older brother of Cooler and Casey


22 dog years old
19 dog years old(2.7 human years old)(Three years ago)


His family, studying psychology, iced tea, meatball sandwiches, eggs and bacon sandwiches, the Calvin Sacramento theme song, Natasha Barkingfield and Justin Timberwolf.


Dumbo's stupidity, haunted old mansions, the character Calvin Sacramento and the movies as well


Cooler(Younger brother)
Casey(Younger sister)
Cary and Celia(Parents)
Nose Marie, Mario, and Mimi-Nose(Siblings-in-Law)
Norman and Mariah(Father and Mother-in-law)
Martin, Lanford, and Beauregard(Nephews)
Jewel, Daisy, and Carrie(Nieces)
Serena and Tanya(Nieces)
Clayton and Connie(Grandparents)

First Appearance

Oh Solo Me-ow


Kelvin(By Igor)


April 10th, 1993

Full Name

Calvin Jefferson Smith


Calvin is a Beagle/Bloodhound/Pointer mix with light brown fur and brown ears. He wears an orange leather jacket, a red collar, red pants, and a blue fedora with a red stripe. He also has short, white hair. Calvin sometimes wears glasses. Calvin is the same height as Colette. After three years, Calvin grew sideburns and started wearing a cape.


Calvin has a fatherly-personality and cares about his younger siblings. However, unlike the rest of his family, Calvin is serious, sometimes stubborn and easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. Calvin is also intelligent and passionate about learning psychology. His voice is identical to Cooler's voice, minus the goofy laugh. His favorite foods are meatball sandwiches and iced tea and his favorite breakfast is Louie's eggs and bacon sandwiches. Whenever someone hears his voice, he/she mistakes Calvin for Cooler and Calvin has to correct them. He has a crush on Wendy. Calvin has a strong dislike against old mansions and haunted places. Calvin was nervous on the day he and Wendy got married. He also has a strong hatred for the character Calvin Sacramento, mostly because the character is a thief who happens to share the same name and he used to get teased as a puppy because of it. In fact, he went as far as to hate the movies themselves. Even though he doesn't show it nor will he ever show it, he secretly likes the theme song due to it's beautiful sound, catchy tune, clever lyrics and the duet of Natasha Barkingfield and Justin Timberwolf, the only two pop stars he tolerates and enjoys listening to.


Calvin is studying psychology and is currently the pound's therapist. He can also play the violin. After training under Gamma, Calvin learns kung fu. Calvin can also sing in a low, baritone voice.



Calvin is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Along with Martin, Calvin is the only member of Cooler's biological family to be easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity.

Like Cooler, Calvin was born in Wagga Wagga and was separated from Cooler when he, Cary and Celia escaped from the destruction of Wagga Wagga.

Calvin's birthday is on April 10th, 1993.

His full name is Calvin Jefferson Smith.

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