Bright Eyes is the youngest female member of the Pound Puppies. She is in charge of lifting puppies' spirits up.

Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes Full Body
Full body picture of Bright Eyes

First Appearance

The Pound Puppies

Latest Appearance

Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw


Pound Puppies


Cheering others up, being nice, cheerleading


Being sad, Katrina Stoneheart

Voice Actresses

Adrienne Alexander (TV Special)
Nancy Cartwright (TV Series, Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw)


Holly (Owner)
Cooler (Adopted Brother)
Nose Marie (Adopted Sister)
Howler (Adopted Brother)
Whopper (Adopted Brother)
Beamer (Adopted Brother)
Reflex (Adopted Brother)
Toots (Good friend)
Katrina Stoneheart (Enemy)
Pupnick (Boyfriend)
Brighton (Father)
Emily (Mother)
Brady(Twin Brother)
Darius, Ida, Danielle, Cyrus, and Derek(Descendants)
Chic(Best Friend)
Paku Paku and Hydra(Friends)

Presumed Ages

In TV Special: 14 Dog Years Old (2 Dog Years Old)
In Season 1: 10 Dog Years Old( 1.4 Human Years Old)
In Season 2: 7 Dog Years Old (1 Human Year Old)
In Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw: 12 Dog Years old (1.7 Human years Old)
10 Dog Years Old(Fan-made Time Skip)


Bow oh Wow! (Amazed)
Gosh oh Golly Gee!
Goody Goody Gumdrops!


Princess (By Igor)
Bright Eyeballs(by Pupnick)


Bright Eyes is a Yellow Labrador Retriever with cream-colored fur. In Season 1, She wore a bright-green shirt, a bright-green skirt, a blue bow, a blue dog collar, and has a reddish-orange Bob cut. In Season 2, she kept her blue bow, but wears a light-blue shirt with white cuffs, a blue skirt, a red dog collar, has a Bouffant hair cut, and becomes younger than she was in season 1. In "Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw", she wears forest-green shirt with a gold-colored paw mark and golden-colored collars on her sleeves, a yellow bow, a yellow skirt, and has white fur. She also wears a golden-collared dog collar with a yellow tag. In the 1985 TV Special, she wore a green shirt, a green skirt, and has a brown Bob cut with a green flower in her hair. In the TV Special and Season 1 of the TV Series, Bright Eyes has her trademark baby blue eyes.


Bright Eyes is sweet, cheerful, passionate, and energetic. She is somewhat naive, but always knows what's going on. She and Whopper have a sister-brother like relationship, whether coming to agreements or experiencing things together. In Bright Eyes, Come Home, she had a wish that she would be adopted. However, her dream of being adopted was never mentioned again for the remainder of the series.


Bright Eyes' favorite thing to do is cheerleading. She can also cheer up others whenever they are depressed or sad. In the 1985 TV Special, she has a keen eye to make sure if anything suspicious is going on. Bright Eyes also has a talent of drawing and painting pictures, as she is seen in King Whopper painting pictures of Whopper. She also has a talented singing voice, not to mention that she appears to be a good dancer, as seen in Bright Lights, Bright Eyes.


In the 1985 TV Special, Bright Eyes was originally voiced by Adrienne Alexander, who would provide the voice of Brattina in the TV Series.

Nancy Cartwright, who provided the voice of Bright Eyes in the TV series and Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw, is known as the voice of Bart Simpson from the Simpsons, Mindy from Animaniacs, and Rufus from Disney's Kim Possible.

Bright Eyes is the only Pound Puppy whose ears are never shown during the original TV series.

In the 2nd season design, Bright Eyes' haircut is presumably inspired by Holly's haircut back in Season 1.

In "Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw", Bright Eyes' ears are seen.


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