Brattina Stoneheart
Brattina Stoneheart, as seen in 1987

First Appearance

Bright Eyes, Come Home

Latest Appearance

Cooler, Come Back


9.5(Season 1), 11.5(Season 2)


Her pet cat, Catgut



Voice Actress

Adrienne Alexander


Katrina Stoneheart (Mother)
Catgut (Pet)
Holly (Godsister/Enemy)
Pound Puppies (Enemies)
Captain Slaughter (Love Interest)
Mervin (Former Love Interest)




Bertha(By Igor)

Brattina Stoneheart is the secondary antagonist of the TV series. She is Katrina Stoneheart's daughter.


HNI 0084

Brattina, as seen in 1986

Brattina is the same age as Holly, only that she is six monthes older than Holly. Brattina has red hair, wears a green dress, and black shoes with green socks. In Season 2, she is two years older. This time, she started wearing a dark-spring green jacket. She is sometimes seen holding Catgut in her arms.


Brattina is equally evil as her mother, Katrina. She is also a bratty, little girl and always whines if nothing goes her way. Whenever Katrina, Brattina, and Catgut lose, Brattina usually cries "Icky-Poo!" or cry in defeat. She and Catgut serve as Katrina's lackeys and will do anything to sabotage the Pound Puppies. Brattina has a crush on Captain Slaughter, though in The Star Pup, she finds his eating habits disgusting. Despite her evil personality, Brattina isn't very bright. She usually addresses Katrina as "mommie dearest". Altough it is only shown in one episode, she appears to be very gluttonous because she refused to dance with Mervin because she was eating.


Brattina is inspired by Anastasia and Drizella from Disney's Cinderella.

Adrienne Alexander was the original voice for Bright Eyes in the 1985 TV Special, the Pound Puppies.

In the original draft for Season 1, Holly and Brattina (Originally named Jennie and Zabrina) were going to be sisters. In the final draft, Brattina was made into Katrina’s daughter. The writers thought making them mother and daughter would give a reason why they’re both evil. Since this was a last minute change, there was no time to redesign Brattina to make her look like Katrina. This explains why Brattina bears no physical resemblance with Katrina.

Brattina is the second character in the TV Series to have her age revealed. The first is Millicent Trueblood.


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