Black Pearl is a former villian who becomes a friend of the Pound Puppies.

Black Pearl
Black Pearl
Black Pearl, Kisa's friend


13 dog years old


Edgar, Kisa, TJ, opera


Kaptain Kid, Anchovies


Kisa(Adopted sister)
Ridgeback(Adopted brother)
White Pearl(Older brother)
TJ Rigs(Former Owner)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(Former Master)


Black Pearl is a Lhasa Apso with dark fur and long brown hair. She wears a white dress, a pink jumpsuit underneath her dress, a fuzzy magenta scarf around her neck, and a magenta bow in her hair. Before she joined the Pound Puppies, she wore a dark gray jumpsuit and pink fedora. She is no taller than Howler.


Black Pearl is kind, charming, elegant, and graceful. She regrets her old life working for Kaptain Kid and looks up to Kisa as a sister. Her younger friends call her "Pearl" for short. Her favorite activity is listening to opera. Like Kisa, Black Pearl has a special bond with TJ. She is not fond of anchovies. She has a crush on Ridgeback. Black Pearl is close to her brother, White Pearl. She is also shy.


Black Pearl is also a good dancer and singer. She is also skilled at fencing and karate. She is also good at playing basketball. Whenever she hears music from Carmen, Black Pearl dances with grace.


Black Pearl is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

She, along with her brother, hails from Anaheim, California.

Her full name is Black Pearl Benson.

It was revealed that Black Pearl and her brother were unwillingly dognapped and forced to be servants of Kaptain Kid Stoneheart.

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