Billy the Kitten is a former outlaw that joined the Pound Purries.

Billy the Kitten
New Billy
Billy, the baby Long Claw


11 human years old
8 Human Years old(Three years ago)


Dancing; Jelly Bean; Planting Flowers


The Stoneheart Six; Fighting

Real Name

Billy Catwright


Jelly Bean(Girlfriend)
TJ Rigs(Owner)
Calvin(Good Friend)


April 20th, 2004


Billy the Kitten is a very small kitten with gray fur and dark blue eyes. He wears a blue shirt and black pants. He also has dark hair. He is the same height as Jelly Bean. After three years, Billy started wearing a white vest and an orange fedora.


Billy the Kitten is sweet and fun-loving. Before he joined the Pound Purries, he was rude and loved fighting. After he reformed he was adopted by TJ Rigs and has a crush on Jelly Bean. He also likes to plant flowers. Billy is also a pacifist and often hangs out with Precious.


Billy is a good gardener and, like Jelly Bean, he is so small he can sneak into tight places. Despite his distaste for violence, Billy is practicing karate.



Billy the Kitten is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute.

His real name is Billy Catwright.

Along with Bella Furr, Billy hails from Arlington, Texas.

His birthday is April 20th, 2004.

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