Beamer Full Body
Full body picture of Beamer

Appeared In

Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw


The Pound Puppies


Scones, sandwiches, crumpets and cookies without chocolate chips


Seeing his friends acting strange, everything scary, uncleanliness, being called Beamy

Voice Actor

Greg Berg


Jeff and Tammy (Owners)
Cooler (Adopted Brother)
Nose Marie (Adopted Sister)
Bright Eyes (Adopted Sister)
Whopper (Adopted Brother)
Howler (Adopted Brother)
Reflex (Adopted Brother)
Pound Purries (Friends)
Colette (Adopted Sister)
Alan (Father)
Bonnie (Mother)
Maya (Girlfriend)
Ramon(Good friend)
Bernie (Sister)
Jayden, Hope, Owen, Antha and Jayden Jr.(Descendants)
Pupzan(Good friend)
McWhisker(Good friend)
Lassie McTerrier(Rival, then friend)
Wags McGillicuddy(Best Friend)

Presumed Age

17 dog years old(Fan-made Time Skip)
14 Dog Years Old (2 Human Years Old)


Good Tidings (After Cleaning Up)
Sweet Henrietta! (Surprised)


Bounce (by Igor and Ramon) Buzz (by Igor)
Neat Freak(By Dumbo)

Beamer is the one of the newest members of The Pound Puppies in Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw .


HNI 0013

Beamer, as seen in Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw

Beamer is a Scottish terrier/schnauzer mix with slate gray fur, short-pointed ears, black, bushy eyebrows, and silver-colored facial hair. He is seen wearing a red jacket with yellow stripes on his sleeves and the yellow letter "B", standing for "Beamer". He is also part Bull terrier. Beamer also has tufts on his cheeks and chest.


Beamer is a happy-go-lucky puppy. He is also a neat freak and doesn't tolerate dirty or messy things. The reason why is because Beamer has germophobia, in which he has a strong dislike against germs. Despite that, Beamer acts like a gentleman towards female dogs. Whenever Beamer is surprised, he shouts "Sweet Henrietta!" He speaks in a Scottish accent. When he was a puppy, he used to wear a kilt. Despite his fear of germs, Beamer is willing to risk his life to save his friends. He also hates being called "Beamy".


Beamer has a talent of speaking in different accents, such as Welsh, French, and Spanish. He also has a talented singing voice and can also play the bagpipes. He can also translate other languages, serving as the pound's enterpreter. Beamer also has a talent of telling good puns to cheer up his friends. He is also a good groomer. Beamer is also a good dancer.



Beamer's full name is Beamer Airlie Alcott, even though his last name was never mentioned in the movie.

It is likely that Beamer was presumably born in Scotland.

Greg Berg, who provided the voice of Beamer, was known as the voice of the Minesweeper Soldier in the 1995 film, Toy Story.

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