The Bark and Growl Cafe is a place that appeared twice in the Pound Puppies TV Series.
Bark and Growl cafe

The Bark and Growl Cafe's debut in Bright Eyes, Come Home


The Bark and Growl Cafe is a tavern where the toughest dogs hang out. The patrons of the Bark and Growl Cafe were usually hostile toward newcomers. It is usually located in a broken down slum or near the harbor.


An Unusual Alliance<Episode 1: Bright Eyes, Come Home>

Patrons of Bark and Growl Cafe

Normally, these patrons treat newcomers like unwelcomed guests

When Bright Eyes was accused of stealing, the other Pound Puppies arrived at the Bark and Growl Cafe for assistance. At first, the patrons were about to give the Pound Puppies a beating. That is until Cooler starts the jukebox and the patrons danced to the music. The patrons then agreed to help the Pound Puppies rescue Bright Eyes and put Sam "Quick-Fingers" Quentin behind bars.

Chez Whopper<Episode 6: Whopper Cries Uncle>

Cooler and Howler arrived at the Bark and Growl Cafe to transform it into Chez Whopper. A while later, Whopper, his uncle JR, Bright Eyes, and Nose Marie arrived at the now Chez Whopper to be entertained.


Bark and Growl Cafe 2

The Bark and Growl Cafe, moments before it turned into Chez Whopper, in Whopper Cries Uncle.

The Bark and Growl Cafe was neither mentioned nor seen again for the remainder of the series.

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