Bala and Kala are twin tigers who were former members of the Despicable Decade.

Bala and Kala
New Kala and Bala
"Bala and Kala, tiger twins"


18 Human years old each


Causing trouble


Getting punished


Gupta(Former Leader)
Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(Master)
Panthera, Ikshan, Rajit, Nadish, Palash, Aamani, Asha, and Jaya(Comrades)


July 16th, 1997


Bala and Kala are twin Sumatran tigers with orange fur, Orange ears, black stripes and white feet. Bala wears an aqua jumpsuit with a red circle and a red bow. Kala wears a pink tuxedo suit and bandages wrapped around most of her feet. They each have blue hair, purple eyes, and tufts on their cheeks.


Bala and Kala are indifferent towards Kaptain Kid and Panthera. While they don't feel like going on missions, they fear that they will suffer the same punishments as Panthera. They are also bicker with each other. They speak in Soprano voices. After the death of Kaptain Kid, Bala and Kala reformed.


Bala and Kala are each skilled with knives. Each of them play a trumpet.


Bala and Kala are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

They each were born at the jungles of Thailand and grew up in Waukegan, Wisconsin.

Bala's name is Hindi for "damsel" and Kala's name is Hindi for "art".

After Kaptain Kid's death, Bala and Kala retired to work at the circus.

Their birthdate is July 16th, 1997.